5 Mar 2013

Has Feminism Created The Gay Upsurge

Morris: This last century has seen the rise of Jewish dominance in all spheres, and we have also seen many isms simultaneously appear. Has this matrilineal tribal construct given way to the seemingly natural female acceptance of the camp male? - Has the male, now divorced from nature, heritage and meaningful work been left to emulate the female? With Feminism women were suddenly in the workplace with men. And suddenly questioning people's gender became fashionable. - I am afraid it is all by design. A secretive pious elite can only remain that way if the rest of the population is in confusion. Source

Minimum Wage Laws Are the People's Federal Reserve Bank: Why Corporate America Could Easily Pay $100 an Hour for Labor + Chase, Bully & Attack! - Max Keiser with Pierre Jovanovic

Max Keiser: The poor have no defense against the Fed. Their standards of living continue to drop as the Fed's zero-percent money rolls into the bank accounts of its plutocrat sponsors who in turn make 1 percent of that money available to non-plutocrats at exorbitant interest rates. I'm against having a Fed. It's socialism in its worst form. But until the Fed is gotten rid of the only economic variable the poor have to counteract the injustices of the Fed is the minimum wage law.
By tying minimum wage to money supply the poor's income would rise and fall with the rise and fall in money supply. Had this policy been in effect over the past 40 years, the minimum wage in America would be closer to $100 now, instead of $10. Companies could easily absorb this wage rate and be competitive. In the restaurant industry Starbucks, for example, could have a minimum wage of $100 and still make handsome profits. (Remember, the Starbucks model is to rip off the intellectual property rights of African and Brazilian farmers, so a rise in wages doesn't hit their core model). In the call processing business, paying a minimum wage to call processors of $100 an hour would not stop these companies from making huge profits. And the list goes on... including Apple with over $130 billion in the bank as cash, sitting there doing nothing.
As long as companies can borrow money at virtually zero cost and as long as companies get bailed out whenever they make a business mistake than labor needs to get their ass in the game and demand a minimum wage tied to money supply and start taking home $100 an hour.

Portuguese march against austerity, want government out

By Andrei Khalip: Hundreds of thousands of Portuguese poured into the streets of Lisbon and other cities on Saturday to demand an end to austerity dictated by an international bailout and the resignation of the center-right government.
The rallies, which follow the introduction of the biggest tax hikes in living memory, mark the greatest public show of discontent since demonstrations last September forced the government to adjust some of its austerity measures.
More than 200,000 protesters in Lisbon packed the vast imperial Praca do Comercio square, home to the Finance Ministry, and surrounding streets, chanting: "It's time for the government to go".
Organizers said as many as 500,000 people took part in the rallies around Lisbon

Police State Greece Will Monitor Bank Accounts

By : Trying to find innovative ways to fight tax evasion, Greece’s General Secretariat for Information Systems has completed an application that will allow the state’s monitoring and collection mechanism to access the country’s banking system via an online connection and let the government have access to depositor bank accounts.
The application, which will let the Finance Ministry troll through the accounts of all depositors suspected of tax evasion means online inspectors can scour through records of deposits, loans, credit card use and other data without permission from the account holder.
Until now, the law did not allow even investigators to check bank records, but Greece is under intense pressure from international lenders putting up $325 billion in two bailouts to find tax cheats and up tax revenues.
The system is ready and some virtual checks on accounts have already been conducted successfully, also helping with the training of the employees who will handle and store all bank data in the ministry’s server, the newspaper Kathimerini reported.
The bill that will allow monitoring mechanisms, police and anti-money-laundering authorities to use the data will be tabled in Parliament next month and the System of Bank Account Registers will be in full operation as of September.

BBC Sucks a Cocks News - Tues 5 March 'Fucked Up UK Courts'

The artist taxi driver

WikiLeaks has more US secrets to reveal – Assange

RT: WikiLeaks still has some unreleased US government classified documents, but will not publish them as long as the website’s main informer, US Army Private Bradley Manning, undergoes court martial and faces a life sentence.
Julian Assange told Australia’s Fairfax Media on Tuesday that his team will not publish the sensitive data in order to protect the source connected to the US military - despite the fact that Bradley Manning admitted disclosure of classified documents to WikiLeaks project.
The WikiLeaks founder called Bradley Manning “America's foremost political prisoner who faces retribution for revealing the truth," the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Manning leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks in early 2010. Since his arrest, Manning has spent over 1,000 days in prison. He has pleaded guilty to 10 charges and faces 20 years' imprisonment or even a life sentence if found guilty of aiding the enemy.
The Bradley Manning trial is set to start on June 3.
"We still can't publish it. It would be a questionable action to do so now while Bradley Manning has a potential life sentence hanging over his head," Assange said.
Last week Manning publicly accepted that he handed over hundreds of thousands of classified US State Department diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

'Youtube covers up rebels crimes in Syria' - Syrian Girl

Syrian girl tells Press TV that the biased video-sharing site, Youtube, deliberately takes down videos depicting the war crimes perpetrated by the FSA terrorists against the people of Syria but ironically provides those terrorists with space to wage their propaganda war against the Syrian nation.

