16 Mar 2013

Cyprus Depositor Haircut "Bailout" Turns Into Saver "Panic", Frozen Assets, Bank Runs, Broken ATMs + Start Of The New Financial Crisis - Banksters First Round Pillage Of People's Deposit Accounts Today!

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Europe has done it again.
Late last night, after markets closed for the weekend, following an extended discussion the European finance ministers announced their "bailout" solution for Russian oligarch depositor-haven Cyprus: a €13 billion bailout (Europe's fifth) with a huge twist: the implementation of what has been the biggest taboo in European bailouts to date - the  impairment of depositors, and a fresh, full blown escalation in the status quo's war against savers everywhere.
Specifically, Cyprus will impose a levy of 6.75% on deposits of less than €100,000 - the ceiling for European Union account insurance, which is now effectively gone following this case study - and 9.9% above that. The measures will raise €5.8 billion, Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who leads the group of euro-area ministers, said.
But it doesn't stop there: a partial "bail-in" of junior bondholders is also possible, as for the first time ever the entire liability structure of a European bank - even if it is a Cypriot bank - is open season for impairments.
The logical question: why here, and why now? And what happens when the Cypriot bank run that has taken the country by storm this morning spreads everywhere else

Cypriot savers smashed as troika slaps €10 billion bail-out dept on the Greek population to prop up zionist bankster bonuses! + U.S. Welcomes NATO’s Absorption of Cyprus + Stacy Herbert's Summary

Cyprus is to receive a €10 billion (£8.7 billion) bail-out from the eurozone to recapitalise its ailing banking system in return for a series of drastic measures which will hit the country’s savers.

By James Quinn and Ben Leach: The Mediterranean island nation (Angelo: ... a European nation on which the British maintain aggressive military bases even today against the expressed wishes of the people. Where decades of protests have been met by a silent British colonial fuck you!) becomes the fifth country to turn to the eurozone, following in the footsteps of Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain.
The emergency funding will be used to prop up the country’s banks(-ters) which were hit by the financial restructuring of nearby Greece.
The Cypriot banking system had grown to be eight times the size of the country’s fledgling economy - which accounts for just 0.2pc of the eurozone’s gross domestic product.
But in a departure from previous bail-outs, the country’s savers are being asked to make sacrifices.
The terms of the deal mean that Cyprus’s savers will sacrifice up to 10pc of their deposits in a move which will raise as much as €6 billion.

Men’s Rights March 2013 Internet Statement

By Dean Esmay: General principles we believe are a forming, coalescing consensus
A working group formed in December of 2012 through a variety of men’s rights publications, forums, and Youtube channels. Over four dozen people from around the globe participated in making suggestions and giving general input. Despite the large number of people from diverse backgrounds, and the fact that almost none of the participants knew most of the others, its development was shockingly uncontentious, even on some of the more contentious points.
This is not a document anyone is expected to sign or pledge to. It is an effort to identify a general consensus.
This document is not released with the intention being the definitive statement of goals for all men’s advocates, but rather, a set of goals and ideas that we believe represent common sentiments within the movement. People will be free to agree with all of these, most of these, some of these, or only one of these; if they’ll work with us on any of them, then we’ll work with them on that. Furthermore, other groups are welcome to take these goals and adapt and change them for their own purposes.
The gender war is a destructive social construct. Viewing the other sex as an enemy to be fought, or an oppressor to be overthrown, does not benefit men or women. Only a select few will profit from the hostility and distrust this creates. The interests of both men and women are best served by ending the gender war, and to working together to alleviate the iniquities visited upon all human beings, regardless of sex.
Feminism is not necessarily what feminists say it is.

Financial Pearl-Harbor - Max Keiser with Jim Rickards

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask why China fears currency war. They also look at Johnson & Johnson's big loss on Venezuela's currency devaluation and what this means in a currency war world where major devaluations can happen at any moment. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about which nations are winning the war. Source

'Nothing could justify US drone killings' + US to launch drone war in Syria: LA Times

UK and Europe BANNED Press TV: No legal or moral justification or attempt to label US drone killings as war could ever justify them, as they are nothing but 'assassinations carried out by order of the US president.' The comment comes as Washington claims its drone strikes target militants, although casualty figures show that Pakistani civilians are often the victims of the murderous non-UN-sanctioned attacks.

