5 Nov 2013

Chris Christie is Backed by War Criminal Henry Kissinger for 2016 US Presidential Run

By Michael Krieger: In the seemingness endless sham that is the false choice between a crony, Wall Street owned Democrat and a crony, Wall Street owned Republican, political analysts are already desperately scrambling to guess who the GOP will run against establishment hack Hilary Clinton in 2016 (who was recently paid $400k by Goldman Sachs for two speeches).
In my opinion, it will be between the libertarian-leaning Rand Paul and the obese, neocon Chris Christie. Christie is already quite aware of this, and since he doesn’t really stand for anything, he recently decided to take a stand against something. That something is libertarianism, which he slammed in an irrational rant this summer in Aspen.
In case you had any doubt who the war mongering, establishment Republicans will stand with in 2016, you needn’t doubt any longer. PolicyMic just published an interesting article demonstrating that war criminal Henry Kissinger is solidly behind Chris Christie.

We learn that:
Christie has made no secret of his dislike of “this strain of libertarianism” in the GOP that, in his view, ignores the lessons that New Yorkers and New Jerseyans learned after 9/11. In fact, Kissinger himself encouraged Christie to run in 2012 and according to Dave Weigel of Slate, brushed away the governor’s thin foreign policy resume by saying, “We can work with you on that. Foreign policy is instinct, it’s character, that’s what foreign policy is.” (Say all this in a Kissinger accent and it either starts to sound super badass or super creepy, depending on your views.) Kissinger himself has gone on record saying he thinks Christie would be an ideal national candidate for the GOP.
Just makes you wonder why folks like Kissinger never go away and seem to live to 120, while folks like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Lennon are always assassinated?
Full article here.
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