22 Feb 2013

Ponzi Talk: Casino Gulag UK's AAA (lol) credit rating downgraded first time ever!

liarpoliticians: For the first time in the UK's history, the governments credit rating has been cut from AAA, to AA1 by ratings agency Moodys. This is what happens when you make bullshit cuts, instead of cutting things like borrowing £10bn+ to install internet spying system in the UK (because the paranoid politicians have become VERY scared of the people).

'Blasts targeting Syrian kids reveal real face of West, NATO'

UK and Europe Banned Press TV: An analyst shows explicitly that the recent devastating explosion that rocked the Syrian capital city of Damascus by the foreign-backed terrorists proved the hypocrisy of the West and NATO countries regarding human rights.

Super Cool Galloway: I don't recognize apartheid Israel

UK and Europe Banned Press TV: British MP George Galloway has, not surprisingly, walked out of a debate at Oxford University upon finding out that the organisers had lied to him and that his opposite side was an Israeli.
Galloway immediately left the discussion session at the university's Christ Church College, to a chorus of haughty laughter after Eylon Aslan-Levy, accidentally revealed his Israeli apartheid regime origins.

(Angelo: Of course, all awakened good loving people respect and support MP Galloway's stance against the blatant Nazi style 'Israel' apartheid gulag regime.)

Nirvana, Creditopia, And Why Central Banks Are The Devil

Via Hinde Capital,
Central banks are the devil. They are like drug dealers except they administer regular doses of supposedly legally prescribed barbiturates to their addicts. The 'easy money' or 'credit' they create is an opiate and like all addictions there is a payback for the addicts, one exacted only in loss of health, misery and death.
The economic system is an addict, but that system is comprised of banks, corporations, non-profit organisations, small businesses all of which are communities. And what comprises communities, us, human beings - individuals. We are the addicts.
Popular economic academia understates human action in the economic equation of money. It is human preferences that determine our desire for goods and services and so in turn really determines the utility of money. Sadly the desire of the State to control money and administer it like a drug has left our economies unproductive and incapable of standing on their own two feet.
Our reliance on 'easy money' as facilitated by credit has become terminal. Like drug users we continue to attempt to find a heightened state of Nirvana. We continue to hark for the utopian days prior to the eruption of the post 2008 crisis, even though our well-being was fallacious and based on an illusion of wealth paid for by credit - a creditopia. The abuse of credit is what defined the Great Financial crisis and one that still defines our economic system and one which will define a much worse crisis to come.

West's Fear of China is Causing Pakistan Destabilization

Morris: The Road from China to Gwadar port will create a virtual chinese port on the Arabian Ocean threatening Dubai, Mumbai and the UAE's commerce.
This is a motivating factor in sending clandestine bombers from Afghanistan to Pakistan to destabilize Baluchistan in Pakistan (and Iran). Source

The New History of Humanity - Part 1

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Greek workers stage yet another 24-hour nationwide strike

Some one hundred thousand protesters, (a sizable gathering, given only eleven million population) have taken to the streets of the Greek metropolis, in the biggest and most significant general strike so far this year. The walkout comes at a time most crucial for both the government and the country's labor movement. After one of the harshest winters in the Greek financial insolvency, the Greek labor movement attempts to re-assert itself, under increasing influence by the main opposition party SYRIZA, which does not yet control the Greek syndicates and confederations. Meanwhile, the Greek government continues to legislate deep austerity reforms in parliament, at the same time suppressing organized labor reactions as it did recently by conscripting the Athens subway employees.

Dario Fo: ‘What had taken centuries to create in Italy was degraded in a very short time’

Like many countries in Europe, Italy is struggling with problems of its own making following sleaze, scandal and corruption,

Obama drone program

Obama assassination program

Information Warfare 'West tries to control public perception by imposing bans on Iran media'

An analyst says the West, in targeting Iranian media channels, has initiated an information war to curtail the truth and control public perception. In the background of this two more Iranian Satellite channels have been taken off the air in another violation by the West against freedom of speech. Arab provider Gulf Sat has bowed to pressure by the European Satellite company Eutelsat to ban channels, iFilm and Alkawthar. The consistent campaign of attack and intimidation from Western satellite providers and institutions who preach free speech while practicing the opposite, emphasizes hypocrisy and indicates a politically strategic agenda to deny alternative perspectives to the public at large. Press TV has interviewed Danny Schechter, editor of Media Channel.Org, New York about this issue. Source