12 Feb 2013

Don’t shoot, we’re not Dorner - LA residents to police

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RT: After three Californians were nearly killed this week by police officers opening fire at random people mistaken for suspected murderer Chris Dorner, a solution may finally stop the shootings. And no, the cops haven’t caught the killer.
Don′t Shoot I′m NOT DORNER!! Bumper sticker (Screenshot from www.ebay.comIn the wake of three recent extreme cases of mistaken identity, some entrepreneurial Internet users have designed merchandise that sends a strong message to the police.Don’t Shoot, I’m Not Chris Dornerbumper stickers and t-shirts are now being sold on the Web while investigators intensify their manhunt for the suspected killer, a mission that continues to elude authorities and has led officers to so far shooting three people during their search.

Dianne Feinstein’s shocking lies about the number of civilians killed by U.S. drone program

By Madison Ruppert:Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat and chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, brazenly lied about the number of civilians killed by the U.S.’s so-called “targeted killing” (or “targeted force” as she put it) program during her remarks at the beginning of the confirmation hearings of John Brennan.
This assassination program, mostly – but not entirely – comprised of strikes carried out by drones, was recently shown to be even more disturbing than previously thought with the leak of a Justice Department white paper, although a federal court ruling determined that the Obama administration never has to explain the legal basis for the strikes in court.
The program also has some calling for increased oversight through another secret court even though Attorney General Eric Holder claims the secret reviews of classified evidence carried out by the Obama administration count as due process.
“But for the past several years, this committee has done significant oversight of the government’s conduct of targeted strikes, and the figures we have obtained from the executive branch, which we have done our utmost to verify, confirm that the number of civilian casualties that have resulted from such strikes each year has typically been in the single digits,” Feinstein said.
The claim that civilian deaths resulting from “the use of targeted force,” as she put it, have “typically been in the single digits” is simply ludicrous.
Conor Friedersdorf massive underestimates the magnitude of this lie when he calls the claim “imprecise.” It is nothing short of an egregious lie.

US targets Syria to shield Israel: Mimi al-Laham aka 'Syrian Girl'

Syrian Girl tells Press TV that the US-led Western countries and their regional allies are targeting Syria in order to maintain and strengthen Israeli hegemony in strategically important region of Middle East. She also added that the US-led NATO forces were fueling ethnic and sectarian tensions to achieve their vicious objectives across Syria.

“6,000 Years of History, Gold Is Always Money, Paper Money Fails” Ron Paul

Debt Junkie Nation - Max Keiser with Sandeep Jaitly

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the money printing cargo cults leading to a post-industrial nation of debt addicts, who have forgotten what real wealth is. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Sandeep Jaitly about debt, inflation, currency kamikazes and Austrian economics. Source

Why The Truth About Iceland Is So Dangerous To The U.S. + Kid Articulates Dangerous Similarities in America's 'BOGUS' Two Party System

LeeCamp2: When it came to financial collapse, Iceland did the opposite of us. The results are not allowed on our mainstream media.

Collateral Murder: Icelandic MP planning Bradley Manning support trip despite US legal threats

Icelandic parliament deputy Birgitta Jonsdottir. (AFP Photo / Halldor Kolbeins)RT: Despite potential legal retribution from the American regime, the Icelandic MP and WikiLeaks member who released the infamous ‘Collateral Murdervideo showing US war crimes in Iraq has announced plans to visit the land of the free. ­Birgitta Jonsdottir is an Icelandic Member of Parliament who nearly three years ago released a classified video of a US Apache helicopter killing civilians in Iraq. Known as ‘Collateral Murder,’ Jonsdottir made the footage public in a bid to express her support for Bradley Manning, the video's alleged source, who now stands trial for treason. The video was also instrumental in unleashing the witchhunt on WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. 
Jonsdottir is planning to arrive in the US on April 5, despite a strong warning from Reykjavík of possible legal repurcussions. The politician says her trip, which coincides with the third anniversary of the video's release, is her way of saying she refuses to live in fear.
“I don't want to live in the shadows. I don't think I've done anything illegal or that I'm an enemy of the US state, but if they think I've committed a crime, I want to know,” she told The Guardian.
Jónsdóttir also plans to exhibit photographs drawn from the ‘Collateral Murder’ on her itinerary in New York and Los Angeles. In June, the MP hopes to take the exhibition across the US ahead of Manning's trial.
It's deeply troubling to me that he is the only one suffering the consequencesnone of the people responsible for the war crimes in the video have been held accountable,”

America Loves Drone Strikes - azizonomics

BC2a006CAAEBSj2Aziz: This graph shows everything we need to know about the geopolitical reality of Predator Drones (coming soon to the skies of America to hunt down fugitives?).
The American public loves drone strikes:
The American public does not approve of the extrajudicial killing of American citizens. But for everyone else, it’s open season.
But everyone else — most particularly and significantly, the countries in the Muslim world — largely hates and resents drone strikes.
And it is the Muslim world that produces the radicalised extremists who commit acts like 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombings, and the Bali bombings.  With this outpouring of contempt for America’s drone strikes, many analysts are coming to believe that Obama’s drone policy is now effectively a recruitment tool for al-Qaeda, the Taliban and similar groups:

Is Hollywood Programming Us - Neil Sanders

Morris: Neil takes us through some significant moments in Fictional films with regard to false flags. Source

A New Manhattan Project - A lesson from Australia!

TheBigPictureRT: Something interesting is happening in Australia. A new study by the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance has found that unsubsidized renewable energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels like coal and gas.

Gulag U.S.A.: Obama to 'bypass Congress' on CISPA with cybersecurity executive order

RT: Unable to reach a deal with Congress, el Presidente Obama plans to use his supreme power to exert executive actions against the will of lawmakers and the people. The fascist baby bombing 'president', the lay person might refer to as dictator, will issue power usurpation orders on many controversial topics including cybersecurity.
Although 'Drone-Bama' has issued fewer executive orders than any president in over 100 years, he is making extensive plans to change that, Washington Post reports quoting people outside the White House involved in discussions on the issues. Due to conflicts with a Congress that too often disagrees on proposed legislation, Obama plans to act like a dictator and is likely "to rely heavily" on his supreme 'executive powers in future', according to the newspaper.
Obama’s first executive order is expected to be issued this week when the president calls for the creation of 'new standards' on what private-sector companies must do to protect their computer systems from a cybersecurity breach and ensure a back door for government agents 1984 style.
The order is a direct response to Congress’ refusal to pass the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) last year under pressure from the public, which the regime deemed crucial to prevent 'crippling attacks on the nation’s infrastructure' by El-CIA-da. But members of Congress who opposed the legislation cited serious privacy concerns with giving the government greater access to Americans’ personal information that only private companies and servers might have access to and anyone who's seen or read George Orwell's 1984 is frankly shitting themselves.

Evil Has Been Let Loose On The World - Voice Over Anonymous

Morris: The level of evil let loose on the world at the present time is
Unprecedented, Unrestricted, Unacknowledged and Unchallenged.
It's frightening that these people even exist, let alone control the world.
It is sad that most refuse to acknowledge the truth, or be shown it, as it upsets their view of the world and the parameters which give their life its equilibrium. They do not see that these parameters are unsustainable.