31 Jan 2013

How the Elite Will Sell Global Collapse To The Masses

Brandon Smith: In our modern world there exist certain institutions of power. Not government committees, alphabet agencies, corporate lobbies, or even standard military organizations; no, these are the mere “middle-men” of power. The errand boys. The well paid hitmen of the global mafia. They are not the strategists or the decision makers.

Instead, I speak of institutions which introduce the newest paradigms. Who write the propaganda. Who issue the orders from on high. I speak of the hubs of elitism which have initiated nearly every policy mechanism of our government for the past several decades. I am talking about the Council On Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, the Heritage Foundation (a socialist organization posing as conservative), the Bilderberg Group, as well as the corporate foils that they use to enact globalization, such as Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Carlyle Group, etc.

Many of these organizations and corporations operate a revolving door within the U.S. government. Monsanto has champions, like Donald Rumsfeld who was on the board of directors of its Searle Pharmaceuticals branch, who later went on to help the company force numerous dangerous products including Aspartame through the FDA. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have a veritable merry-go-round of corrupt banking agents which are appointed to important White House and Treasury positions on a regular basis REGARDLESS of which party happens to be in office. Most prominent politicians are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization which has openly admitted on multiple occasions that their goal is the destruction of U.S. sovereignty and the formation of a “one world government” or “supranational union” (their words, not mine).

“Britain now lives in a post-truth environment.” Is Cameron a liar? Now for the official verdict

Andreas Whittam Smith: Shortly we shall learn whether or not the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is, officially, a liar.
The Office for National Statistics has been asked to sit in judgement. The question concerns Mr Cameron’s statement in a recent party political broadcast that “we are paying down Britain’s debts”. In the Spectator, Fraser Nelson, the editor, called it astonishingly dishonest”.
In fact, the latest figures show that the national debt is actually rising. Since the Coalition was formed, public sector net debt has expanded from £811.3bn (55.3 per cent of GDP) to £1,111.4bn at the end of December 2012 (70.7 per cent of GDP). The Office for Budget Responsibility has also forecast that public sector net debt will continue to increase and the Government’s target to get it declining by 2015-16 will not be met. Rachel Reeves MP, a Labour front-bench spokesperson, has asked the Director of National Statistics to intervene.
Of course, everybody and their dog knows that politicians lie. That is what people invariably tell polling organisations. It is a major reason why trust in government and the political process are in steep decline. In fact, what the public has noticed is a change, an increase in the volume if you like. Broadly speaking, with exceptions, until the 1990s government ministers deliberately told untruths only when they believed the interests of the state so demanded. You couldn’t say that you were thinking of devaluing the pound during the era when exchange rates were fixed in case you set off a destablising foreign exchange run. In international relations, where there is no rule of law, nations have always lied to one another. Britain has been known as perfidious Albionfor many centuries.

"British pound not worth the paper it's not printed on!" Bond-Pocalypse Now - Max Keiser with Ian Williams + RBS Royal Bank of Swindlers

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert for their 400th episode discuss Obeelzebub and Jamie Demon as the inevitable outcome of collateral faking, zombie banking and paper printing. They also discuss Russia's central bank buying gold while David Cameron is telling porkies about UK national debt.  In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Ian Williams of Charteris Treasury about silver suppression and the bond-pocalypse.

Zionist system controls news channels: IRIB VP

UK and Europe BANNED Press TV: Following a new round of attacks against the Iranian media, the Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Dr. Mohammad Sarafraz, says the Zionist system controls all the mainstream news channels in the world. "Because they [the Zionist system] want to proceed with their own economic agendas, they have to control people's thoughts and they achieved this by controlling the largest news channels throughout the world,"

ATOS Healthcare: If you can use just one finger then you are fit for work

trev999k: An ATOS Healthcare trainer speaks. 1000's dying in the UK due to UK state sponsored bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel must remove all Jewish settlers from occupied West Bank - UN inquiry

