28 Jan 2013

Disappearing Nose Conspiracy Anderson Cooper

Morris: Anderson video from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X8QbH_gzTY
Scott Walker's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH7lietNjn7CJoHE-qUQEeQ Original description from Scott Walker's Channel: This was probably filmed at CNN's studio with a green screen, not at the Noah Pozner funeral.

Forget Tech Bubble, We're in a Bond Bubble + The Perfect Storm Is Heading Toward the Debt Market

Larry Haverty, portfolio manager at Gamco Investors, discusses what he sees as a bubble in the bond market and investors' lack of understanding of the risks. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

LTB = 'Lying thieving bastards': BBC documentary lifts the lid on offensive code used to describe disabled and jobless

Rob Williams: A documentary investigation into one of the firms responsible for delivering the Government's £5bn Work Programme claims to have found evidence of staff using an 'offensive' code to describe disabled and jobless people.

Clients of Triage, a key player in the Government's plan to pay private companies to move people from benefit into work, were referred to as 'LTB' - code for "lying, thieving bastards", a former employee alleges.
Linda Smith, who worked for Triage, which operates in Scotland and the north of England, told the BBC that the term was used to describe jobless and disabled clients, and that the company used a practice known as 'parking' to keep disabled people on their books.
Mrs Smith said that under the scheme firms can earn more money from taking on the disabled people as clients, but that once they are on the company's books staff are told to spend as little time as possible helping them find work.
"They would be put on telephone interviews... just to make sure that there was this contact made so they could tick a box to say, 'Yeah, they're still on the Work Programme'," Mrs Smith said.
The BBC claims that four other former Triage employees confirmed the use of the LTB code and told the BBC similar stories about clients on their books being 'parked'.

Google faces UK class action over secret iPhone tracking

RT: Google is embroiled in its biggest privacy battle yet in the UK over reportedly tracking users’ online habits. At least 10 UK citizens began legal action with dozens more lining up. According to media estimates up to 10 million Britons could join in.
AFP Photo / Loic VenanceGoogle is accused of evading security settings on Apple’s devices and Safari’s web browser in order to keep tabs on people’s online preferences.
This is the first group claim over privacy issues that the tech-giant is facing in the UK, the lawyer behind the action Dan Tench told The Guardian.
"It is particularly concerning how Google circumvented security settings to snoop on its users. One of the things about Google is that it is so ubiquitous in our lives and if that's its approach, then it's quite concerning," Tench said.
On top of that there are plans in the works to launch an umbrella privacy action suit, which could potentially bring in millions of people in the UK.
Google executives reportedly received a letter from two users prior to the launch of legal proceedings.
The tech-giant is being sued for breaches of privacy and confidence, computer misuse and trespass, and breach of the Data Protection Act of 1998.
Claimants want Google to reveal how much data was secretly collected, for how long, and how the information is being used.
The point of the claim is not to make money off Google, but to send a message, argued a privacy campaigner working on the legal claims, Alexander Hanff.
"This lawsuit is about sending a very clear message to corporations that circumventing privacy controls will result in significant consequences.

Orwellian Police State: Glasgow to become UK’s first ‘smart city,’ will include facial recognition-enabled surveillance cameras

By Madison Ruppert: Glasgow, Scotland is slated to become the first “smart city in the United Kingdom ('smart' spin actually meaning 'automated fascist') after receiving a £24 million grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) which will result in wonderful benefits like facial recognition for the city’s network of surveillance cameras.
Some of the initiatives sound a bit like other “smart city” programs, like the plans for the pilot program in San Francisco, especially in the quite troubling surveillance aspect. That being said, the surveillance in San Francisco goes far beyond the plans for the “smart” streetlight program even into the realm of so-called pre-crime.
Glasgow beat out 30 other cities in the UK to win the host what the TSB calls theFuture Cities Demonstrator.”
According to a TSB press release, “The Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator aims to address some of the city’s most pressing energy and health needs. For example, developing systems to help tackle fuel poverty and to look at long-standing health issues such as low life expectancy.”
However, it is clear that one of the major focuses is “improved crime prevention [and] a reduction in anti-social behavior.”
Indeed, as a recent BBC article notes, “Better use of CCTV camera technology will feed back to control centers, with the aim of preventing and reducing anti-social behavior.”
The BBC also notes that the city’s CCTV cameras will be linked to the traffic management unit in order to identify traffic incidents more quickly.
“It will use analytical software and security cameras to help identify and prevent crime in the city,” the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation) adds.

'France follows colonial agenda in Mali'

Europe Banned Press TV: Presence of French troops in Africa is a typical colonialist attempt by western powers to grab African resources, a political & military analyst tells Press TV. On January 11, France launched its war on Mali, in West Africa, under the pretext of halting the advance of the fighters who control the northern part of the African country. Nearly 2,300 French troops have so far been deployed to the country. The number of civilian casualties during this war has risen concerns among human rights groups all over the world.

