18 Aug 2013

Letter From A Bedouin At This Time

Morris: The development of civilizations can be measured not only by material and industrial achievements
But also measured by the morality of the people and how well established are their social values and moral principles
Now all the human societies are different in their behavioral and social characteristics

Old Bedouin society is full of troubles and difficulties
The difficulty of work under the hottest region on the planet
And the lack of food resources and the cruelty of the desert
Yet the Bedouin communities stick to noble qualities
Bedouins are distinguished by their overvalued hospitality and their respect to neighbors and their help for the oppressed
Now This does not mean that every Bedouin community is ideal. In every society there is right and there is wrong.

Bedouin history dates back thousands of years
Bedouin people have lived through the time of the prophets
And crossed the desert in epic trips to trade frankincense to the Roman emperors in Jerusalem
Also recall that the Bedouin embraced the three monotheistic religions.
And After thousands of years their was the Discovery of the Black Gold under the Arabian desert which has now made them the richest people in the world
Lets look at the achievements of the Bedouin after the discovery of oil then we will see more than skyscrapers
There is an environmentally friendly city called (musdr) in Abu Dhabi which depends on solar energy and is the first of its kind
There is a very old relationship between the Bedouin and Spain
And there is a blood relationship from hundreds of Years ago. There was a large group of scientists and intellectuals, people who wanted to come forth with their leader Musa Bin Naseer and help him to open up Sicily and later his son Abdullah opened it
Muslims (Arabs and Amazigh) entered Sicily and mingled with the original people. It is in this conquest of Spain and Italy that the European Renaissance Occurred
The majority of these Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula
The stereotyped image of the Bedouins is very bad yet the nomadic people are smart and brave and the best poets of the region
And not as portrayed by the Western media that they oppress women
Bedouin prove to people every day in the UAE that they are people who are proud of their customs and traditions and will not be affected by the Multiculturalism taking place.
To be Bedouin at this time means one is descended from a Bedouin tribe and still has the Bedouin customs and traditions in daily life
But the life style has changed thanks to the discovery of oil in the region and this means not living like the Bedouin of the past yet still holding on to the customs and traditions
This type exist in the Arabian Gulf and Yemen and Iraq
The second type, a Bedouin who still sticks to the old nomadic lifestyle
They are present in some areas in Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Eritrea and Western Sahara.


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