RT: A UN human rights inquiry has called on Israel to remove all Jewish settlers from the West Bank and cease expansion. The report said the settlements violate international law, and are an attempt to drive out Palestinians through intimidation.
Jewish settlers hold Israeli flags near the West Bank city. (Reuters / Ronen Zvulun) ­"Israel must, in compliance with article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions,” the report read, adding that Israel must immediately begin to withdraw all settlers from the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT).
The inquiry prompted a strong reaction from Israel who slammed the report as biased.
"The Human Rights Council has sadly distinguished itself by its systematically one-sided and biased approach towards Israel. This latest report is yet another unfortunate reminder of that," said spokesman Yigal Palmor in a statement.
The 1949 Geneva Convention prohibits the transfer of a civilian population into an occupied area – such an act could constitute war crimes if brought before the International Criminal Court. Following the UN’s de facto recognition of Palestine last December, Israel announced plans to build thousands of homes in the OPT.
In response, Palestine wrote to the UN warning that Israel's planned expansion into the occupied territorieswould lead to more war crimes being committed.
The UN investigators interviewed over 50 people who were driven from their homes. They described how their livelihoods were destroyed and their land was confiscated, and how they were subjected to continuous violence from Jewish settlers.

Syria files UN complaint over Israeli airstrike, Iran warns of ‘serious consequences’

RT: Syria has filed an official complaint to the United Nations over an Israeli airstrike on a military research center near Damascus. The move followed a threat from Iran that Israel would face “serious consequencesfor the attack.
Iranian soldiers prepare to launch a Hawk surface-to-air missile during military maneuvers. (AFP Photo / Amin Khoroshahi)
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said Tel Aviv would face repercussions for the Israeli airstrike against a military research center in Jamraya, rural Damascus, the semi-official Fars news quotes him as saying.
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi condemned what he characterized as “brutal aggression” against Syria.
"There is no doubt that this aggression is part of a Western and Zionist strategy to push aside the success of the Syrian people and government to return to stability and security," Hurriyet Daily News cites him as saying.
Salehi said the strike highlights the "alignment of terrorist groups with the Zionists' objectives."
Syria has summoned the commander of The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights to deliver a former protest for the Israel attack.
Damascus says the airstrike violates the 1974 disengagement agreement that established a ceasefire between the two sides.

Israels Brazen Act Of War On Syria

Morris: Israel's actions in bombing show Israel's hand in the Syrian uprising. Just as Syria starts to get the upper hand in its conflict, Israel sees the need to intervene. Will Syria retaliate? And if so, how so? If Syria enters a conflict with Israel, then so does Hezbollah, and to some unknown extent so does Iran and Russia and Turkey. Source

All data stored on cloud computing services can be accessed by US government without a warrant

By Madison Ruppert: According to reports, all personal information stored on major cloud computing services can be spied on by US agencies without users’ knowledge or even a search warrant.
This is all reportedly being done under the recently reauthorized Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and has led British Members of Parliament to call on the British government to not only end the use of cloud computing but also stop sharing intelligence services with the U.S, according to the Independent.
It’s worth pointing out that the US government has admitted breaching the Fourth Amendment under FISA while maintaining an absurd level of secrecy around the Act. Given the massive expansion of the Pentagon’s cyberwarfare forces and the exponential rise in surveillance overall, people around the world have a quite legitimate reason to be concerned.
As New Zealand’s IOL points out, under FISA “all documents uploaded on to cloud systems based in the US or falling under Washington’s jurisdiction can be accessed and analyzed without a warrant by American security agencies.”
Apparently, US agencies have been able to access private data stored on the cloud since 2008 while no one had any clue it was going on.
What this legislation means is that the US has been able to mine any foreign data in US Clouds since 2008, and nobody noticed,”

Peter Schiff & Doug Casey On Gold, Investor Cluelessness, And The "Escape From America" Plan

Tyler Durden's picture In just under 30 minutes, Peter Schiff and Doug Casey muse on many facets of the crumbling edifice of the status quo that is our current world.
From Gold's relatively imminent rise to $5,000 and beyond, to investor ignorance of reality, Casey & Schiff swing from discussions of the US as political entity going forward to 'escape from America' plans for personal and wealth assets, and the realization that the biggest casualty (of US indebtedness), aside from individual liberty, is the value of the dollar - as taxing the middle class is unpopular with both parties - leaving only one route for the government - the inflation tax. Owning gold, silver, and foreign assets is preferred and while the rest of the world is also printing, the US is likely to beat them all.
People "are clueless with respect to the true state of the global economy," with regard to inflation, fiat currencies, and specifically what will happen to the dollar. The conversation is wide-ranging and absolutely must-see as they remind market-watchers that "the whole thing is artificial,"

