14 Dec 2013

Introducing “Venture Scanner” – The One-Stop Website for All Things Bitcoin

By Michael Krieger: A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday and it simply blew my mind. This is just the latest of many websites to have emerged as of late to help both the initiated and the uninitiated stay up to speed on the always dynamic world of Bitcoin. While Venture Scanner itself is not a Bitcoin focused site, its Bitcoin page is incredible.
Venture Scanner really does appear to do it all; in both a user friendly and seemingly comprehensive site. From listing the various mining companies, to the exchanges and wallet providers, as well as much, much more. This is a must visit site for anyone interested in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Here’s a screenshot from near the top of the page:
Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 1.14.12 PM

More than anything else, what this site should demonstrate to any government bureaucrat out there, is that while Bitcoin and the hundreds (more likely thousands) of businesses that have spawned from it may be a threat to the legacy parasitic banking and payment system, it is extraordinarily positive for economic growth and human progress in general. Nations that embrace Bitcoin and related enterprises will lead the global economy, while those that try to stifle it will be the major losers.
Take note.
In Liberty,


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