30 Nov 2013

Incredible Minutes from a 1974 Henry Kissinger Staff Meeting on Gold

By Michael Krieger: The following excerpts are from a transcript of a 1974 meeting held by the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his staff. This particular meeting was held on April 25, and focused on an European Commission Proposal to revalue their gold assets. What follows is an incredible insight into the minds of powerful American leaders scheming to maintain power and show other nations their place. What is most significant is how clearly they understood that demonetizing gold was a critical strategy to maintaining a dominant power position in the world.
So to those who continue to say that “gold doesn’t matter” because it hasn’t been used as an official asset in the monetary system for decades, I say give me a break. In fact, the reality of gold having been largely demonetized makes it an even greater threat going forward if the U.S. does not have all the gold it claims to, and other nations have more than they admit to.

The Sexual Assault On US Military Members

By As is usually the case, we see once again some type of legislation when it comes to the issue of sexual assault and harassment. There are the usual rally cries of an “epidemic” following a survey, followed by some aggressive action by political officeholders to immediately enact legislation to correct the alleged epidemic.
I am referring to the proposed Military Justice Improvement Act (S 967) written and sponsored by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. This proposal and its various amendments are being debated on the Senate floor. If this passes in the Senate it will go the House for a vote. Currently there are certain predictions that it will not get through the House in its current version, but once legislators who oppose this act start hearing the screams of being anti-women and being a ‘rape apologist,’ some will fold and sign off on it, rather than support their position.

Coming Soon: Feminist Porn

By : In Australia last week, Nikki Gemmell excelled herself in a display of the Sacred Babble. In my mind it is like island hopping. She visits this illogical conclusion here, jumps to that phony correlation there, and then hops over to a false assumption somewhere else. There is no connection between these islands of feminist fantasy, except that they were all visited by Gemmell.
She begins with quoting a Dr. Strasburger who “guarantees” that if a 14-year-old boy has internet access in his bedroom, then he is looking at porn.  And if you find a boy who is not looking at porn? That’s right, it’s a meaningless, empty guarantee of nothing.
This, apparently, led the American Academy of Pediatrics to write a new policy.
My, oh my. Just how high falutin’ and hoity toity is that: a policy, no less.
The main recommendation (hang on! recommendation? I thought it was a policy!) is that children should spend no more than two hours a day online. Now that, of course, will bring porn access to an abrupt halt. Or is two hours the recommended level of daily porn? Or have we moved on to a new logical island?
And, of course, no 14-year-old girl, with internet in her bedroom, would ever look at porn. And also, of course, any 14-year-old boy who sees porn is immediately corrupted beyond repair.
We are then transported to a post-feminist world.

Drilling for Fraud (ft. Red Pepper of Nonsense) - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the breatharian diet in central banking where credit is created out of thin air and expected to sustain and nurture the economy. Max suspects that Ben Bernanke is walking on paper, Janet Yellen is doing a Travis Bickle ("You buying from me?") and both are drilling for fraud with artificially low interest rates.

Oligarchy Will Never Cancel The Debt We Owe - Michael Hudson

33Crazydude: The oligarchy would rather annul the right of the bottom 90 percent to live than to annul the money owed to them. They'd rather strip the planet and shrink the population than give up their claims.
That's the political fight of the 21st century

Banksters Creaming It, While Soup Kitchens Threatened With Closure + Artist Taxi Driver Going Underground - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver: What austerity looks like; Banksters creaming it, while soup kitchens threatened with closure

Oliver Stone: "I feel like a dissident against the American Empire"

RT: Filmmaker Oliver Stone and Historian Peter Kuznick sit down with RT's Sam Sacks to talk about their mini-series "The Untold History of the United States." The two also address the latest news about NSA surveillance, drones, and Wall Street greed. And Oliver Stone explains why he feels like a dissident against the US empire. Source

1992 Camille Paglia Trashes Gloria Steinem Wing Of Feminism

AstroKid Nj: Camille Paglia talks Gloria Steinem feminism vs 1920-30s Feminism, on Later with Bob Costas

Oh God I Circumcised My Son! Now What?