U.S. colleges begin offering more drone piloting programs to keep up with domestic drone boom

By Madison Ruppert: In response to the increasingly common use of drones in the U.S., which will only get more common in coming years, colleges around America are offering more training programs for drone pilots, including degrees in drone operation.
While it is a proven fact that drones are being used by the military and police in America, it must be noted that this is only going to rise significantly with more drone bases and potential applications as mundane as traffic monitoring.
Furthermore, with the acceptance of small spy drones by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the plans for increased use by the National Guard and others, a new drone training facility under construction in Florida and the possibility of drone use by the NYPD and other police departments, there is clearly a need to fill when it comes to drone pilots.
This is precisely what universities and colleges are attempting to capitalize on with an ever-increasing shift from military uses overseas – which are also on the rise – to civilian uses in the U.S.
According to NBC News, Kansas State University, the University of North Dakota and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida all currently offer full degrees for drone piloting but many others, including community colleges, offer training programs.
“And those numbers figure are set to increase, with some aviation industry analysts predicting drones will eventually come to dominate the U.S. skies in terms of jobs,”

War in Mali! 'Now let me tell you what's going on!"

JorYanandBrothers: Another war in Africa
Obama the baby bomber to provide 
drone air cover for Al-C.I.A.-da
"It's our own fault!"

30 Jan 2013

Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war - English Voice Over + Making Refugees Helps Capitalism - Morris

Morris: Honours to the MP for opposing the Imperialism, although I think there is a human trafficking goal in the Mali assault that he has ignored in this speech.

Clashes in Athens as protesters break into govt. building (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

RT: Austerity enraged protesters broke into a government building and threatened the labor minister, Wednesday. Riot police then intervened with tear gas, batons and pepper spray, with one person taken to hospital.
The protest, by a few hundred people, was organized by a Communist backed labor union, and took place in front of the Labor Ministry building. The protesters were voicing their anger by the severe austerity measures that have gripped Greece since the financial crisis took hold in the country in late 2009.
At least one person was hospitalized and two others collapsed from the effects of pepper spray and were treated at the scene by other protestors. The government said damage was caused inside the office of minister Yianni Vroutsi and threats had been made against the minster himself.
About 30 protestors were detained and scuffles broke out when the crowd outside attempted to stop the bus taking them to police headquarters from leaving. Some of the protestors followed on foot and continued their demonstration outside the police station.
“Violence in all its forms must be condemned, not only in words but also by actions. The raid on the office of the labour minister, the material destruction and the threats against Yianni Vroutsi are practices which aim to dynamite the political climate at a very critical time for the country," bankster/MIC shill government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou told reporters.

Towards state failure - Interview with Olivier Delamarche

Google translated: Olivier Delamarche, managing partner at Platinum Management, analyzes the main economic and financial trends to come.
He explains how the solutions being implemented, especially the monetization of sovereign debt, can neither stimulate growth or reduce unemployment. The solution will necessarily bankrupt, in part or totally, certain states. He then describes its main investment advice for the coming years.

Assange will run for Australian Senate in 2013

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures from the balcony of Ecuador's Embassy as he makes a speech, in central London December 20, 2012.(Reuters / Luke MacGregor)RT: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plans to run for a seat in the Australian Senate in 2013, it has been confirmed on Wednesday. It is not yet clear how he will escape from London’s Ecuadorean embassy.
WikiLeaks representative Kristinn Hrafnsson confirmed to RT that Julian Assange will run for a seat in the Australian Senate.
A native of Australia’s Queensland state, Assange said in March last year that he wanted to bring liberty back to the center of Australian politics.” His Senate candidacy will help him defend free speech and the right of citizens… to live their lives free from state interference,” he explained.
After taking political asylum in Ecuador’s embassy in London in June, Assange expressed interest in the senate seat in December, when he said that he would run as a candidate as part of a yet-to-be-formed WikiLeaks party. He also called on to his supporters to stand with him.
Assange is expected to run on a WikiLeaks party ticket; If he cannot physically make it to the Senate, his seat will be taken by his running mate, the WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

'Saudi King overthrow imminent'

Europe banned Press TV: Saudi Arabia's monarchy has been holding strong for nearly three centuries. But according to former aide to the White House Bruce Riedel, recent geopolitical changes are leaving the royal family vulnerable.

