12 Feb 2013

Evil Has Been Let Loose On The World - Voice Over Anonymous

Morris: The level of evil let loose on the world at the present time is
Unprecedented, Unrestricted, Unacknowledged and Unchallenged.
It's frightening that these people even exist, let alone control the world.
It is sad that most refuse to acknowledge the truth, or be shown it, as it upsets their view of the world and the parameters which give their life its equilibrium. They do not see that these parameters are unsustainable.

They do not see that they are being led in a direction which holds no promise for their future but even if they did they would not care because their lives are comfortable and safe, no matter how lacking they are in spiritually. They take comfort in the spin. They take comfort in the illusion, they take comfort in the status quo whose sole aim is to destroy them.
The people are their own worst enemy for the simple reason that they could overcome the establishment through unity; but they choose to stay divided in the face of adversity.
This cannot continue and you must play your part; you must rule your own life with a spiritual fervour.

Planes do not fly into buildings and disappear.
Stop the video as soon as the wing disappears into the building and you will see that the wall is still there, intact at that very point. wammo. gotcha'! - THEN the explosion.
(In reality of course the wings would explode and break off at the same time OUTSIDE the building.)

This shows there is an elite in control of us.
Agenda 21 puts it in writing. They are killing us.
Slowly at first but this will be accelerated.
Patriot Acts 1, 2, 3. also show their hand.
They desire to dehumanize, enslave and destroy our souls as well. Our most important asset.

My words will not be popular with the majority, and any discomfort will be in proportion to the amount of healing a particular soul needs.

Knowing this we begin to change, to unlock the fasteners which bind us to the system and the enemy has no defence against it.

We need the street fightin man ....

Regarding Sandy Hook

It is insane to insist on the disarmament of innocent people when murderers will still have guns.

It is counterproductive and the fact that it has any traction in the media is because people are not capable of independent thought, even the celebrities who you would think needed it to get where they are... it's a mystery to me.

If nothing else about Sandy Hook the very fact that they are using it to take your guns, it is proof that it is a hoax, a false flag perpetrated by the establishment, a conspiracy to disarm, to enable martial law, as many are saying.


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