Stefan Molyneux: A letter from a mother who had her son circumcised and now regrets the decision - followed by a breakdown of the letter and an answer to her question. Source

Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation

Black Friday
By Michael Snyder: It has been called "America's most disturbing holiday".  Black Friday is the day when millions of average Americans wait outside retail stores in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to spend more money that they do not have for more cheap Chinese-made products that they do not need.  It is a day when the rest of the world makes fun of Americans for behaving like "rabid animals" and "zombies" as we indulge in a tsunami of greed.  It truly is a shameful orgy of materialism for a morally bankrupt nation.  It is being projected that approximately 140 million Americans will participate in this disgusting national ritual this year.  Sadly, most of them have absolutely no idea that they are actively participating in the destruction of the economic infrastructure of the United States.  If you don't understand why this is true, please be sure to read this entire article all the way to the end.

Another Child Molester Gets Child Support

By From TJ Sodomayer at the TNNRaw2 Youtube Channel. Nothing to add here, the video is pure truth. PE

Gold Trade Standard to Rise From the Ashes of Wrecked T-Bond Bubble! - The Golden Jackass

The Doc: The Taper Talk delivered the final blow to the big US banks, insolvent at the time. Now they are struggling with liquidity problems as a result of massive derivative losses that sap and drain their precious capital. The rise in bond yields caused tremendous damage. The Financial Regulatory Bill (aka Dodd-Frank Bill) will be suspended, just like the suspended FASB Rules on accounting practices in April 2009. The big US banks are to become bigger uglier darker zombies, more desperate too. The resistance to liquidate remains firm and steadfast with the utmost urgency and resistance. The ongoing endless perpetual ZIRP & QE is their legacy, which has placed a noose around the neck of the nation. Systemic failure, dead ahead!! The Gold Trade Standard will rise from the ashes of the wrecked USTreasury Bond bubble, the greatest grandest beast in asset bubble history.

By Jim Willie: Janet Yellen appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on the approval process, more a production than a process.

The Money Changers Serenade: A New Bankster Plot Hatches

Paul Craig Roberts: Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a protege of Treasury Secretaries Rubin and Summers, has received his reward for continuing the Rubin-Summers-Paulson policy of supporting the “banks too big to fail” at the expense of the economy and American people. For his service to the handful of gigantic banks, whose existence attests to the fact that the Anti-Trust Act is a dead-letter law, Geithner has been appointed president and managing director of the private equity firm, Warburg Pincus and is on his way to his fortune.
A Warburg in-law financed Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign. Part of the reward was Wilson’s appointment of Paul Warburg to the first Federal Reserve Board. The symbiotic relationship between presidents and bankers has continued ever since. The same small clique continues to wield financial power.
Geithner’s career is illustrative.
In the 1980s, Geithner worked for Kissinger Associates. In the mid to late 1990s, Geithner served as a deputy assistant Treasury secretary. Under Rubin and Summers he moved up to undersecretary of the Treasury.
From the Treasury he went to the Council on Foreign Relations and from there to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). From there he was appointed president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he worked to make banks more profitable by allowing higher ratios of debt to capital, thus contributing to the financial crisis.

UK Police Admit ‘Collective Failure’ In Iranian's Death

UK BANNED Press TV: A senior British police officer has acknowledged collective failure by authorities in responding to the concerns of a disabled Iranian man, which eventually led to his murder.

It is clear that there was a collective failure on the part of statutory agencies and others to protect Mr. [Bijan] Ebrahimi

29 Nov 2013

The Failures And Blockages Of The UK Chilcot (Iraq) Inquiry

Molucca Media:: George Galloway and Gayatri Pertiwi present Sputnik: 'Orbiting the world' on Russia Today. David Davis PC MP interviewed on the failures and blockages of the Chilcot (Iraq) inquiry.

Rosiland Wiseman, the boy whisperer

By Rosiland Wiseman is the author of Queen Bees and Wannabees, a book published in 2009 addressing feminine relational aggression from the point of view of teenage girls and their parents. It is an important book which not only served as the basis for the Hollywood movie Mean Girls, it’s one I’ve got on order from Amazon. But Wiseman isn’t content to rest on past accomplishments, she’s also just published a book about boys addressing some of the issues they face every day. It’s called Masterminds and Wingmen, published in September of 2013. While researching for the new project, she interviewed at least several hundred high school aged boys, to get a picture of the world they inhabit, and some impression of their experiences.
Truly, this author is breaking new ground, covering a topic never explored in depth by any significant writer or researcher. Except, of course, for Dr. Warren Farrell, who wrote a better version of the same book in 1993, called The Myth of Male Power. Also except for the dozens of books following in the space opened by Dr. Farrell two decades ago. But now, somebody from the mainstream is going to jump on the “me-too!” bandwagon. Well, almost. What Rosiland Wiseman appears to be saying is that she’s discovered a new planet: Guy World.