Former US Treasury Official - US Financial System To Collapse

I can point out three giant bubbles that threaten the remains of the American economy ... When these bubbles pop, the consequence is obvious:  The wipeout of the remaining wealth from bond and stock collapses, and a very strong domestic inflation from the rise in the import prices.”

... It is frightening, and it shows the extent to which the economic policy of the United States is misused in support of four or five big banks that are ‘too big to fail’ ... We now have one bank, JP Morgan, which has derivative exposure equal to the (entire) world’s GDP.... 

An Orwellian America

By Gordon T Long: As a young man, I voraciously read George Orwell’s “1984”,  Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and Alvin Toffler's trilogy which included "Future Shock"', "The Third Wave" and "Power Shift". During the era of the Vietnam War, I wondered seriously about the future and how it was destined to unfold. Now being considerably older, I have the vantage point to reflect back on my early ruminations and expectations. Unfortunately, I am too old to alter the lessons that are now so painfully obvious. Instead, I pass the gauntlet to those who can understand and take action on what I have unavoidably come to expect for America.

I recently read a perceptive paper by Chris Hedges that would have made any English Professor envious, powerfully philosophical but not something an Economics department would pay much attention to. I found it both intriguing and enlightening.

DARPA-funded V-Bat drone will be flying over the United States in the near future + Future Drone Can Snatch You Up Like an Eagle

Madison Ruppert: The V-Bat drone, funded by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), could very well be flying over the United States soon due relatively low asking price and features which some of the many domestic drone operators would likely find quite appealing.
This particular drone will be available for only $350,000, according to Slate, which would likely make it attractive to the countless entities already allowed by the FAA to fly drones in the United States.
“Kitted out with high-res cameras and laser sensors, the drone is designed to be used for everything from urban surveillance to wildlife monitoring,” according to Slate.
The V-Bat, sold by MLB Company, is capable of vertical takeoff and hovering, flying like a normal drone up to 15,000 feet high and flying at 90 knots for up to 10 hours.
Even more notable, however, is the fact that the V-Bat is capable of precision autonomous delivery and placement of payload.”

Erdogan A Slave Of The Zio USA - Metin in Antakya

Morris: Turkey was always Zionist. Sometimes there is a show of hostility to Israel, but it is just a show. Israel buys Turkish entities cheaply, like sea ports etc. Erdogan became president by plan. It was a CIA coup d'etat. (part 1 of 2) Source

Teri Buhl Tells Max Keiser New Details About SEC’s Sham Action Against SAC’s Stevie Cohen

By : Independent investigative reporter Teri Buhl talked to Max Keiser and Stacie Herbert about what she found out about the SEC’s insider trading fine of Stevie Cohen. Ms. Buhl told Keiser that Cohen had told his investors that he knew it looked bad, but not to worry, that he would pay the fine out of his personal wealth. She reported that the SEC fine of $600 million is just 6% of his net worth. The money will go to the US Treasury, not to the investors who were damaged.

Ban on Iranian media now extending to journalists + Obama to Appease Israel with Iran Strike Plan Ahead of Visit

UK and Europe zionist BANNED Press TV: The EU's decision to impose individual sanctions on two Press TV members is sure to hurt the West's credibility on issues of free speech. Many wonder just how far (we/our faux governments) the West is prepared to go in their campaign of censorship and intimidation. Ramin Mazaheri reports from Paris.

Israeli Apartheid Week held in 215 cities throughout the world + The acting Palestinian Authority chief in Russia

Western zionist controlled media BANNED Press TV: An annual event for Israel Apartheid week was held in the Center of Peace in Bethlehem's Nativity Square. The event was open to the public and attracted visitors from around the world.