6 Jan 2013

Mac Daddy Pimping It Indian Style

By Jill Reilly: It is often said that money can't buy love.
But trying telling that to a wealthy Indian man who splashed out £14,000 on a solid gold shirt in the hope it will attract female attention.

Money-lender Datta Phuge 32, from Pimpri-Chinchwad, commissioned the shirt which took a team of 15 goldsmiths two weeks to make working 16 hours a day creating and weaving the gold threads.
Golden appeal: Wealthy Datta Phuge has splashed out £14,000 on a solid gold shirt to make sure he's a 24 karat hit with women in central India

Is This What The New "Swiss Bank Account" Looks Like?

Tyler Durden's picture There was a time when everyone (who was anyone) wanted a Swiss bank account, as much as an offshore cash parking vehicle as for its hushed prestige, whispered to a select few during Hamptons' cocktail parties. Those days are now gone, with the last remaining anonymous offshore private banking bastion left being Singapore, if even that. So in a world in which country after country is scrambling to hike income (and soon financial wealth and asset) taxes on the superrich, is this, paradoxically, what the new "Swiss bank account" is going to look like? And with the Obelix case study officially in the books, who will be the next to take advantage of the former KGB spy's taxation generosity? Source

Trillion dollar platinum coin???

silverfuturist: The treasury can issue as many platinum coins, and for whatever denomination as they want!
"The Secretary may mint and issue platinum bullion coins and proof platinum coins in accordance with such specifications, designs, varieties, quantities, denominations, and inscriptions as the Secretary, in the Secretary's discretion"

George aka 'Gideon' Osborne Cuts His Own Welfare - azizonomics

Aziz: George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a man whose salary totals £134,565 receives government welfare.
But he claims he is about to give up the dole in the interests of fiscal sanity.
In an Op Ed in the Daily Mail Osborne writes:

This week my family will not receive the child benefit we’ve been getting every week since our children were born. Any household where at least one member is earning more than £60,000 will be in a similar position.
They can either choose to stop receiving child benefit, as we have done, or they can have the equivalent sum taken away through the tax system later.
Those earning between £50,000 and £60,000 will lose a portion of that child benefit cash.
It’s not an easy decision we’ve taken as a Government – these days, there aren’t any easy decisions.
Osborne’s claim is that only through contracting spending can we reduce the deficit, and only be reducing the deficit can we have a brighter future. He couldn’t be more wrong.

What wars will America start this year? - Double Standards 2013 Predictions

Barack Obama asks dead US presidents, what to do in the year ahead. We will talk to Nick Kochan, author and journalist, about the key events and trends to expect in 2013. These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi. Source

Savile and the Mindbending Changeagents of Westminster - Brian Gerrish

mranthonyjhilder: Attack on Britain! Society Deliberately led to ruin by subversive organizations and changeagents inside the UK..... Tavistock, Common Purpose, Public Art among others shaping the face of society following a plan.. The downturn of society is not an accident...it is deliberate....an attack on Britain enfolding before us. Brian Gerrish outlines his latest findings. Source

Q&A With The Doc: This Silverbug is Ready to Throw in the Towel As Silver Has Gone Nowhere in 2 Years

SD reader Cleburne writes: Hey Doc, I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you, to see if you’ve felt the same things I’ve been feeling.  I guess it’s brought about by the dual Federal Judge dropping the JPM lawsuit (expected, but not one bit less tragic and disappointing despite, is this what Chilton had been waiting on, before declaring the same thing?)…and the fact that despite GATA, Bill Murphy’s promises of CFTC litigation, Turd’s promises of “hot, explosive, historic” action”, Sprott’s removal of another 17 MILLION oz within 4 months, QE3, and QE4…..
Here we languish at $30.  No matter how astronomically wonderful the fundos AND the technical chart look…..all JPM has to do (and do it they have) is pour on another 100 or 200 million ounces of shortsThat’s all it takes to apparently stop silver prices for the entire world

I can’t help but be tarnished a bit (to use good silverbug language) at the fight we’re in.
I never could’ve imagined, and certainly never would’ve believed it….if a me from the future had printed up a link showing silver at $30……with a time-stamp nearly 3 weeks after QE4′s announcement.
This vid, which has been amazingly accurate, was made two years ago….and predicted QE4′s announcement to within ONE WEEK of it happening.  Amazing.  Yet…the voiceover predicted a far more believable QE4 announcement with silver at $100 at that time, spiking to $170 within 24 hours of the announcement.  But here we are with currency apocalypse and silver is $30.  Again, amazing.  Never before in history, has massive manipulation been so perfected, such an artful science, and so mind-blowingly connected to so many players at once.