What is so important to me, that I want adults to realize is boys have deep connections with people. They want meaningful relationships. They fall in love, and when betrayals happen, and they DO, or when breakups happen, they are in deep amounts of pain. They often don’t share that with other people but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Writing On The Wall As Troika, ECB Split On Greece And Spanish bank Lending Collapses

By John Ward: For some time now, The Slog has been pointing out the inevitability of Greek default next Spring unless there is a change in the stony-faced attitude of Brussels-am-Berlin. A week ago, a Merrill Lynch note at last started debating the ‘inconvenient truth about Greece’. Now it transpires that secret negotiations between Athens and the Troika are under way about the promised then unpromised debt relief, and whether a further bailout of banks will be possible.
Nobody as yet wants to acknowledge the stream of urine bursting forth from the elephant to drown everyone in this room: that the ‘recovery’ hype is exactly that, and under the terms of Bailout2 the Greek debt just keeps getting bigger. But that consideration becomes irrelevant once the inevitable repayment failure occurs. And despite the pressing nature of inevitability, frankly the eurozone powers are all over the place about what to do: the divisions are deeper than ever.

What is Black Friday? + USA + Friends + Disney + McD + Nike + War Machine = Mind Control - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Chinese Jets Shadowed US And Japanese War Planes In New Air Defense Zone

Jian-10 fighter jets of China Air Force (Reuters / Petar Kujundzic)RT: Chinese fighter jets were scrambled and followed US and Japanese planes that had entered the Chinese air defense zone in the disputed area of the East China Sea, Xinhua reports.
Two US surveillance aircraft and 10 Japanese F-15 jets were ‘tailed’ by Chinese pilots on Friday.
China ordered an urgent dispatch of its Su-30 and J-10 fighter jets to an area in the East China Sea after the foreign aircraft “invaded” the air defense zone, they said. 
The reported intrusions came in defiance of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), established by Beijing last week.
China’s move has triggered outrage from several states in the region and critical rhetoric from the US, as the vast zone covers disputed areas, including the islets claimed by both China and Japan. 
Earlier on Thursday, the Chinese Air Force conducted its first air patrol flights over the zone, as Japan and South Korea sent their own military aircraft into the zone's airspace in an act of defiance.
China has stressed its decision to enforce the airspace identification zone - which requires all aircraft flying over or near it to identify themselves - follows common international practices and “is a necessary measure in China’s exercise of self-defense rights.”

Note for Jamie Kilstein on Male Privilege

By So a friend of mine sent me a video by Jamie Kilstein on “male privilege.” I watched it carefully, and left a few comments. I thought I would share with you here.
I hope my comments on his YouTube channel are allowed to stand, but either way, I thought readers here would be interested in the video and my response to it. Here’s basically what I said:
Hi Jamie.
I’m a man, I try not to be a dick, I don’t hate women, I don’t hate gays, I’m not afraid of being thought of as gay, and I’m definitely not a feminist.
For your information, as a man you are more likely to be the victim of violent assault on the streets than a woman is. That’s part of the female privilege you don’t seem to be aware exists. Being told to shut up about men’s issues because women are talking is another part of the female privilege you don’t seem to be aware exists.

Bitcoin Now Worth More Than Gold

Tyler Durden's picture UPDATE: ... And then Bitcoin collapses 13% minutes later...

It seems the growing tensions in Asia (Japan-China sabre-rattling and Indian capital controls) have prompted more great rotation out of fiat and into digital currency as China/India markets open. For the first time ever, the price of one unit of Bitcoin exceeds the price of an ounce of gold...

Karzai Condemns US Over Another Killed Toddler, Threatens Not To Sign Security Deal

RT: President Hamid Karzai has blamed 'Kill List' Obama the Nobel prize winning baby bomber for another drone strike on a home in southern Afghanistan that killed a 2-year-old child and wounded two women, vowing that he will not sign a key bilateral security deal if such attacks continue. Apparently misandrist, he wasn't too worried about the men (the modern second class citizens of the world) who were also slaughtered at the scene, Just the women and kids.
This attack shows that American forces are not respecting the life and safety of Afghan people’s houses,” Karzai said in the statement Thursday. For years, our innocent people have become victims of the war under the name of terrorism, and they have had no safety in their homes.”
Karzai made it clear that he will not sign the security agreement if such oppressions by foreign forces continue.”

