11 Jan 2013

Bloomberg Caught Falsifying Gold Chart to Discourage Investment in Gold

The Doc: A reader has submitted evidence that Bloomberg falsified a gold price chart on air in January 2012 in order to discourage investment in the metal.
bloomberg goldDuring an on-air segment touting gold’s extreme volatility, Bloomberg posted a monthly chart of gold depicting the price action of July 2011-Jan 2012In order to paint the perspective that gold is an extremely volatile asset and an unworthy wealth preservation vehicle, the monthly reference points were scrubbed, and replaced with the years 2001-2011 The chart displayed also altered the $ value of gold axis (unless we missed something, gold did not dip below $500/ounce in 2010, or in December of 2012).
The mainstream media caught red-handed attempting to manipulate the perspective of precious metals in full visual display below:

bloomberg gold 


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