Riedel is a senior foreign policy fellow at the Brookings Institution's Saban Center for Middle East Policy. He says that vast amounts of money have been able to keep violent waves of protest and demonstrations that could overthrow the monarchy at bay.

Hacked emails reveal US false flag plot in Syria

Britam-Syria-emailBy Dean Walsh: Did the United States government plan a ‘false flag’ chemical weapons attack in Syria, as a pretext for going to war?
Editor’s note: It’s worth pointing out that the rebels claim to have chemical weapons capability and have posted videos online allegedly showing these weapons in action.
One group of hackers claims that this is exactly what happened, and that they have the proof. Whether their claims are genuine or not is difficult to verify, but it certainly seems to fit the pattern of behavior which the US government is exhibiting towards Syria.
Hacked Emails
Cyber War News broke the story of a group of hackers who claimed to have obtained emails between top executives at the British defense firm Britam. In one of these emails the company’s business development director wrote:
“We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington,” wrote David Goulding to Phillip Doughty, according to the leak.
“We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record,” Goulding wrote.
The abbreviation ‘CW’ stands for chemical weapons, and this seems to suggest that the US government, in cooperation with Qatar, were putting together a plan to deploy chemical weapons in Syria and record it on video.
Given that the deployment of chemical weapons represents the ‘red line’ which would trigger a US intervention, this would seem to be a ‘false flag’ attack in the planning, to justify sending American troops to Syria.
Why Would the US Want War in Syria?

The War on Terra - Canada vs Australia [RAP NEWS 17]

War on Terra. It's 2013 and the world did not end by meteorite or by Mayan calendar. But fear not: we might just be able to get the job done ourselves. Join Robert Foster as he sets out to discover where Civilisation™ is making the fastest progress towards annihilation. In this edition of the Civilisation Report, Robert learns about Australia and Canada - two oft-neglected pioneers of peace, progress and prosperity - in conversation with our antipodean colonial correspondent Ken Oathcarn and his Canuck counterpart, Fagin Heighbard. Dear viewers, consider this a fair warning that in terms of language and affront to the dominant culture this could get fucking messy.

Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings

By Michael: Does a shadowy group of obscenely wealthy elitists control the world?  Do men and women with enormous amounts of money really run the world from behind the scenes?  The answer might surprise you Most of us tend to think of money as a convenient way to conduct transactions, but the truth is that it also represents power and control.  And today we live in a neo-fuedalist system in which the super rich pull all the strings.  When I am talking about the ultra-wealthy, I am not just talking about people that have a few million dollars.  As you will see later in this article, the ultra-wealthy have enough money sitting in offshore banks to buy all of the goods and services produced in the United States during the course of an entire year and still be able to pay off the entire U.S. national debt.  That is an amount of money so large that it is almost incomprehensible.  Under this ne0-feudalist system, all the rest of us are debt slaves, including our own governments.  Just look around - everyone is drowning in debt, and all of that debt is making the ultra-wealthy even wealthier.  But the ultra-wealthy don't just sit on all of that wealth.  They use some of it to dominate the affairs of the nations.  The ultra-wealthy own virtually every major bank and every major corporation on the planet.  They use a vast network of secret societies, think tanks and charitable organizations to advance their agendas and to keep their members in line.  They control how we view the world through their ownership of the media and their dominance over our education system.  They fund the campaigns of most of our politicians and they exert a tremendous amount of influence over international organizations such as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO.  When you step back and take a look at the big picture, there is little doubt about who runs the world.  It is just that most people don't want to admit the truth.

Niger reportedly approves placement of new U.S. drone base, armed missions are likely

By Madison Ruppert: According to reports emerging today, Niger has given the United States permission to place yet another drone base, in this case aimed at conducting surveillance (and, most likely, deadly attacks in the near future) on Islamists in northern Mali and the wider Sahara in general.
This is just more proof that the drone was has become perpetual, even though it is still not actually guided by any formal rules and even when a so-called “playbook” is established, the CIA won’t have to follow it.
Perhaps even more troubling is the secrecy surrounding drones and the fact that the Obama administration does not have to explain why they claim to be able to legally assassinate Americans. Couple that with the rapid development of drone technology including perpetual flight, incredibly powerful cameras, facial recognition, automated tracking systems and in the near future fully autonomous systems referred to as “killer robots,” just to name a few developments, and you have a troubling picture.
Now Niger is reportedly going to join the other African countries who play host to American drones, although officially speaking, the only permanent U.S. military base is in Djibouti.
“Niger has given the green light to accepting American surveillance drones on its soil to improve the collection of intelligence on Islamist movements,”