The US Government Sanctioned The Liquidation Of Lehman Brothers!

Tyler Durden's picture Yesterday we described in extensive detail just how on September 10, 2008, by way of a glaringly erroneous margin call, either purposefully or by accident JP Morgan managed to extract over $250 million in variation margin cash from Lehman, which may well have been the catalyst for the end of Dick Fuld's megabank as it precipitated several other multi-billion margin calls from both JPM and other banks, ultimate;y leading to Lehman's liquidation filing five days later.
JPM naturally pleaded innocence and attributed everything to an error committed by an unnamed back-office margin clerk: after all, a mandated hit on a competitor would be not only illegal, but also would involve conspiracy reaching to the highest echelons of government, as Hank Paulson (and to a lesser extent Bernanke) would have had to bless the launch of a raid as brazen as one taking down one of America's largest investment banks from within the US.
Needless to say, anyone who accused the US government of engaging in this level of criminal activity would be immediately branded a conspiracy theorist and ostracized from polite social circles in perpetuity.
But what if said "speculation" emerged not from the depths of some fringe tin-foil operation, but from the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, one of the world's largest sovereign wealth investors and petrodollar recyclers. Surely they can't be branded tin foil? After all they are "very serious people" who manage hundreds of billions.

VENIZELOS: ‘Schauble conspired to try and scupper Greek bailout, force Grexit’

The Slog: Three days ago, Greek friends of every hue bombarded me with news of the attempt by Evangelos Venizelos (left) to present himself as Greece’s Davy Crocket. The Fat One did this by accusing Wolfgang Schäuble of trying to push Greece towards Grexit in August 2011 with some kind of sweetener. Most of one’s instincts would immediately think ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire’….but in just this one case, I’m not so sure. There are some quite solid grounds for thinking that – however base his motives – on this occasion Veryzealous might be at least in part telling the truth.
Longer-standing Sloggers may recall my German source, the Bankfurt Maulwurf. During the Autumn of 2011 (the period EV is referring to) he told me on several occasions that German Finance Minister Schäuble was heavily under the influence of Bankfurters like him, and plotting behind Angela Merkel’s ample back with a view to ensuring that Greek contagion could be contained by evicting it from the eurozone. Similarly geriatric followers of this site will also recall that Tim Geithner – and a White House briefed Wall Street VIP group – were equally keen for Greece to become uneurozone….albeit for more US reelection and geopolitically cynical reasons.
In the event, Grexit didn’t happen. But the evidence suggests that – for several months after that particular incident – Wolfgang Schäuble continued to try and sabotage every attempt to help Greece stay inside the tent. Website Justice for Greece confirms this likelihood by publishing a letter from Geoffrey Atkinson to The Guardian, in which Atkinson alleges that ‘In early 2102 Wolfgang Schäuble repeatedly threw last minute spokes in the wheel just as a solution to the Greek finances drew close’. This is in turn confirmed by a Slog source based in Switzerland (but very close to the Troika negotiations during 2012) who told me twice that – whenever the restructure deal seemed almost done – Berlin would suddenly ride in to unpick it.
Once again in this case, however, I am sadly reminded of just how out of touch the British media and People are

Kids Conditioned in Public Schools to Become Loyal Subjects Exposed

AJ: Lenore Skenazy, a columnist, author, and reality show host who gained national notoriety when she let her then-9-year-old son take the New York City Subway home alone, Talks to Katherine Albrecht about the school system conditioning our kids to become loyal subjects. Source

Ben Bernanke thinks you're stupid

Report: commercial drone operators in US ignoring federal regulations restricting drone flights

By Madison Ruppert: According to a new Reuters report, individuals using drones for commercial purposes in the United States are in some cases simply ignoring the federal regulations that restrict drone flights and in others using clever tricks to avoid the regulations entirely.
Commercial use of drones domestically is just one aspect of the massive drone boom that has pushed colleges and universities to offer more drone piloting programs. Currently, no one even knows how many entities are cleared to fly drones by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
While commercial use is indeed concerning, we cannot ignore the military use of drones domestically in concert with law enforcement (something which is disturbingly common), the fact that Customs and Border Protection uses drones capable of intercepting electronic communications and identifying people on the ground, nor the Department of Homeland Security use of drones, the constantly growing list of public entities allowed to fly drones, the Marshals Service use of drones, the use by National Guard units and so much more.
When it comes to the regulations restricting commercial drone use, some say they are simply unenforceable.
“How do you possibly enforce these regulations?” Patrick Egan, editor of sUAS News and consultant to the US military, said to Reuters.
Even when people do follow the regulations, they are apparently quite easily circumvented. One company, ImageMark Strategy and Design, offers drone-powered aerial photo and video services to clients including real estate firms, universities and golf resorts.
When they found out about the FAA restrictions on commercial drone use, partner Scott Benton said they simply changed it up slightly to “charge clients for editing and post-production work, not the drone flights.”
If that’s all it takes to get around the limitations on commercial drone use, it is hard to say that the regulations do anything meaningful at all.