Insane With Keith - Gold, paper and trillion dollar platinum coin seigniorage

Trade with Dave: This isn’t personal.  It’s strictly business.  I’m not saying that Keith Weiner is insane, I’m just saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
I’m sure Keith is plenty smart.  He has a Ph.D. and all.  A doctorate in economics is not that easy to come by because you have to do two things.  First of all you have to pay for it and secondly you have to find people that agree with your thesis enough to give you the Ph.D. while simultaneously introducing some new version of their same idea that they agree with but you can’t copy them.
Let’s get back to the insanity part of this argument.  Keith says that we shouldn’t measure gold in dollars because dollars are an elastic measuring stick.

Rick Santelli’s First Insane Rant of 2013

Bath salts inhaling CNBC thinks the self-inflicted gun shot to the head’ moment is coming. Santelli points out that moment’s come and gone. Nothing left but bond collapse

Demand A Real Plan: Update From Alex Jones

AJ: Contact your (US) Congress members today and tell them to stop attempting to dismantle our Constitution and steal our 2nd Amendment rights.
Democide: Murder by Government — University of Hawaii http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/MURDER.HTM

US Debt Crisis – How High Will It Go?

Submitted by : The implications of the US debt crisis are not well understood in most circles, and it is not widely spoken about in the media and during important political debates. The irony is that the US debt is so significant that it plays a monumental role in finance and modern political strategy. The debt poses great risks moving forward, and yet it is referred to in only the vaguest of terms.
Here is why the US debt must grow every year and why it is mathematically impossible for it to continue forever.
Before we can understand why the debt must grow every year, here is is a visual representation, to scale, of how much the current debt is standing at. Each tall uniform column in the background of the picture above refers to a pile of $100 bills stacked one on top of another. Each “tower of debt” consists of 10 x 10 fork-lift palettes that reach out into the sky and are higher than the old World Trade Center buildings. These towers of debt represent $US 16.394 trillion. However, by the time you wake up to read this, it will be larger than that. Demon Ocracy does great work on visual representation of the US debt levels.

Paper vs. Gold - Sprott and Biderman

TrimTabs: TrimTabs President & CEO Charles Biderman interviews Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management to get the truth behind gold. Source

Gulag USA: California county postpones hearing on request to buy a surveillance drone for law enforcement

By Madison Ruppert: Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern has postponed public discussion about his request to purchase a drone for “intelligence and information sharing and dissemination,” claiming it has nothing to do with the concerns raised by privacy advocates.
Interestingly, law enforcement agencies are already benefiting from the data captured by military drones in the United States and indeed drones are being used around the United States by both law enforcement and the military with disturbing frequency.
Even the National Guard uses drones in the United States and the justifications sound eerily similar to those offered by Ahern and others, such as “wildfire surveillance.”
While Ahern recognized that intelligence and information sharing and dissemination is the reason listed for the drone in a document obtained by the ACLU when asked by Stephanie Martin of KQED, he claimed they would be used “during a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.”
“We would never use this for anything other than a mission specific event and those events would be: search and rescue, pursuing violent felons, pursuing people evading law enforcement and having the air support during a natural disaster to see the safest routes for people to travel in and out of an area,” Ahern said.
The Oakland Tribune reported, “But a July 20 internal memo from the Sheriff’s Office shows the department identified uses other than search and rescue, including barricaded suspects, investigative and tactical surveillance, intelligence gathering, suspicious persons and large crowd control disturbances.”

Elite vs. Sheeple: Why Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Are There

Morris: The reasons why Contradictions are deliberately shown - In Short: To break us down ....