23 Mar 2013

Baby bomber Obama reaffirms eternal ties with apartheid gulag Israel + US, Israel continue to terrorize Palestinians: Mohsen Saleh

Press TV: US President Barack Obama 'the bomber' is currently tripping around what they call Israel and the rest of us know to be Palestine, celebrating as he said the 'eternal' relationship between the United States and the Zionist state.

It's true that 'baby bomber' Obama did say that the Palestinians "deserve" the state. But he did not say where that state would be; how it would be created and when it would arrive. He did condemn Israel's latest proposed new illegal settlements, but he did nothing about the illegal settlements they have already built using United States' money.

In Iraq, exactly ten years ago, Baghdad and other cities were set ablaze in a murderous assault by the armed forces, principally of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The BBC Panorama program has just broken absolutely incontestable proof that the UK and US intelligence agencies knew for months that the statements being made by British and American leaders about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction were no more and no less than a blatant brazen lie, but they said nothing. And of course the primary responsibility for that lies with politicians, not with the intelligent services.

The intelligent services know that government is lying and taking their countries and indeed the world into a cataclysmic conflict, which cost the lives of more than a million people, sent fanaticism, extremism cascading around the world, made millions of people refugees, broke a country into several smaller pieces. Source

US, Israel continue to terrorize Palestinians: 
Mohsen Saleh

Press TV: US President Barack Obama's call for listing the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization is the world's biggest lie as Israel and the US are the real terrorists.

The comment comes as Hezbollah has condemned Barack Obama's call for listing the group as a terrorist organization, saying the US president is an "employee of Israel."

"He speaks like an employee of the Zionist entity (Israel) and not the highest-ranking official in the administration of the independent state that is the United States," the group said in a statement issued on Friday night.

The statement added that Obama's call writes off negotiations as the correct path and further proves that resistance is the only choice. "This (Obama's call) confirms the folly of counting on negotiations and proves that the choice of resistance is correct."

Press TV has conducted an interview with Beirut University Professor, Mohsen Saleh to further discuss the issue.


The Artist Taxi Driver "This is TERROR!" 

The baby bomber

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