Russian Gold Reserves Up 8.5% In 2012 - Palladium Reserves “Exhausted”

GoldCore: Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey expanded their gold holdings in December, seeking to diversify their foreign reserves and protect from currency devaluation risk.
Russian gold holdings climbed 2.1% to 957.8 metric tons or 30.793 million ounces, according to data on the International Monetary Fund’s website.
The increase in December takes the increase in Russian gold reserves in 2012 to 8.5%. 
The Russian central bank has said that they will continue buying gold. The pace of the purchases may vary, First Deputy Chairman Alexei Ulyukayev told reporters this month. 
He denied that there is a 10% target for gold’s share in the reserves according to Bloomberg
Kazakhstan’s gold reserves expanded 1.7 percent to 115.3 tons or 3.707 million ounces last month, and surged 41% over the year, the data showed.
Turkey’s holdings jumped 14.5% to 359.65 tons last month, according to the IMF data. The amount has increased due to it accepting gold in its reserve requirements from commercial banks. 
Philippines gold reserves fell 1% in November from October while Mexico’s holdings were down 0.1 percent in December to 4.004 million ounces, according to the IMF. 
Iraq cut its gold holdings by a quarter to 29.9 tonnes in November, reversing some of the country's recent efforts to bolster its reserves. 
Countries bought 373.9 tons in the first nine months of last year, according to the producer-funded World Gold Council, which said in November that full-year additions for 2012 would probably be at the “bottom end” of a range from 450 to 500 tons. Central banks purchased 456 tons in 2011.
Central bank diversification will continue to give long term support to gold.

CIA’s secret prison: ‘Poland dragging out investigation’

AFP Photo/Anne-Christine Poujoulat
RT: A Polish investigation into secret CIA jails is being suppressed because it will embarrass the top echelon of the country’s government, lawyers of two men held illegally in one of the CIA’s ‘black sites’ in Poland tell media.
Reportedly, the results of this investigation could link some of Poland’s most senior politicians with illegal detention and torture, as well as impact negatively on the relationship between Poland and its key ally, the US, according to Reuters.
The news agency’s sources, including lawyers and human rights activists, reveal that the investigation was halted after the original investigators were taken off the case early last year.
The probe began in 2008 with prosecutors from the capital Warsaw, but in early 2012 the prosecutor-general transferred the investigation to the southern city of Krakow.
"The image is of a complete lack of action," Mikolaj Pietrzak, lawyer for Saudi national Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri who says he was detained in a CIA jail on Polish soil, told Reuters. "The case is obviously, in my opinion, under political controlThe most convenient thing politically is for the case to drag on," Pietrzak added.
Bartlomiej Jankowski, a lawyer for the second alleged ex-detainee, Abu Zubaydah, has confirmed this.
"I am not receiving any information [from prosecutors] about new documents, nor am I informed about any new hearings. This is something that worries me," Jankowski said.
CIA-run prison was discovered in a small remote village Stare Kiejkuty

Netanyahu Deploys 'Syrian' Iron-Dome As Israeli Minister Claims US Preparing 'Surgical' Strikes Against Iran

Tyler Durden's picture Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says his nation must prepare for the threat of a chemical attack from Syria, amid concern at enemy efforts to test a post-election coalition Israel, and, as Bloomberg reports, has deployed its new Iron Dome anti-missile system near the border with its northern neighbor. Along with this concern, as many have perhaps suspected, the Israeli Defense Minister confirmed yesterday that the US has prepared plans for a 'surgical' military operation to delay Iran's nuclear program.
As The Jerusalem Post reports, Ehud Barak, speaking in Davos, does not believe any military operation against Iran would devolve into a "full fledged war the size of the Iraqi war" but rather "there should be a readiness and an ability to launch a surgical operation that will delay them by a significant time frame and probably convince them that it won’t work because the world is determined to block them."
Barak added that in the past the US has been heavy-handed but that under Barack Obama, the United States has "prepared quite sophisticated, fine, extremely fine, scalpels," if the worse comes to the worst - even though the Israeli preference would be to end the nuclear threat diplomatically , calling for tougher sanctions (though he expressed doubt that diplomacy would lead to success).
Just another geopolitical hotspot that the world's markets choose to ignore in deference to the one true leader - central bankers.

"LA FWAY" - A Bad Lip Reading of Inauguration 2013 + Beyoncé

DAVOS DECODED: The five bits of thunderclap-trap we should all ignore

More than $114 billion exited the biggest U.S. banks this month, and nobody’s quite sure why’. 
The Slog: So said several prominent websites today.
While the sentiment is accurate, it’s not as if there are no reasons why at all. The US’s unlimited bailout for current accounts held there came to an end on December 31st 2012. So some nervous (aka far-sighted) folks in Dollar accounts will want out. And in a more general sense, Europe is repatriating money at the minute with other projects in mind: for example, buying top-end properties…which are still going through the roof around the globe, as reported first here last September.
This isn’t to knock those who spot such things: I don’t have time to do it, so I’m grateful for the hawkeyes of others. I’m also grateful for the knowledge of others still who tell me the know-all stuff that was in the previous paragraph. But the problem remains as I’ve been diagnosing it since the turn of the year: the big guns are putting more and more fixes into every sector where they have a vested interest in value manipulation. The only difference now is that they’re being more overt about it. As a reliable US source wrote to me today, Draghi and Bernanke have killed all the signals of stress in the financial system and the rapidly evolving bubble-itis in the equities markets of the US, UK, and EU; the next symptom to appear is rapid hemorrhaging of account balances, and then margin calls at hedge funds leading to selling of all kinds of uncorrelated and seemingly safe assets.’
Nothing is safe in 2013, and no call must make sense.

Anonymous Lays Easter Egg In US Sentencing Commission's Website

Tyler Durden's pictureGo to ussc.gov...

Have fun...