1 Jan 2013

Gold This Time Last Year - A Faux Deal and Ongoing Currency Wars

The waters are a little muddied this time around because of the fiscal fluff and the January debt ceiling policy scrum to come, but lo and behold, gold rallied sharply on the last day of the year, after a series of repeated hits lower.
How unusual.

New year, same old games.

And Washington announced, in time before the markets close, that they reached a deal, kind of.

No grand bargain, but a deferral.

Max Keiser: 'Fiscal cliff' theater distracting from real problems

Max Keiser gives his forecast on how the financial winds will blow in 2013.

Tehran slams US law on Iran sway in LatAm as 'meddlesome'

File photo shows Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (L) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (C) and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Europe Banned Press TV: Iran has criticized the United States for the enactment of a 'meddlesome' law to counter the Islamic Republic’s growing influence in Latin America.

The Americans are still living in the Cold War era and imagine that Latin America is [still] their backyard, and intend to impose and dictate their own policies on independent countries,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Tuesday.

He noted that the US officials’ blatant interference in such affairs indicates their lack of knowledge of the new world order.

On December 28, 2012, the US President Barack Obama signed off on the Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act which US lawmakers had adopted earlier in the year.

2013 - Market Outlook & Economic Forecast

Year of Banking Death Penalty - Max Keiser with Stacy Herbert, Rob Kirby, Mitch Feierstein, Ned Naylor-Leyland and Andy Bichlbaum + Charlie Brooker borrows “Keiser Report”

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the two big themes for 2013: the execution of the too big to fail outlaw banks and the death of the Bretton Woods engineered fiat and faith debt based system as nations around the world ask for the return of their gold. They also talk to several Keiser Report guests about their predictions for 2013, including predictions from Rob Kirby on JP Morgan's collapse, Mitch Feierstein on JP Morgan's copper ETF, Ned Naylor-Leyland on the CFTC investigation into silver manipulation and the Yes Men's Andy Bichlbaum on the Global Spring.

Human stampede: 60 people killed, 200 others wounded in Ivory Coast stadium

Clothing are strewn about on the pavement in Abidjan on January 1, 2013, following the stampede.
Europe Banned Press TV: At least 60 people have been crushed to death and some 200 others wounded in Ivory Coast’s city of Abidjan in an stampede which followed a New Year's Eve fireworks display.

The incident took place in early Tuesday near the city’s main stadium where people had gathered to watch the fireworks.
The head of military rescue workers, Lieutenant Colonel Issa Sako said 60 people lost their lives and 200 were wounded based on a preliminary toll as crowds stampeded.
“In the crush, people were walked over and suffocated by the crowd,"


The Zionist War on Islam

Nebulous1982: All this time, the western powers have supposedly been fighting a war against terrorism, but this is far from the Truth. In reality, this global war is an effort to wage a war on all levels, on Islam and Muslims. With a suspected false flag that is about to happen in London(God knows best), this war on Islam is going to get accelerated. Source

US To Officially Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

Tyler Durden's picture: 
As we forecast back in November, it is now official that the House will not vote on any deal out of the Senate, assuming there is one which there won't be of course, later today, which means America will officially slide off the Fiscal Cliff. And now cue everyone being very hopeful and optimistic a deal will get done momentarily, if not sooner, in 2013. Of course, we all know just how far optimism takes America's dysfunctional Congress. The biggest irony in all of this is that the only winners today were the much hated "1%"-ers, whose taxes may or may not go up, who just got to book major year end profits on this last minute ramp. The remainder of America's population can quietly look forward to 2013 with "hope" and "optimism" that in 2013 Congress will finally stop being dysfunctional. Good luck. Oh, and before we forget, America just breached its debt ceiling: now the pillaging of various government retirement funds begins.

Fascist USA: Obama authorizes five more years of warrantless wiretapping

Federal detectives won’t need a warrant to eavesdrop on the emails and phone calls of Americans for another five years. RT: President Obama reauthorized an intelligence gathering bill on Sunday that puts national security over constitutional rights.
U.S. President Barack Obama (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)President Barack Obama inked his name over the weekend to an extension of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, a George W. Bush-era legislation that has allowed the government expansive spy powers that has been considered by some to be dragnet surveillance.
FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, was first signed into law in the 1970s in order to put into place rules regarding domestic spying within the United States. Upon the passing of the FAA in 2008, however, the online and over-the-phone activities of Americans became subject to sweeping, warrantless wiretapping in instances where investigators reasonably suspect US citizens to be engaged in conversation with persons located outside of the country.
Congress had only up until the end of 2012 to either reauthorize FISA and the FAA, or let the bill expire. Despite a large grassroots campaign from privacy advocates and civil liberties organization to ensure the acts would fade from history, though, the Senate approved a five-year extension of the legislation on Friday. Just two days later, Pres. Obama signed his name to the act, opening up the inboxes and phone records of US citizens to the federal government until at least 2018.

Misandry is no myth.

pvblivs: I originally posted the following as a comment on someone else’s blog.  But it stand alone quite nicely.

     In today’s society (here in the west) women are not held down. In fact, they are given special advantage. Most violence is against men.. But officials are contemplating a “violence against women act” because the only violence they care about is that against women. A woman can be attacking a man with a knife or a gun. And that’s considered okay. But if he dares to defend himself, he goes straight to jail. Most college graduates are women. Many times, less is expected of them to get their grades and their degrees. But somehow it’s “not enough.” Is the mere fact that some males are still allowed to attend college “oppressing women”?
     Our society has always placed women’s needs drives, interests, and safety above those of men. Look at the discussion on “reproductive rights.” People insist that a woman needs “choices” if she decides she doesn’t want to handle the financial burden of being a mother. As for the man (you did know that there were two people involved, right?) it “too bad; he made his choice when he decided to have sex.” Workplace deaths are over 90 percent male and the only concern is how to protect women from the problem.
     Misandry is hard for people to see because it is so prevalent. You don’t notice anything unusual. It’s just the way it is. It’s the water the fish swim in.

Callers React to Fiscal Cliff by Design

On this final transmission of 2012, Alex Jones looks back at landmark events and developments of the past year. Alex also covers Senator Dianne Feinstein's traitorous plan on Thursday to betray the Second Amendment by introducing legislation mandating registration and ultimately confiscation of all guns in America. Alex also covers other important news items and takers your calls. Source