An Open Letter To Misandrist Natasha Stott Despoja

By : Dear Ms. Stott Despoja,
I refer to the address you gave at the National Press Club on behalf of the Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children (27 Nov 2013)[1].
Firstly let me say that I strongly support preventing violence and I do understand that violence against women and children is an important issue that needs to be addressed.
Violence or abuse of any type is unacceptable in a civil society.  However, framing domestic violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse and sexual assault as “violence against women and their children” (a term you further entrenched today by repeating it 17 times in your address) contravenes principles of equality, tolerance and understanding by viewing all such violence as part of a false dichotomy, reinforcing essentialist stereotypes of violent male perpetrators and passive female victims.
For over 50 years this feminist theory (the Duluth Model, a gendered paradigm) has guided policy and service delivery in Australia and other developed nations. Yet, given the “shocking statistics” you quoted, can it be seen as anything other than an abject failure?
Perhaps you can explain why, when quoting from gender inclusive data sources such as the National Homicide Monitoring Program and the ABS Personal Safety Survey you find it necessary to ignore a principle you otherwise exposé, gender equality, by only citing the data for female victimization?

4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC

Gerald Celente on Economic and Military Trends Across The Globe

AJ: David Knight is joined via Skype by Gerald Celente of Trends Journal to discuss the global financial outlook and the history of Governments crashing markets to control a populace.

The Matterhorn Interview: Dimitri Speck

GoldSwitzerland: Part One: The coordinated effort to suppress the gold price - Dimitri Speck

Lars Schall met up with Munich based quantitative market research analyst and author Dimitri Speck. Dimitri also serves as a consultant to the US-based Gold Antri-Trust Action Committee (GATA).

28 Nov 2013

Dust to Dust: a Human-Made Malthusian Crisis

By : American scientists have made an unsettling discovery. Crop farming across the Prairies since the late 19th Century has caused a collapse of the soil microbia that holds the ecosystem together.
They do not know exactly what role is played by the bacteria. It is a new research field. Nor do they know where the tipping point lies, or how easily this can be reversed. Nobody yet knows whether this is happening in other parts of the world.
A team at the University of Colorado under Noah Fierer used DNA gene technology to test the 'verrucomicrobia' in Prairie soil, contrasting tilled land with the rare pockets of ancient tallgrass found in cemeteries and reservations. The paper published in the US journal Science found that crop agriculture has "drastically altered" the biology of the land. "The soils currently found throughout the region bear little resemblance to their pre-agricultural state," it concluded.
You might say we already knew this. In fact we did not. There has never before been a metagenomic analysis of this kind and on this scale. Professor Fierer said mankind needs to watch its step. "We really know very little about one of the most productive soils on the planet, but we do know that soil microbes play a key role and we can't just keep adding fertilizers," he said.
The Colorado study has caused a stir in the soil world. It was accompanied by a sobering analysis in Science by academics from South Africa's Witwatersrand University. They fear that we are repeating the mistakes of past civilisations, over-exploiting the land until it goes beyond the point of no return, and leads to a vicious circle of famine, and then social disintegration.

Fathers - The People Love 'Em But Misandrist "Experts" Hate 'Em

St37One: Why do these freaks hate fathers and math?
Why didn't someone call the Child Procurement Services?

Rice Smackdown, Sriracha Shutdown, Pizza Throwdown

Misandry: DownUnderThink (Part 2)