Apartheid Gulag Israel boycotts UN forum, first state in history to ignore human rights review

The Nazi style gulag called Israel has boycotted the UN human rights forum over fears of scrutiny of its treatment of residents of the occupied territories. The Israel regime is now the first in history to win a deferment of the periodical review of its diabolical human rights record.
AFP Photo / Fabrice CoffriniRT: Tel Aviv has refused to send a delegation on Tuesday to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva for the Universal Periodic Review procedure where UN member states have their human rights record evaluated every four years.
Israel’s cooperation with the council stopped last March after the UN set up a committee to inspect the effects of the Israeli settlements on Palestinians. 
Israel which earlier accused the United Nations of anti-Israel bias reiterated its stance, recalling that the council has passed more resolutions against Israel than all other countries combined.
“After a series of votes and statements and incidents we have decided to suspend our working relations with that body,” Yigal Palmor, Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, told the Financial Times. “I can confirm that there is no change in that policy.”
There have been more resolutions condemning Israel than the rest of the world put together,” an Israeli government official said on Tuesday, pretending that the damning resolutions had not been deserved. “It’s not a fair game – it’s not even a game.” he blubbed.

UK MIC / Bankster War of Terror: Mali mission creep???

Artist Taxi Driver

Frankrupt Damage Control "France Is A Truly Solvent Country, France Is A Truly Credible Country"

Tyler Durden's picture In a move farcically reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau, the French Finance Minister made an impromptu appearance on the BBC to confirm what we all should have known all along: that "France is a truly solvent country, France is a truly credible country." As the Washington Post notes, the oh-so-honest faux-pas that enfant terrible Monsieur Michel Sapin made yesterday - explaining how his nation is "totally bankrupt" - had French politicos scrambling today to recover their je ne sais pas. It would appear the crisis management approach taken is the repetitive Jedi mind-trick and of course we should believe Moscovici - even as France faces near-record unemployment, ratings downgrades, fiscal atrophication thanks to a plunge in competitiveness, and backlash among the elites at its increasingly socialist policies. "This is not the France you are looking for," and sure enough, now we believe them
We are sure it went a little like this...
Or perhaps they used this...

You know you’re no longer living in a free country when…

By : Southern Ecuador - You know you’re no longer living in a free country when the government tells you what you can and cannot put in your body. Or when an unelected board of bureaucrats and corporate insiders can confiscate the assets of hardworking small business owners.
Yet these have become par for the course in the Land of the Free.
The latest bout involves a family-owned raw milk operation in Missouri that was decimated last week by the heavy hand of government, courtesy of the State Milk Board.
Of course, this isn’t even an actual government agency, but rather one of more than 200 such committees in Missouri which wield tsarist authority over their domains.
State Milk Board members include both state bureaucrats and corporate leaders from the milk industry. How convenient that a few big producers are given unelected, absolute authority to torpedo a raw milk competitor…
And so, last Friday, farm inspectors arrived to confiscate 18 tons of cheese that Morningland Dairy had produced from raw milk. They were met by a small crowd which had gathered to show support for the family… and to denounce these agents of government for carrying out an immoral act on innocent people.
It was all captured on video, including the police response.

'Iran on track to sending humans to space'

Fascist UK and Europe banned Press TV: Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says the successful mission of Pishgam (Pioneer) spacecraft, which successfully carried a monkey into space, is the first step for Iran towards sending humans into space. "Sending a spacecraft and returning it is the first step towards sending humans to space in later stages,"

29 Jan 2013

Santelli's Paradox And Why The Fed's Exit Will Be "Very, Very Messy"

Tyler Durden's picture We are in our sixth year since the US officially went into recession and yet, as CNBC's Rick Santelli notes, we are still in crisis management mode. Some argue that any day now, the Fed will begin to remove its mega liquidity pipe from the market but Rick exclaims in this wonderfully succinct clip that:
"there is no expiration date on faulty illogical ideas," as he expects any Fed exit to be "very, very messy." Rick's dilemma is the seemingly paradoxical need for yet moar and bigger monetary policy crisis management by Ben Bernanke when day-after-day we are told by the very guests on his network that "stocks look great." At the end of the day, when the Fed decides to exit, they will not be able to put the liquidity 'toothpaste' back in the tube.

