27 Mar 2013

'Banks only beneficiary of EU austerity plans'

Press TV: Belt-tightening policies coming out of Brussels and so-called European parliaments are meant to benefit the banks not the people. The comment comes as a bailout deal between Nicosia and the troika of lenders namely the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU) has drawn criticism from the speaker of the Cypriot parliament.
People in Cyprus also took to the streets to protest the bankster robbery. The protesters gathered outside the parliament in the capital Nicosia. Cypriot protesters denounced  the TROIKA banksters (EU, ECB), the International Money Fraudsters (IMF) and
their ineffective government.
Press TV has conducted an interview in its "the debate" program with Eric Draister, the founder of stopimperialism.com, from New York to further discuss the issue. Draister is joined by Simon Dixon, founder of banktothefuture.com, from London. Source 

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