By : This is the second of a three-part article looking at the work of the social engineers in the State of Victoria here in Australia.
The first part examined the removal of the common law partial defence for murder known as “Provocation,” and the fiasco of introducing and subsequently abolishing “Defensive Homicide” in its place. Foremost in their minds was to allow for women who killedin response to family violence.”
We will now examine some actual Australian legal cases to see the impact:
First, let me explain how these cases are referred to. In criminal cases in Australia, the state takes the accused to trial so it is common to refer to the accused’s surname as the name of the case. So for example we will refer to each case by the surname of the accused in italics to distinguish between the case and the actual person. For example: Creamer, the case, and Creamer, the accused individual.
Moffa was heard in 1977. Michele “Mick” Moffa, an Australian man of Italian origin, was found guilty of murdering his wife, Kay. He successfully appealed the conviction, having the murder charge downgraded to manslaughter on the grounds of provocation.
The case is often cited in other cases because the ruling in Moffa set the precedent of allowing what we now call “racial vilification” as grounds for provocation. However, it is also a case where a man, angered by his wife’s confessions of “screwing with everybody in the street” with nude photographs to back up the claim, lashed out and killed his wife.
Does this mean that any man could claim this partial defence in the event of killing his wife? In Voukelatos, Peter Voukelatos killed his wife in 1987 by shooting her once in the leg and once in the back. Voukelatos provided an expert witness to prove that his Greek heritage meant that his wife’s unfaithfulness would have been a source of great shame for him. It made no difference to the verdict. Voukelatos was found guilty of murder, and his appeal was denied.
Do all murder cases revolve on husbands killing their wives?

Unintended Consequences of Revolution and War! - A Conversation with Dan Carlin of Hardcore History

Stefan Molyneux: The unintended consequences of historical decisions which have shaped the modern world. Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dan Carlin from Hardcore History.

MRAs: Lets ask Tumblr Feminists what they think + His name is Sammy Allouba, actually

Elite Overdose - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with James Howard Kunstler

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss elite overproduction as oligarchs, billionaires and multi-millionaires fight over the finite number of thrones available. They predict a near future in which a thousand billionaires disappear and in which too many 'elite hemorrhoids,' like Tony Blair, lead to revolution.

Boris Johnson... "We are not stupid" - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Weather - "Fire in the Sky"

The artist taxi driver

Feminism Poisons Women Part Two

NSA Spied On 2010 G8, G20 Summits In Toronto With Canadian Help

 Leaders from around the world pose for the G20 Summit "family photograph" June 27, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (AFP Photo / Chip Somodevilla)RT: The US National Security Agency conducted widespread surveillance during the 2010 G8 and G20 summits with the blessing of host country Canada’s government.
Documents supplied by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show the US converted its Ottawa embassy into a security command for six days in June 2010 as world leaders met in Toronto. The covert operation was known to Canadian authorities, CBC News reported.
The documents do not reveal targets of the espionage by the NSA - and possibly by its counterpart, the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC). The NSA briefing notes say the operation was "closely co-ordinated with the Canadian partner."

Ultimately, the documents obtained by the CBC do not give exact specifications of CSEC’s role, if any, in the Toronto spying. Former Guardian reporter and Snowden’s chosen journalist to receive the NSA documents, Glenn Greenwald, co-wrote the story for CBC.

But the documents do spell out that CSEC’s cooperation in the venture was crucial to ensuring access to telecommunications systems needed to spy on targets during the summits.

Both NSA and CSEC were implicated, along with British counterpart GCHQ, for monitoring phone calls and email of foreign leaders and diplomats at the 2009 G20 summit in London. In addition, it was recently reported that CSEC hacked into phones and computers at the Brazilian government’s department of mines. These revelations also came via documents from Snowden, who has received asylum in Russia.

The revelations also contradict a statement made by an NSA spokesman to The Washington Post on August 30, which said that the US Department of Defense - of which the NSA is part of -does not engage in economic espionage in any domain, including cyber.”

The NSA briefing document says the operational plan at the 2010 summit included "providing support to policymakers.

The Toronto summit was chocked full of major economic issues following the 2008 recession.

Feminazi Girl Talk With Kate: Episode 2

China Has Quietly Accumulated 20,000 Metric Tons of Gold! + Silver & Gold: When Money Is Corrupted - Mike Maloney

The Doc: There has not been a peek in Ft Knox for nearly 60 years.  Empty of gold?  Probably. Or spoken for (rehypothecated) 5 times over and that situation, if it’s a fact, would be a real crap storm since the claimants are probably central banks. Germany’s 300 tons of gold? Pfah.  Get lost Merkel.  The emperor’s golden threads are just dross. No one will get to see what’s there, move along. Meanwhile, the Chinese are quietly backing their currency with at least 20,000 tons of gold.  Not 10,ooo or 5,000. At least 20,000 metric tons.