AFRI-CON: UK Goals in Africa and Mali Intervention - Morris + Ron Paul calls US involvement in Mali 'undeclared war'

Morris: Africa The Aims - Morris Interview -TV Company did not use it - Recorded today - Britain will use its troops to attack and subjugate indigenous people everywhere. Already helping France in Mali.

The United States is a top terrorist state - Noam Chomsky "Colin Powell should be hanged"

UK and Europe Banned Press TV's documentary program renowned American academic Noam Chomsky says the United States would be recognized as a leading terrorist state if international law is applied. Source

Kamikaze Currency Killers "We are in World War 3" - Max Keiser with former MI5 agent turned whistleblower, Annie Machon

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Japan where the latest source of monetary inspiration is Korekiyo Takahasi, described by Ben Bernanke as the man who "brilliantly rescued" his country from the Great Depression of the 1930's, while neglecting to mention that Takahasi was then assassinated by the army, who were angered by cuts to their wages. They also discuss the biggest Aso in Japan, finance minister Taro Aso, suggesting old people just 'hurry up and die' in order to save money for government. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to former MI5 agent turned whistleblower, Annie Machon, about the global crackdown on the internet and the activists who live there. Source

Super Cool Righteous Member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives gives truly unbelievable speech

By Madison Ruppert: Member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives for the People’s Party Laurent Louis gives one of the single most unbelievable speeches I’ve ever heard from a politician.

The speech, which clocks in just under 14 minutes and was translated into English by Geraldine Feuillien, leaves no stone unturned.

Louis covers everything from the intervention in Mali (which he characterizes as a neo-colonialist operation and voted against), the so-called do-gooders both left and right wingers or from the center who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers,” and even the September 11, 2001 attacks.

He doesn’t spare journalists either, saying, I don’t have much respect neither for the journalists who have the audacity to label the opponents as mentally retarded while basically, they know very well that these opponents are right.”

Speaking of 9/11 he said, Haven’t we created September 11th, after all, to justify the invasions, arbitrary arrest, torture and massacre of innocent populations?”

Louis also points out the duplicity of the reasoning behind the intervention in Mali.

Why are central banks buying gold, the opposite of their own creation, paper money?

What if the Fed is short Germany’s gold? - Gijsbert Groenewegen.
Why are central banks buying gold, the opposite of their own creation, paper money?
Money is the opposite of gold and silver. Fiat money is based on ordinance and credibility and is not self-limiting (can be printed infinitely) whilst gold and silver is commodity based and physically limited to the amount of physical gold and silver available and mined, you choose either one or the other. One is purely based on credibility hence why notes need to mention the nominal value in order to give the piece of paper value. American paper money is backed by only the size and strength of the American economy. The other money is based on real value, the value of the gold itself. And especially for that reason investors should be warned considering the fact that more and more central banks are buying gold, the opposite of their own creation: paper money. This is so contrarian. It is like the butcher who doesn’t want to eat his own sausages because he knows what is in it. Why would central banks buy gold, which “limits” their creation of credit? The answer is: the fear of lost credibility of paper money, because of the constant undermining, dilution, debasement of their currencies with quantitative easing measures not sorting the desired effect of sustained economic growth because we have passed the tipping point whereby the overwhelming debt levels (Debt/GDP > 77-90%) have started to depress economic growth.
Central banks have been buying gold since 2008!

Faith leaders against US policing practices

Europe Banned PressTV: Faith leaders in New York join thousands to speak out against abusive police practices during Martin Luther King week.
We will also discuss brutal policing practice against minorities and the poor and groups who are calling for police reform. Source

LEAKED: Mario Draghi And His Triumvirate Shut Up German Finance Minister To Keep Cyprus From Blowing Up The Eurozone

