15 Mar 2013

17 Signs That A Full-Blown Economic Depression Is Raging In Southern Europe – The U.S. Next!

17 Signs That A Full-Blown Economic Depression Is Raging In Southern Europe - Photo by GgiaSubmitted by Michael Snyder: When you get into too much debt, eventually really bad things start to happen This is a very painful lesson that southern Europe is learning right now, and it is a lesson that the United States will soon learn as well.  It simply is not possible to live way beyond your means forever.  You can do it for a while though, and politicians in the U.S. and in Europe keep trying to kick the can down the road and extend the party, but the truth is that debt is a very cruel master and at some point it inevitably catches up with you.  And when it catches up with you, the results can be absolutely devastating.  Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal all tried to just slow down the rate at which their government debts were increasing, and look at what happened to their economies.  In each case, GDP is shrinking, unemployment is skyrocketing, credit is freezing up and manufacturing is declining.  And you know what?  None of those countries has even gotten close to a balanced budget yet.  They are all still going into even more debt.  Just imagine what would happen if they actually tried to only spend the money that they brought in?
I have always said that the next wave of the economic collapse would start in Europe and that is exactly what is happening.  So keep watching Europe.  What is happening to them will eventually happen to us.
The following are 17 signs that a full-blown economic depression is raging in southern Europe...
#1 The Italian economy is in the midst of a horrifying "credit crunch" that is causing thousands of companies to go bankrupt...

No need for intifada, Palestine can achieve goals peacefully – Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas speaking with RTRT: Palestine has won UN recognition as being a sovereign state, and will now be referred to as the State of Palestine on all future UN documents. Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas calls the move a “major achievement.”
It’s led many to question whether Palestine can now take Israeli crimes against Palestinians to international courts.
In an exclusive interview with RT, Abbas said that while Israel has considered Palestine disputed territories for many years, Tel Aviv will no longer be able to argue who the land belongs to.
And while Israel continues its illegal settlement activity on occupied territories, Abbas says he is focused on coming to a solution with Tel Aviv through peaceful means – because fighting will only lead to Palestine’s destruction.
He added that all Arabs and Muslims are ready to have peace with Israel, and said that Palestine must make sure that Israel and its supporters do not have reason to continue with the current situation.
Abbas spoke to RT Arabic correspondent Salam Musafir during an official visit to Moscow. While in Russia, the leader received a state friendship medal from President Vladimir Putin.

The Final Con

Monty Pelerin's World: The stock market has now been up for ten straight days. Many on Wall Street are singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” For them, that is probably the case. They finally have something to sell that will bring the rubes back into the markets. We are not in Kansas anymore.
sting(2)Fear is ebbing and greed is coming back. Those on the outside looking in are rounding up cash so that they don’t get left behind. The shills assist them with their pictures of economic recovery, new era crap and whatever other nonsense they can peddle successfully. So the cycle goes, as it has since the New York Stock Exchange came into existence. We are in another game of musical chairs where the music is playing joyfully. As in all such events, there are too few chairs to accomodate the participants when the music stops. And it always does!
There is no economic justification for the level of these markets, at least in the sense of improvements to the real economy. The economy is in worse shape than it was several years ago, made so via massive government interventions. Debt has been piled onto governments, corporations and individuals. It is not serviceable, certainly not at market-determined interest rates. Artificially low interest rates prolong the game, but do so by further corrupting economic decisions and the economy.

Wall Street Mafia Extorts Washington - Interview with Max Keiser

Abby Martin talks to Max Keiser, host of the 'Keiser Report', banks that are 'too big to prosecute', Wall Street's influence over Washington and the state of the global economy.


Deek Jackson

MIC Shill EU Support For Syria militants - MP George Galloway

George Galloway "Triple dip depression UK can't pay its own bills but can always find money to set fire to other countries!" French President Francois Hollande has called on European leaders to start officially arming Syria militants by removing bans on flow of weapons into the violence-wracked country.
"We want Europeans to lift the arms embargo....

