5 Jan 2013

Pakistan commission covers up truth about Bin Laden hunt

It took Pakistan's high-level judicial commission more than one and half year to complete investigations into the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden in May 2011. It was here where the US claimed it killed the world's most wanted man. The alleged presence of bin Laden in a town, just 60 miles from the capital Islamabad, had raised many questions at that time. The incident embarrassed Pakistani authorities for their ignorance of both bin Laden's reported presence in the country and the US raid.
Head of the commission has now submitted a 400 page report to the country's Prime Minister. However, the government has not yet decided to make the report public. Irrespective of the commission's findings, majority of the people in Pakistan know that the US raid was nothing but a cover up.

Local media reports indicate that that commission's findings have cleared both civil and military authorities of any wrongdoing. Pakistan's Judicial Commission says it has made the report to answer questions regarding 2011 killing of former al-Qaeda leader by American commandos in Abbottabad. But many Pakistanis are skeptical of the report.


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