By Wolf Richter: The state-sponsored chorus about the end of the debt crisis in the Eurozone has been deafening. It even has feel-good metrics: the Euro Breakup Index for January fell to 17.2%—the percentage of investors who thought that at least one country would leave the Eurozone within twelve months. In July, it stood at 73%. For Cyprus, the fifth Eurozone country to ask for a bailout, the index fell to 7.5%. “A euro breakup is almost no issue anymore among investors,” the statement said.
Just then, in a fight over whether or not to bail out Cyprus, top Eurocrats exposed what a taxpayer-funded con game they thought these bailouts really were—and how fragile the Eurozone was.
A debate has been raging in Germany about Cyprus. Not that the German parliament, which has a say in this, wouldn’t rubberstamp an eventual bailout, as it rubberstamped others before, but right now they’re not in the mood. Cyprus is too much of a mess. Bailing out uninsured depositors of Cypriot banks would set a costly precedent for other countries. And bailing out Russian “black money,” which makes up a large portion of the deposits, would be, well, distasteful in Germany, a few months before the federal elections.
For the tiny country whose economy is barely a rounding error in the Eurozone, it would be an enormous bailout. At €17.5 billion, it would amount to about 100% of GDP: €10 billion for the banks, €6 billion for holders of existing debt, and €1.5 billion to cover budget deficits through 2016. The new debt, a €2.5 billion loan that Russia extended in 2011, and other debt would amount to 150% of GDP, according to Moody’s. Unsustainable. So haircuts would be necessary. But whose hair would be cut?
As always, there is never an alternative to a bailout. It’s essential that everybody realizes that a disorderly default of Cyprus could lead to an exit of Cyprus from the Eurozone,”

AFRI-CON: US considering new drone base in Africa

RT: The US is planning to consolidate its position in Africa with a new drone outpost in Niger, with the stated purpose of providing unarmed surveillance support to French efforts in Mali and keeping tabs on al-Qaeda elements on the continent.
The robotic unmanned aircraft would likely be based in Niger, on the eastern border of Mali, where French forces are currently waging a campaign against Al-Qaeda, AFP reported, quoting an anonymous official.
If the plan is approved, up to 300 US military servicemembers and contractors could be sent to the base to operate the drone aircraft, the New York Times reported. US Africa Command is also considering another location as an alternative to the base in Burkina Faso, the official said.

However, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland reiterated that there are no plans to commit US troops to any fighting on the ground.
In the future, the US command does not rule out using the base to conduct military strikes if the situation deteriorates or the extremist threat increases, military officials told The New York Times.
In the meantime, the US military's Africa Command is reviewing the options for the base with other countries in the region, including Burkina Faso.
The Africa Command’s scheme still needs the go-ahead from the Department of Defense, President Barack Obama and Niger. No final decision had been made, but a status-of-forces agreement has been reached between the two governments in Niger on Monday, providing legal protection to American troops in the African country.
If the drone base plan goes through, the facility could become home to as many as 300 American military and contractual personnel.

Bernanke to Oprah: "I've Been Doping for Years"

SchiffReport: The Oprah Winfrey Interview we should have seen: Ben Bernanke Confessing to Years of Performance-Enhancing Economic Doping. Source

Apartheid: Israeli gulag forces destroy Palestinian village in Jenin

UK Banned Press TV: Israeli forces storm and destroy a protest village in Jenin just north of the West Bank. The camp was located next to the separation wall. Palestinian activists set up the camp in the village of Anin and called it Asra meaning prisoners. The move was aimed to express solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners held without charge or trial in Israeli Nazi style prisons. Clashes erupted as Israeli gulag forces stormed the village and shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the Palestinians, which caused many injuries.

CAMERON DOOMED: the lies and pernicious Times of Rupert Murdoch

Monday gets even worse as Murdoch serves up 
some HS2 for the PM to smell
The Slog: Further to today’s earlier post about David Cameron having trouble inhaling while he is head-down in a hill of sh*t, you may not have thought this possible, but things got worse as the day went on. “I don’t like Mondays” sang Geldof’s Boomtown Rats way back in those innocent days of tertiary and post Punk, but one hopes that – as he sits at home tonight in Number Ten munching on Sam’s home-made Doppia Mozarella with extra Humble – the Prime Minister is capable of being philosophical about how his week got out of the blocks.
Shortly after I posted, various backbenchers, Tory-voting constituencies and new stalking horses popped up to say just how much additional excrement they wanted to pour onto Dave’s hill in relation to his pet project, the HS2 rail link. This is the one that will enable business people only on the train for the cooked-expenses breakfast to arrive in Manchester before they leave London. It’s also the one that is about to take the concept of Nimby to new heights of door-jamb biting opposition.
But the main thing to note here is that Murdoch’s Times once again has the spoon out, and is stirring the heady melange of turds, hate and division prior to depositing it on the only bits left sticking up from the hill, the PM’s calves and feet. The front page lead screamed ‘Tories push high-speed rebellion up the line’: yes, it was another Newscorp exclusive about what the HS2 blueprint will actually say, and§ why the Party’s grass roots are never going to stand for it. Page 5 had more Tory plotters planning to promote the likes of Graham Brady and Adam Afriyi as stalking horses ‘when’ King David of Camerlot comes a cropper.
You see, this is what happens when you’re the sort of ne’er do well who refuses to stand by Newscorp sociopaths who have broken more laws than Ned Kelly: Rupert will get you.

