8 Feb 2013

Paper is Poverty + Listen To All. Follow None.

Usury is the Weapon For Getting Our Minds

Morris: They have already got billions and zillions, now they want to shape us and all of humanity into dependent disenfranchised beings. Usury is their weapon. They certainly don't need more money. There is a weakness in our psychology that we crave leaders and people outside of our environment, and so we are presented with demi gods as celebrities. Source

Why I'm No Longer a Feminist

Byenia: Talking this afternoon on why I no longer refer to myself as a feminist (as of 2009 approximately) and what past involvement in the feminist movement ultimately taught me about it.

Britain’s Greatest Depression - azizonomics

Aziz: This is just a disaster — and more prolonged than the depression of the 1930s:
GDP to January 2013

And even more of a disaster when we consider the impact this has had on youth unemployment, which has climbed far above the EU and OECD averages (although nothing like as badly as Spain or Portugal):

This is not just a failure of government austerity, although that in itself has totally failed to ignite any kind of growth or recovery. The fiscal trajectory is important (not least for business expectations) — and trying to cut public spending and raise taxes during a severe depression in private activity has been shown repeatedly to just exacerbate the private slump — but it’s just one aspect of a greater problem — the failure to create a favourable business environment that can attract capital and growth to the UK.

ON UK EU MEMBERSHIP: “Virtually impossible to find hard proof of any net benefit.” - DER SPIEGEL

AND SOROS SAYS EURO ‘Will destroy European Union”

daveeuDodgy Dave wins a 1938 déja vu
The Slog: Rarely can the major UK press titles have been in greater concert than they are today on the EU budget ‘victory’ delivered by David Cameron. The coverage represents, once again, the triumph of rhetoric and hack idleness over facts.
‘Victory for David Cameron as EU budget faces cuts for first time’ (Telegraph). ‘On the brink of an historic agreement: EU leaders poised to cut budget by £30bn’ (Independent). ‘Cameron closes in on EU budget victory’ (Mail). ‘On the brink of an historic agreement: EU leaders poised to cut budget by £30bn’ (Guardian). ‘David Cameron victorious as EU is forced to make cuts for the first time in its history’ (Express). ‘Le Sulk: Hollands stands up Cameron as he faces defeat’ (Sun). ”He’s a dirty rat but I hate her even more’: Newly-wed husband cheats with his wife’s best friend’. (Mirror). That’ll be Britain’s last bastion of left-wing politics the Mirror, then.
But Germany’s leading political magazine Der Spiegel takes a different view. In today’s online edition, it features a piece about what the European Union ‘delivers’ t0 Britain. This is the summary of its conclusions:
‘In 2011, [the UK] paid some €7.3 billion more into EU coffers than it received back in the form of structural aid….Britain is debating whether membership in the bloc makes any economic sense. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s virtually impossible to find hard proof of any net benefit.’
It may be a surprise to the vast majority of Germans, but for those of us who regularly do the maths (and I’m no UKipper by the way) it is in that region between obvious and certainty.

Pax Judaica Age Of Darkness: Mali Egypt Syria Algeria Analysis + OIC Islamic Nations Leaders Bow Down To Zionists - Sheikh Imran Hosein + Devastation in Mali Under French Attack

Morris: So-called militants - encouraged by imperialists - so that western colonialism can intervene to save Africa from the menacing Islam. Algeria is the next target. Israel needs these developments in order to portray herself as a saviour. Salafists are dajjals warriors fighting NATO's wars. It is because of Putin that Turkey has not attacked Syria.

A Victory for Liberty in The Fluoridation Wars

AJ: Nearly 200,000 Australians have been released from the medical slavery that is artificial water fluoridation thanks to a major governmental policy change. The Liberal National Party (LNP) government of the Australian state of Queensland has not only cut $14 million of funding that had previously been used for fluoridation, but has also decided to allow local councils to decide for themselves whether or not to fluoridate, a move that has already prompted the northern city of Cairns to end its water fluoridation program. Source

Martin Armstrong lunch speech at Bangkok Rotary Club

Jill Berger: Martin Armstrong is the developer of the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) depicting boom-bust cycles which have been found to occur like clockwork every 8.6 years, 3,141 days or (Pi) times 1000.

drone list reveals over 20 more public entities authorized to fly drones over United States + DRONE KILLERS IN THE SKY

BY Madison Ruppert: The new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone authorization list obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit reveals more than 20 additional public entities allowed to fly drones over the United States.

Nazi Talk: When Lindsay Graham and Barrack Obama Agree…Run the Other Way Fast

By Michael Krieger: The easiest way for a patriotic, civil liberties defending U.S. citizen to know whether to support or oppose an issue is when two of the most authoritative, narcissistic politicians from the two controlled political in America are in strong agreement. In this case, I am referring to Lindsay Graham and Barrack Obama’s recent love fest on drone warfare.  From Politico:
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will offer a resolution next week commending President Barack Obama’s use of drones and the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.
“Every member of Congress needs to get on board,” Graham said. “It’s not fair to the president to let him, leave him out there alone quite frankly. He’s getting hit from libertarians and the left.
“Everyone needs to get on board…” in commending the death of someone from 30,000 feet?  What kind of Nazi talk is this?  So this is what America has become.  Politicians with 10% approval ratings patting themselves on the back for killing other humans being without ever getting their hands dirty.  USA! USA!
Full article here. In Liberty, Mike... Source - banzai7

The British Soldier Myth & War on Terror

UK Banned Press TV's documentary program documentary "The Soldier Myth" is narrated by once a British soldier who was jailed for refusing a fight in Afghanistan. He talks to front line soldiers about recruitment, training, fighting & coming home.