2 Feb 2013

Malian Tuaregs struggle for recognition despite war

UK and Europe Banned Press TV: As Malian fighters retreat into the Sahara, Mali finds itself in largely where it was last spring: faced with a half-million ethnic Tuaregs who have been oppressed for more than century by French colonialists and their puppets. Source

Fempocalypse: "Is Feminism hate?" and the Anti-Feminist Panties of DOOM!

"Men's greatest weakness is their facade of strength and women's greatest strength is their facade of weakness." Warren Farrell
girlwriteswhat: The first instalment of my response to Danielle Paradis' and her very pat answers to the debate topic "Is Feminism hate?"

NWO Untouchables in a Fake-It-Til-You-Make-It Economy - Max Keiser with Rowan Bosworth-Davies of Scotland Yard Fraud Squad

Max and Stacy Keiser-Herbert discuss the global yellow cake baking, talcum powder shaking, perpetual war making, balloon boy chasing, fake it til you make it economy in which spoof trading and a shadow banking system collateralised by a combination of liar loans and temporary workers consuming genetically modified food-like products produces such heroes for our times as Robb U, the guy who was handed $6 million in loans based on having a YouTube music video with a million plus views. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to former Scotland Yard fraud squad detective, Rowan Bosworth-Davies of Rowans-Blog.blogspot.co.uk about justice departments and regulators going after the 'little guy' because he is 'easier' to get than the too-big-to-fail. Source

Thwarting Russian Iranian Syrian Retaliation + Will This Be The End Of Israel - Morris

Morris: One entity is taking over the world, one nation at a time, how are they doing it? By buying people and nations off, giving them what they think they need, which is always material resources, in the meantime they lose their soul, their identity, their ideology and solidarity with others.

Germany Cannot Get It's Gold Back From U.S.

PastorDowell: Germany cannot get its gold back from the U.S. for seven years.

Misandry: Creepy Guys and Objectification

ShieldWife: Labeling men as "creeps" is thinly veiled misandry.

'Traces of pork' found in prison food served as halal

Supplier of meat pies and pasties to prisons suspended after FSA informed of contamination
PastiesThe Guardian: The Ministry of Justice is suspending one of the suppliers of meat to prisons after it discovered that halal pies and pasties sourced from a properly halal certificated supplier may contain traces of non-halal meat.The products concerned have been withdrawn immediately, a spokesman said.
He added: "All prisons have been informed about this very regrettable incident and we reported this issue to the Food Standards Agency immediately.
"We are taking immediate steps to suspend the contract with the relevant subcontractor."
Justice minister Jeremy Wright said: "This is an absolutely unacceptable situation and one which we regret greatly. Clearly this must be distressing for those affected and they can be reassured we are doing everything we can to resolve the situation. The prison service is investigating this as a matter of urgency.
The FSA said the incident involved traces of pork.
A spokeswoman said: "The FSA has been informed that a number of meat pies and pasties supplied to UK prisons which were labelled and served as halal contained traces of pork DNA. The local authority is investigating how this contamination came about and whether these products have been distributed further across the UK."

Refuting 40 years of Marxist lies about domestic violence

By Dean Esmay: Erin Pizzey was born in 1939. In 1971 she founded the first nationally and internationally recognized women’s shelter (or “refuge”) in Chiswick, which is part of London in the UK. Her organization expanded to include many houses and a large growing organization, now known as Refuge in the UK.
It was soon after founding her organization that she began being subject to public protests and death threats.
A key figure in the women’s movement of the 1970s, she eventually fled her native England with her children after the protests, threats, and violence culminated in the killing of her family dog. However, she never stopped her work advocating for victims of domestic violence, and eventually returned to the UK.

Shocking Gulag Israel's Eugenics Exposed, Police State Prep, GMO Virus, Latin America Flips Capitalism

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Police State Preparations, Forced Sterilization in Israel, Killer GMOs and Latin America's Economic Growth... talks about recent military exercises in Miami and Houston that have left residents terrified, what could these exercises be preparing for? Abby then talks to Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director for the Organic Consumers Association, about a recent discovery by the European Food Safety Authority, which found a viral gene unsafe for human consumption in almost all GMOs. Abby then talks to producer, Manuel Rapalo, about the recent EU-CELAC summit in Santiago Chile, and a trend of economic growth that is changing the Latin American region into a global economic and political powerhouse. BTS wraps up the show with a look at the history of eugenics in the US, and Israel's current practice of administering forced birth control on its Ethiopian population. Source

Brian de Palma tells RT: 'We have all been lied to by our government'

Film director Brian de Palma has become an expert in voicing people’s frustration with the shortcomings of the US government. RT caught up with the celebrated Hollywood filmmaker and screenwriter to ask him political and apolitical questions.
­Known best for his suspense and crime thriller movies, such as Scarface, The Untouchables, and Mission: Impossible, de Palma has also made a number of films that challenge the political establishment such as Casualties of War.
In his 2007 picture, Redacted, de Palma tells a story of a US soldier in the Iraq War trying to shoot an amateur documentary. Through the eyes of this soldier de Palma exposes what he considers to be the hypocrisy inherent in the US war machine.
I think our foreign policy is incorrect the director told RT's Valeria Paikova, we should have not been in Iraq at all. We have all been lied to by our government.”
The reason behind making Redacted and Casualties of War de Palma claimed was because these wars make no sense.”

Advice From The Department Of Homeland Security: "If Attacked By A Shooter, Grab Some Scissors"

By Michael Krieger: I first heard about this from a New York Post article on the topic.  Then I watched the video for myself.  It’ll make you want to defund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immediately.  While the whole “grab scissors” to defend oneself during a mass shooting is pretty amusing, the more disturbing part is that 90% of the video just consists of people on their knees in cubicles cowering in fear or running panicked with their hands in the air.  All the while police in black uniforms and “assault weapons” race in to save the day!  The video is a great representation of how the DHS views the citizenry.  Feeble, helpless, pathetic little children.  You’ve gotta watch it for yourself! Source

Gerald Celente on how Obama cooked financial books to get reelected

President Obama was reelected despite a less than stellar state of
economy. Even though days before the election third quarter data came
out that reflected an economy in much better shape; then in
post-election period - there is no growth, in fact it's the first time
the economy shrunk since 2009. The data was manipulated to keep Barack Obama in the office! Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal and director of the Trends Research Institute joins us to break it down. Source