False Flag Mali explained: Labor Minister Says France Is "Totally Bankrupt"

Tyler Durden's picture Things in France must not be very serious, because the French labor minister accidentally let the truth come out a little earlier today. As the Telegraph reports, France's labour minister sent the country into a state of shock on Monday after he described the nation as “totally bankrupt."
Remember: France is one of the supposedly stable countries in Europe.

"Michel Sapin made the gaffe in a radio interview, which left French President Francois Hollande battling to undo the potential reputational damage. "There is a state but it is a totally bankrupt state,” Mr Sapin said. “That is why we had to put a deficit reduction plan in place, and nothing should make us turn away from that objective." It appears that once one wipes out the propaganda and the smooth politico talk, things are bad and getting worse at Europe's core. "Data from Banque de France showed earlier this month that a flight of capital has already left the country amid concerns that France’s Socialist leader intends to soak the rich and businesses. The actor Gérard Depardieu has renounced his French citizenship and decamped to Russia in protest, while David Cameron said Britain will “roll out the red carpet” to attract wealthy individuals. Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, said the comments by Mr Sapin were “inappropriate”."
At least France can hike the tax on the millionaires to 75% to generate more money. Oh wait, no it can't.

Staged Syrian Chemical Weapons Threat Exposed

Alex runs down the hacked emails indicative of an imminent staged Syrian chemical weapons attack, the likes of which would pave the way for military intervention, but more importantly would constitute a serious war crime. Meanwhile in the U.S., no excuse is needed for military intervention, as was apparent in downtown Miami last week where yet another "training exercise" took place boasting Blackhawk helicopters and machine guns firing blank rounds...unbeknownst to civilians. Alex also covers CNN host Piers Morgan's concession of defeat to the NRA in the face of Senator Feinstein's flopping gun control bill. Alex also covers other major news items and takes your calls. Source

28 Jan 2013

Disappearing Nose Conspiracy Anderson Cooper

Morris: Anderson video from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X8QbH_gzTY
Scott Walker's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH7lietNjn7CJoHE-qUQEeQ Original description from Scott Walker's Channel: This was probably filmed at CNN's studio with a green screen, not at the Noah Pozner funeral.

Forget Tech Bubble, We're in a Bond Bubble + The Perfect Storm Is Heading Toward the Debt Market

Larry Haverty, portfolio manager at Gamco Investors, discusses what he sees as a bubble in the bond market and investors' lack of understanding of the risks. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

LTB = 'Lying thieving bastards': BBC documentary lifts the lid on offensive code used to describe disabled and jobless

Rob Williams: A documentary investigation into one of the firms responsible for delivering the Government's £5bn Work Programme claims to have found evidence of staff using an 'offensive' code to describe disabled and jobless people.

Clients of Triage, a key player in the Government's plan to pay private companies to move people from benefit into work, were referred to as 'LTB' - code for "lying, thieving bastards", a former employee alleges.
Linda Smith, who worked for Triage, which operates in Scotland and the north of England, told the BBC that the term was used to describe jobless and disabled clients, and that the company used a practice known as 'parking' to keep disabled people on their books.
Mrs Smith said that under the scheme firms can earn more money from taking on the disabled people as clients, but that once they are on the company's books staff are told to spend as little time as possible helping them find work.
"They would be put on telephone interviews... just to make sure that there was this contact made so they could tick a box to say, 'Yeah, they're still on the Work Programme'," Mrs Smith said.
The BBC claims that four other former Triage employees confirmed the use of the LTB code and told the BBC similar stories about clients on their books being 'parked'.