By AGXIIK: China needs to feed 1.3 billion, 20% of world population and has not developed adequate infrastructure to do so–it is still agrarian and has water, drought and enviromental problems, thus they are buying food production elsewhere in Africa, Australia, Canada and the US (Smithfields)  This will produce a conveyor belt of vittles to the middle kingdom while ridding itself of their $1.3 trillion in FRNs. They will not be reliant on the US to feed them.
But they will consider their dollar reserve as sunk costs after using the US as a dumping site for Chinese goods while spending US Reserves to buy up anything of value, from gold and silver, to water rights, food production, African production,  land and petroleum production.

27 Nov 2013

Freedentity: Life in the Transnational Republic

corbettreport: Our identities are increasingly taking the form of 'things' separate from ourselves: passports, IP addresses, customer loyalty cards. As long as we continue to allow outside entities to control, define and distribute these tokens of identity, we yield to outside agents the power over our personhood itself. Join us this week on the BoilingFrogsPost.com Eyeopener report as we explore the concept of "freedentity" and look at how activists are using innovative methods to undermine corporate and political attempts to control our identity. Source

Double Standards - Iran nuclear talks in Geneva

UK BANNED Press TV: Interview with Theresa May, about why journalists are terrorists; NSA climate talks bugging; Wal-Mart protests picking up steam; foreign workers leaving Saudi Arabia; Iran nuclear talks, what's going on with France; Drone kills Taliban leader...

Bitcoin vs. Gold: The Future of Money - Peter Schiff Debates Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux: Is bitcoin a bubble? Does gold have an intrinsic value? Is bitcoin a ponzi or pyramid scheme? Peter Schiff thinks so. Stefan Molyneux and Peter Schiff discuss Bitcoin vs. Gold and the future of money. Source

The End Of Feminism + Gals already dominate the other 364 days of the year – but men SHOULD support International Women’s Day

Mark Hidden: I have a reputation of putting together some hard to sit through videos this I hope is a depart from that reputation, but it's not perfect.

Male Domestic Abuse - one man's story (Curled Up) + I Am Yuman

madaxe147: Song by male domestic abuse survivor - videos by Tamzin Ward and Imagine BOA.

NSA Collected Porn Visits Data To Discredit 'Radicalizers'

RT: The National Security Agency has been collecting a mountain of dirt on the online sexual activity of individuals, all of them Muslims, whom the agency seeks to discredit due to their ‘radicalizing’ efforts.
The expression ‘all’s fair in love and war’ just took on a whole new meaning in the ongoing debate that pits national security against personal privacy.
Yet another top-secret NSA document - one of many whisked out of the United States by whistleblower Edward Snowden - revealed that the agency sought to discredit the “credibility, reputation and authority” of six Muslim ‘radicalizers’ through their online sexual activity and visits to pornographic websites, according to Huffington Post.
The targeted “exemplars,” whose identities are not revealed, are purportedly attempting to recruit and radicalize followers through “incendiary speeches.”
The NSA document, dated Oct. 3, 2012, aims to exploit the “personal vulnerabilities” of its targets through their online tendencies, including “viewing sexually explicit material online” and “using sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls.”

Debate: Is Feminism Toxic for Men?

Is "Genuine Cunt" Maureen Dowd Necessary?

By : I really don’t think that she is.
I understand that she is not literally disposable but I don’t think we need her writing in a prestigious publication like The New York Times, and here is why.
In 2005 Maureen had a book published entitled “Are Men Necessary?” In 2013 she had an article published in The Globe and Mail entitled “Maureen Dowd: Men have not only stopped evolving – they’re devolving” which started “Are men necessary? No.”
After eight years all Maureen has come up with is one more word.
Good authors like to remind people that they’ve written something else when people want to talk about eight year old projects. Bad authors like to remind people what they wrote eight years ago. The fact that Maureen has nothing new to offer us has been noticed before.
Maureen’s main focus is to write silly sentences. She’s not so much interested in what those sentences say when put together. For example, she claims that men are “devolving” because they are acting like women. That she just claimed women are lower on the evolutionary scale does not concern Maureen because she’s in it for the sentences. Apparently her editors don’t care if those sentences link together either.

