26 Jul 2013

"It Can't Happen Here!"

Larken Rose: Here is my submission for the "Paul Revere" video contest being held by Alex Jones (www.infowars.com). Unlike most of my videos, this was a major production, and is a feature-length documentary. I've been working pretty much non-stop on it for a month, to get it finished by the deadline (today)--while neglecting almost everything else.

(Some people asked why there is no credits page in the video. Sorry if this sounds like bragging, but there's no credits page because, other than the guy who helped a bunch with gathering images and footage for the thing--many thanks, Camron!--I did the whole dang thing myself: research, script, narration, editing, graphics, animation and music. It seems less obnoxious to just say "a Larken Rose production," than to list each item, with my name after it. Although, now that I added this note, that's even worse. Gack. Anyway, hope you like it, and feel free to spread it around.)

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