25 Feb 2013

'US, Israelis can't stand truthful voice of Iran media'

PressTV - Voice of the Voiceless: Isaeli owned Eutelsat in France doing 'all it can so that the truthful Iranian voice will not get the chance to be heard'. The comment comes as the European satellite provider Eutelsat is putting excessive pressure on another satellite provider to take Iran's Arabic-language Al-Alam news network off the air in a blatant assault on the freedom of speech. Eutelsat has threatened the Slovenia-based satellite communications company -- Satellite Telecommunications Network (STN) -- to remove Al-Alam from its platform within the next 48 hours or face punitive measures.

Keshe's Free Energy Technology Will Make Today's Military 'Useless'

21stCenturyWireTV: 21st Century Wire reporter Patrick Henningsen investigates the groundbreaking free energy science and advanced space ship technology brought forward by Iranian nuclear physicist, M.T. Keshe, head of the Keshe Foundation in Belgium. Keshe's recent lecture on Jan. 30, 2013 at Imperial College in London, revealed some incredible information about Iran's space ship program, and also about a Peace Treaty which is currently in the hands of the world's super powers, as we wait to see if the the world's 'super-powers' will continue to cover-up these new breakthroughs that allowed Iran to apprehend two US drones, applications in faster than light travel, nuclear gravity-magnetic field plasma science and advanced medical treatment for the terminally ill. The implications of what Keshe has revealed is potentially world changing. Source

When they came for the Raw Milk drinkers…

Ron Paul: While I oppose most gun control proposals, there is one group of Americans I do believe should be disarmed: federal agents. The use of force by federal agents to enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws is one of the major, albeit overlooked, threats to liberty. Too often Americans are victimized by government force simply for engaging in commercial transactions disproved of by Congress and the federal bureaucracy.
For example, the offices of Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, have been repeatedly raided by armed federal and state agents, and Rawesome’s founder, 65-year old James Stewart, has been imprisoned. What heinous crime justified this action? Rawesome sold unpasteurized (raw) milk and cheese to willing customers – in a state where raw milk is legal! You cannot even drink milk from a cow without a federal permit!
This is hardly the only case of federal agents using force against those who would dare meet consumer demand for raw milk. In 2011 armed agents of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how many millions of our tax dollars posing as customers in order to stop Allgyer from selling his raw milk to willing customers.

Public Trust Forecloses On Major Corporations

By Trade with Dave: Dave’s had a nagging feeling lately.  You know that Groundhog Day movie feeling… that pilot is circling the airport waiting for the snowplows to get out of the way feeling.  It’s just that we’ve been in the same pattern for five years and it’s time for the pattern to change and I think it just did. 
Remember Occupy Wall Street.  Well, there were a few problems with Occupy Wall Street, but if you focus on the most obvious one it would be, well, the lack of focus.  Dave has mentioned a couple of times a fellow by the name of Emmerich de Vattel and his writing of The Law of Nations, a work of political philosophy published in 1758.
Dave wrote about it here within the context of a Peter Thiel floating libertarian island of sovereignty (aka open sourcing your own jail cell)  
Dave also mentioned it here while elaborating on the distinction between “legal” and “lawful” in the context of sovereign nations such as the City of London and the LIBOR scandal: here
When you invoke de Vattel, you need to be really careful because there is a decent chance that you are either going to end up forming an entirely new government (following the requisite revolution) or you are going to end up hanging from a gallows or languishing in a prison (or the Ecuadorian embassy) for longer than the TV show Friends will run in syndication.  Invoking the “law”, as in the idea as introduced by Moses for example, can be quite disruptive to the status quo.  Notice the publication date on de Vattel’s Law of Nations and you get a feeling for how it served as a precursor to some pretty big changes in the global landscape.

CRONY CAPITALISM: Boris Johnson, Tim Yeo, conflicts of interest, ignored evidence, and utterly pointless London taxi regulations

The Slog: In 2010, consultations took place about a maximum age limit for London taxis. The main supposed motivation for having a maximum age involved the question of pollutants being emitted by older taxis. In fact, scientific testing showed conclusively that the new generation of London taxis were no better than the old ones: for that reason, the Department of Transport actually advised Local Authorities not to implement an Age Limit on Taxis on the basis of emissions. All evidence and objections on this basis were ignored by Mayor Boris Johnson, and the coming Age Limit for taxis was formally announced.
Eco City Vehicles supply new taxis to cab drivers in London. The Chairman of ECV is Jolly Green Giant Tim Yeo (right). 
During 2011, further scientifically valid arguments were raised with the Mayor. There were protests by owners of older taxis, but these too were ignored. In January 2012, the Age Limit for taxis was introduced, forcing hundreds of drivers out of work….but doing nothing to reduce pollution.

Former Obama press secretary says he was told to deny existence of deadly drone program

By Madison Ruppert: Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that he was told to deny the very existence of the Obama administration’s drone program that has killed untold numbers of civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.
Meanwhile, the Obama administration will not say if they claim the authority to similarly kill Americans on U.S. soil without charge or trial.
While we know very little about the administration’s assassination program, we do know that they claim the authority to kill Americans abroad without clear evidence based on secret meetings all built upon a similarly secret legal justification.
While Gibbs said he was told to “not even discuss that it exists,” the current press secretary called drone strikes “legal,” “ethical,” and “wise.”
“When I went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was you’re not even to acknowledge the drone program,” Gibbs said on MSNBC. “You’re not even to discuss that it exists.”
“Here’s what’s inherently crazy about that proposition,” Gibbs said. You’re being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists. So you’re the official government spokesperson acting as if the entire program – pay attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Ted Nugent: The Sheeping of America

Ted Nugent makes a surprise call in to thank Alex Jones for waking him up to the NWO. Ted & Alex also discuss the growing police state under dictator 'baby bomber' Obama and the current attacks on the 2nd amendment from the socialist liberals that control the senate. http://www.tednugent.com/ Source

Stefan Molyneux on Breaking the Set with Abby Martin

Abby Martin interviews Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, about the economy, the apparatus of the state and the philosophy of anarchism.

Londoners Doubt The BBC News

SpotLightchannel1: A series of vox pop interviews on the streets of London.

Jonestown Not A Mass Suicide Pt 1 - Neil Sanders

Morris: Neil gives us the chronology of events that in no way suggest any mass suicide took place. In part 2 Jonestown is considered along with other cults.

Climate Change in 12 Minutes - The Skeptic's Case

Stefan Molyneux: By Dr. David M.W. Evans "We check the main predictions of the climate models against the best and latest data. Fortunately the climate models got all their major predictions wrong. Why? Every serious skeptical scientist has been consistently saying essentially the same thing for over 20 years, yet most people have never heard the message. Here it is, put simply enough for any lay reader willing to pay attention..."

Fascist UK: Tree Surgeon Arrested For Carrying A Chainsaw

AlanWattResistance: IOU 1 Chainsaw, signed: Cunt in black uniform