China Is On A Debt Binge And A Buying Spree Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen Before

Chinese Black Dragon - Photo by AngelusBy Michael Snyder: When it comes to reckless money creation, it turns out that China is the king.  Over the past five years, Chinese bank assets have grown from about 9 trillion dollars to more than 24 trillion dollars.  This has been fueled by the greatest private debt binge that the world has ever seen.  According to a recent World Bank report, the level of private domestic debt in China has grown from about 9 trillion dollars in 2008 to more than 23 trillion dollars today.  In other words, in just five years the amount of money that has been loaned out by banks in China is roughly equivalent to the amount of debt that the U.S. government has accumulated since the end of the Reagan administration.  And Chinese bank assets now absolutely dwarf the assets of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England combined.  You can see an amazing chart which shows this right here.  A lot of this "hot money" has been flowing out of China and into U.S. companies, U.S. stocks and U.S. real estate.  Unfortunately for China (and for the rest of us), there are lots of signs that the gigantic debt bubble in China is about to burst, and when that does happen the entire world is going to feel the pain.

Misandry: Indian Feminists Provide Cover-Up For Tarun Tejpal On Rape Allegation

By India got its own “Hugo Schwyzer moment” not long ago. It is a story that reveals a lot about modern Indian society if first you understand the context in which it happened.
Let us begin with that context.
As in other countries, feminists in India have strange, often chauvinistic bedfellows. After all, funding from rich and powerful men helps feminists make their careers. While they complain about male-dominated society, the hierarchy of that society is precisely what they depend on to survive, and in fact flourish. Consequently, they attempt to cover up crimes by powerful men in their own ranks.
While they paint all men as evil, and insist that men must change their mentality, they have a completely different set of standards for rich and powerful men. The resultant system in India is one where rich, elite men now help concentrate power and privilege into the hands of elite women who in turn become tools to oppress the majority of poorer and weaker men — denying their fundamental rights and civil liberties. Of course, these rich “alpha males” don’t mind sharing some privilege with feminists. Together they wield great influence on government, politics, media, tax money, NGOs, and the United Nations. Given this situation, the same class hierarchy that has always existed in India will remain in place in an only modified version. Weaker men and women will remain trapped in the stranglehold.

The Mythical Merits of Paper Money

By Ron Paul: One economic myth is that paper money is wealth. The proponents of big government oppose honest money for a very specific reason. Inflation, the creation of new money, is used to finance government programs not generally endorsed by the producing members of society. It is a deceptive tool whereby a “tax” is levied without the people as a whole being aware of it. Since the recipients of the newly created money, as well as the politicians, whose only concern is the next election, benefit from this practice, it’s in their interest to perpetuate it.
For this reason, misconceptions are promulgated about the “merits” of paper money and the “demerits” of gold. Some of the myths are promoted deliberately, but many times they are a result of convenient rationalizations and ignorance.

CAFE Interviews GirlWritesWhat

By : Our friends at the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) have a sit-down interview with AVfM contributing editor Karen Straughan.
Karen makes a few particularly salient points about how avoiding people’s delicate ladylike sensibilities doesn’t get you very far, we think.

26 Nov 2013

Misandrist Norway Made Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik

Paul Elam: What Made Anders Behring Breivik a Mass Killer in Norway?

London’s Mayor Says We Should “Thank the Super Rich” – Calls Them “Tax Heroes” and Compares to the “Homeless and Irish Travelers”

By Michael Krieger: If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to sob stories of the “super rich” following the comparison of the criticisms of banker bonuses to the lynching of black people in the south by AIG’s CEO in September, think again. The latest groveling, inane defense of the “super rich” comes from none other than the gatekeeper of the largest oligarch whorehouse on planet earth. The Mayor of London, Mr. Boris Johnson.
Now I warn you, do not read the following Op-Ed on a full stomach. The vapid, nonsensical, Onion-like prose may very well induce fits of nausea and uncontrolled regurgitation. This is quite frankly one of the worst things I have ever read in my life. It echoes like a sort of grandiose ass-kissing ritual one would have encountered in a Middle Age court from an aspiring manservant of the realm, desperately trying to rapidly advance a coupe of notches up the social strata of some decadent feudal kingdom. Simply put, Boris Johnson should be ashamed to show his face in public after writing such disingenuous garbage.
Now for some excerpts from the UK Telegraph:
The great thing about being Mayor of London is you get to meet all sorts. It is my duty to stick up for every put-upon minority in the city – from the homeless to Irish travellers to ex-gang members to disgraced former MPs. After five years of slog, I have a fair idea where everyone is coming from.
But there is one minority that I still behold with a benign bewilderment, and that is the very, very rich. I mean people who have so much money they can fly by private jet, and who have gin palaces moored in Puerto Banus, and who give their kids McLaren supercars for their 18th birthdays and scour the pages of the FT’s “How to Spend It” magazine for jewel-encrusted Cartier collars for their dogs.