Transparency Hits Record Low in 2012 Under Obama

By Michael Krieger: Surprise, surprise…the “most transparent administration ever” is, well, the least transparent.  Not that any of you are shocked by this revelation, but a new report by the Associated Press demonstrates just how secret our government and intelligence agencies have become.  Not only did they claim “national security” over and over like a bunch of drunk parrots, they also claimed the need to protect “internal deliberations.”  Specifically, the number of times the government withheld or censored reports in 2012 was 479,000 times, up 22% from 2011.  The CIA denied 60% of requests, up from 49% in 2011.  From the Associated Press:
The AP examined more than 5,600 data elements measuring the administration’s performance on government transparency since Obama’s election.
When the government withheld or censored records, it cited exceptions built into the law to avoid turning over materials more than 479,000 times, a roughly 22 percent increase over the previous year.

Because it worked so well for Stalin… + Obama says 'There is no debt crisis'

By : Reporting from Santiago, Chile - Five-year plans in the Land of the Free? Apparently it’s not that far off from reality.
Yesterday Senator Tom Harkin introduced S. 544, “a bill to require the President to develop a comprehensive national manufacturing strategy.”
Obama and StalinIn effect, Senator Harkin wants the President to centrally plan the economy. Never mind that the President has zero experience in business or manufacturing. But hey, this worked out so well for Stalinist Russia, it’s no wonder Mr. Harkin wants to copy that model.
Not to be outdone by Mr. Harkin’s long-sighted vision, President Obama is drawing up plans to turn over Americans’ financial data to the nation’s spy agencies. So now, on top of everyone else, law-abiding citizens in the Land of the Free can count on the CIA and NSA combing through their bank statements.
Of course, it’s all for your protection against men in caves who wish to do you harm.
This is the same reason they irradiate and/or sexually assault airline passengers. It’s why they have to be able to assassinate Americans on US soil by remote control plane. It’s why they’ve authorized military detention of US citizens. Etc.
When you step back and look at the big picture, it really makes one wonder– how big of a piano needs to be dropped on people’s heads before they notice what’s happening..?

Self Help in Health and Life - Dylan Charles

Morris: Dylan is the Editor of a successful online magazine http://wakingtimes.com which showcases maverick ways of living, where science and spirituality meet. Alternative Health, Sustainability and the elevation of Human Consciousness. Advice in self help health curing. Source

Fighting Apartheid: French boat passengers take legal action against gulag Israel

Press TV: Passengers of the French boat Dignite Al Karma are taking legal action against nazi-style apartheid Israel. They say Israel illegally attacked their boat in international waters in 2011 as it set sail towards Gaza.

Eugenicists Engaged in Mass Extermination with Soft Kill Weapons Exposed

AJ: Alex welcomes independent researcher and co-founder of VaxTruth Marcella Piper-Terry, and also vaccine truth crusader Shawn Siegel to speak about the despicable behavior of the vaccine industry and the suppression of volumes of information absolutely vital to inform the consent of parents. We'll also cover other breaking news items and take your calls.  Source

Bullion firm reveals that British holdings increased tenfold in five years

Gold prices riseSpeculators and safe-haven investors have ploughed hundreds of millions of pounds in to gold since the financial crisis began.

They were tumultuous days: Northern Rock had just been nationalised, the UK was lurching into recession and in the US one of Wall Street's biggest investment banks was on the brink of bankruptcy. But one financial asset was soaring – gold.
It is five years this week since the price of an ounce of gold shot through the $1,000 level – and there have never been more private gold traders and individual investors keen to keep their cash in the precious metal.
According to BullionVault, which operates vaults in London, New York and Zurich there has been a ninefold increase in the number of gold bullion traders in the past five years, with Britons among the most enthusiastic buyers. Most of them, say BullionVault, choose to keep their heavyweight investment in Switzerland.
More than 45,000 people have used the company to buy bullion, and between them they now own 32.9 tonnes of gold bars, worth £1.11bn - with British households accounting for £562m of the total, 10 times the value of British holdings in their vaults five years ago.

Adrian Ash, BullionVault's head of research in London, said: "Consumers decide to put their hard-earned money into physical gold for many reasons. In the main it's to diversify away from other investment markets, to hedge against inflation or as a 'crisis insurance' if they fear global financial instability. Whatever the reason it's clear that the last five years has seen unprecedented demand for gold."