2 Oct 2013

Ayn Rand's Criticisms of Anarchism - Rebutted!

SM: Stefan Molyneux opens the listener mailbag to answer questions on the ethics of gambling, road safety in a free society, Ayn Rand's criticisms of anarchism and how a libertarian can survive in a liberal arts college.

0:00 - What is a good way to get more people to pay attention to the world around them and understand that our actions affect tomorrow?

4:18 - What are the ethics of gambling?

8:10 - In Australia, we are legally forced to vote, otherwise it's a $500 dollar fine, a criminal record and your name in the media. What action can I take in defiance without having the social branding of 'not taking responsibility' in voting?

9:46 - Could you respond to Ayn Rand's criticisms of anarchism?

13:50 - What is the best way to introduce skeptical thinking to a person who has some rational and some irrational views?

15:30 - How would car accidents be dealt with in a stateless society?

20:18 - How can we keep order on the roads without police?

21:53 - I'm currently attending a 4-year liberal arts college which, surprise, surprise, is inundated with Marxist/socialist principles and ideologies. Do you have any advice for surviving the next three years of my life where my political, or apolitical, opinion could very well result in a poor grade?


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