30 Apr 2013

Nobel Peace Prize for The Heroic Whistleblower Bradley Manning

We're proud of him!

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RootsAction: The heroic whistleblower Bradley Manning was selected as an honorary grand marshal of this year's San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. But the president of the board of SF Pride, Lisa L. Williams, immediately reversed the decision -- announcing that someone responsible for it had been "disciplined" and that "even the hint of support" for Manning "will not be tolerated."

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Williams promoted the baseless and endlessly debunked claim that Manning endangered U.S. troops -- something that in fact the U.S. government does by keeping them in wars based on deception.

With enormous courage, Manning has enabled the world to see vast quantities of documents that reveal government falsehoods as well as human rights abuses and war crimes by the U.S. military.

It is crucial that the United States and the rest of the world know of our support for Manning's whistleblowing.

He goes on trial June 3, facing life in prison. Already over 40,000 of us have signed a petition urging that Manning receive the Nobel Peace Prize for which he has been nominated.

We can now announce that RootsAction will deliver the petition and all the names on it, in person, to the Nobel committee in Oslo, Norway. You can sign now and add your comments.

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