UK Bankocracy Killing It's Sheeple SME for Small & Medium Economies - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Alasdair Macleod

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss WTF in the UK as RBS slaughters SMEs and then robs their still warm corpses; while over in the PRC, the PBOC has thrown a whole bunch of STFU at US Treasuries. They discuss the implications of both oil being priced in yuan on the Shanghai futures exchange and Iran being prohibited from trading oil for gold under the P5+1 deal.

Dante's Inferno - Summary & Analysis by Thug Notes

The Feminist Deliverer Of Diabetes

By : We have a new feminist in town. The bubbly Mariam is out to correct misconceptions about feminism by making us associate the dogma with rainbows, cookies and flowers (no, seriously). Zen rapes Mariam’s arguments, because that’s what patriarchs do. Zen has also subscribed to Mariam to get new material when he gets writer’s block.

Do People Believe The JFK Conspiracy

How Gold Price Is Manipulated During The "London Fix"

Tyler Durden's picture There was a time when the merest mention of gold manipulation in "reputable" media was enough to have one branded a perpetual conspiracy theorist with a tinfoil farm out back. That was roughly coincident with a time when Libor, FX, mortgage, and bond market manipulation was also considered unthinkable, when High Frequency Traders were believed to "provide liquidity", or when the stock market was said to not be manipulated by the Fed, and when the ever-confused media, always eager to take "complicated" financial concepts at the face value set by a self-serving establishment, never dared to question anything. Luckily, all that changed in the past several years, and it has gotten to the point where even the bastions of "serious", if 3-5 years delayed, investigation are finally not only asking how is the gold market being manipulated, but are actually providing answers.
Such as Bloomberg.
The topic of gold market manipulation during the London AM fix is not new to Zero Hedge: in fact we have discussed both the historical basis and the raison d'etre of the London gold fix, as well as the curious arbitrage available to those who merely traded the AM-PM spread, for years. Which is why we are delighted that none other than Bloomberg has decided to break it down for everyone, as well as summarize all the ways in which just this one facet of gold trading is being manipulated.

Desperate Measures: Greeks Self-Inflict HIV To Get €700 Benefits

RT: A recent World Health Organization report shows grim health implications from Europe’s economic crisis, including a trend in Greece in which citizens infect themselves with HIV to access the meager range of government benefits available.
Reuters / Yannis Behrakis The WHO report ‘Review of Social Determinants and the Health Divide in the WHO European Region’ concludes that the staggering levels of unemployment and mandated financial austerity have hit European citizens hard, especially those in Greece, where the jobless level stood at 27 percent in September.

The economic crisis that began in 2008 has “exacerbated health problems in parts of Europe, exposing stark social and economic inequities within and between countries. Greece is the hardest hit, with the country’s economy shrinking to the point of nearly knocking it out of the eurozone completely.

Dude, where’s my courtship?

By The strong and independent daughters of the glorious gender revolution have a problem: Attractive men aren’t courting them anymore.
The always-excellent Dalrock posted a recent blog on why some women aren’t getting the courtship to which they feel entitled. His analysis focuses on the economic realities of modern dating, and I agree with many of his points. But I think there’s another reason why more men aren’t courting women.
They believe in gender equality.
Courtship and chivalry are fundamentally incompatible with notions of gender equality. And if there is one thing that modern women say they want, it is gender equality. As well as the need to be “free” from traditional gender roles. Despite this, a couple generations of women have been able to cherry-pick from traditional and modern gender roles if they so choose. Many men, due to their desperation for female approval and traditional social conditioning, continued traditional courtship behaviors decades after the feminist movement started agitating for equality.
But it turns out that when you tell some men you are strong, independent, and equal, they will believe you.
It also happens that some men may be enthused by the idea of evolving their traditional gender roles. They no longer feel the obligation to demonstrate subservient provider capacity by wooing ladies with gifts and free entertainment. They are perceptive enough to know that courtship behavior is asking to get treated like a chump. They expect women to play an equal role in the courtship, and they’re perfectly happy to say “NEXT!” if she’s unwilling to reciprocate.