25 Feb 2013

Public Trust Forecloses On Major Corporations

By Trade with Dave: Dave’s had a nagging feeling lately.  You know that Groundhog Day movie feeling… that pilot is circling the airport waiting for the snowplows to get out of the way feeling.  It’s just that we’ve been in the same pattern for five years and it’s time for the pattern to change and I think it just did. 
Remember Occupy Wall Street.  Well, there were a few problems with Occupy Wall Street, but if you focus on the most obvious one it would be, well, the lack of focus.  Dave has mentioned a couple of times a fellow by the name of Emmerich de Vattel and his writing of The Law of Nations, a work of political philosophy published in 1758.
Dave wrote about it here within the context of a Peter Thiel floating libertarian island of sovereignty (aka open sourcing your own jail cell)  
Dave also mentioned it here while elaborating on the distinction between “legal” and “lawful” in the context of sovereign nations such as the City of London and the LIBOR scandal: here
When you invoke de Vattel, you need to be really careful because there is a decent chance that you are either going to end up forming an entirely new government (following the requisite revolution) or you are going to end up hanging from a gallows or languishing in a prison (or the Ecuadorian embassy) for longer than the TV show Friends will run in syndication.  Invoking the “law”, as in the idea as introduced by Moses for example, can be quite disruptive to the status quo.  Notice the publication date on de Vattel’s Law of Nations and you get a feeling for how it served as a precursor to some pretty big changes in the global landscape.

Being on the lookout for the next wave in the global fiat tsunami, Dave admits that he was a little late discovering this movement known as One People’s Public Trust.

Before you jump to any conclusions of your own, please allow the head blogger on this site to jump to his own.
  That’s what you’re paying me for right.  You are paying me because time is money and at zero percent interest rates (negative rates in select countries in which case Dave is paying you), the time value of money isn’t what it used to be but that’s another topic.  Actually, it’s not another topic it is exactly this topic.  So… where were we?  Oh yeah… jumping to conclusions.
You can talk about George Soros, Dave certainly does, sending Xerox color copiers to back the color revolutions and probably stockpiling gold as we speak.  You can talk about Occupy Wall Street and SOPA and the tremendous loss of Aaron Schwartz, God rest his soul.  The key thing in all this is that no one has attempted to use the law as a weapon formed against the law.  If you’re trying to stop one of those August forest fires that are raging across the Western United States in August, what do you do?  You build a fire and you burn straight towards the fire that is burning towards you.  This is known as the “fight fire with fire” strategery.  It works… really, really well because fire, like revolution, burns.  It takes no prisoners.
How much does Dave know about this People’s Public Trust?  Virtually nothing.  I stumbled on it this morning and spent ten minutes looking it over when I knew that this was different.  Is it dangerous?  Very dangerous?  Will it work?  Dave’s a trader and I’m pretty good at it and I would say it will work.  Are the people wing nuts?  Dave knows thousands and thousands of people.  They are almost all wing nuts in some way or another.  God runs a wing nut factory if you ask Dave and if you ask Dave who the chief wing nut will be who ultimately tightens down the government on His own shoulders is, it’s going to be the same as it ever wa – Jesus.  In the meantime however, there’s a big story unfolding.
As far as I can tell, this Public Trust isn’t about Jesus, but it is about the law, the old covenant version.  You know the one before we had the new covenant version based on forgiveness. The one that people like law professor Paul Butler write about in Hip Hop Theory of Justice.  The one that regulators and prosecutors have taken it upon themselves to arbitrarily predict the Holder-Breuerian ripple effects to to turn a government of laws into a government of men deciding that they know best how to do “God’s work”, or at least the Blankfeinian version of it for Him (or is that Blankfinian?).
How and why is Dave jumping to the conclusion that this is exactly what the Occupy Wall Street movement needed but never had?  It’s what I do.  Jump.  If you don’t believe things can change, I suggest you get out your history book (I really didn’t like history) or you can simply watch this Pointer Sister’s video about “Jumping In” and see how quickly dance movies and fashions have changed in the few short years since seventeen year-old Dave tripped the light fantastic at Doc’s Rock Shop in the late 1970′s with my nineteen year-old brother’s driver’s license securely in my pocket.
Why will people jump in and follow the other trustee’s in this action?  It’s hard to say exactly.  Maybe because they don’t have any other option and they can tell by the papers and documents that these folks mean business and the blood stained fingerprints are a brilliant solution that entirely by-passes the cumbersome sovereign man movement of settling contracts in twenty-one silver coins which is actually a requirement if you missed that class on contract law at your State-sponsored university.  Here’s some more reading on UCC’s, etc. that may help to explain the stakes in this game.
I realize this is coming a bit from left field for some of you.  Dave’s not a big one to write about the straw man, the sovereign man or driving a car a license plate, although I did author this blog post here that gets an unreal amount of traffic via google searches… go figure.  I guess wing nuts do have some functional value if you’re attempting to quickly spin down and secure something with your bare hands.
So what will happen next with this People’s Trust?  Will it it result in the formation of a new global “People’s Court” or will Judge Judy track these folks down and throw them in the same jail cell as the hooliganistic girl punk band in Russia that danced in the of the official state church.  Hey if nations are of laws, then shouldn’t nations be of churches too?  Good question.  Also future blogging material.
Here’s all I am saying.  When you’re dealing with the prince of the power of the air, you know the one who is already defeated yet the one who was the leader of the angels, you’re dealing with the course of this world.
Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.
The course of this world is the course of the law.  The course of the law, in the absence of forgiveness, is a course to death, destruction and separation.  That’s why we can choose to no longer be under the law.  That’s the choice Dave made.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Dave’s a law-abiding citizen and supports his local sheriff because frankly Dave has no other choice even if he believes that the government has become one of men rather than one of laws what’s a blogger to do?  In the words of Benjamin Martin from the movie patriot; “I’m a parent I don’t have the luxury of principles.”
Then again, there’s always the Uniform Commercial Code.


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