17 Mar 2013

New History of Humanity part 2 - "Earth is a dangerous place"

CYPRUS CRISIS: Markets predicting huge euro sell-off

Cyprus is a tiny island at the centre of a three-dimensional chess game
‘[Cypus Finance Minister] Michael Sarris said the Cypriot Parliament would adopt the taxes over the weekend and the money would be extracted from accounts before banks take up business Tuesday. Monday is a public holiday.’

(Market-Ticker on the Cyriot bank bailout)

‘….as FX markets open, it appears EURJPY is getting hammered (from 124.47 close to 121.6) implying S&P futures will open down around 30 points…..’

(Zero Hedge)

The burglars came at dead of night/ Seven percent they stole, no right/ to steal one day to stop the run/ and give the wolf gang lots more fun

The Slog

It looks like those the Gods wish to destroy have rendered them mad. But don’t be too hasty in deciding: I still believe that there is some method in this particular case of madness. The pernicious EU persuasion machine is still working at full tilt. Take the latest burst of salted media stories over the last 36 hours in relation to Beppo Grillo’s Five Star movement that resulted in 136 new Italian Deputies under his banner after the last election.

The "Cyprus Fiasco" Bound To Occur In The United States! + The End Of Sovereign America

H is for Haircut...Tyler Durden's picture As has been assiduously explained by members of the European statist oligarchy, the reason for the deposit tax levy, (aka bankster theft) in addition to the broader unsecured debt "bail-in" bailout of Cyprus, was due to the unique funding structure of Cypriot banks, in which the bulk of funding was actually in the form of deposits (whether Russian or domestic), leaving a tiny €2 billion in the form of junior bonds. Since the bailout would require realigning the balance sheet to a new, sustainable "fresh start" in which assets were remarked to a realistic value, it would mean impairing liabilities all the way down the capital structure. Naturally, politics played a big part in the decision to impair what Germany primarily saw as a Russian money-laundering haven, while local depositors were merely "collateral damage."

Cyprus Parliament Delays Bailout Vote, Bank Holiday Extended to Tues, President's Good News, Banks Will Finally Collapse When Not Passed + The Cyprus Deal is Already Under Threat (Of Course)

The Doc: In his interview with The Doc last week, Jim Willie stated that THE COLLAPSE IS ON OUR DOORSTEP! and made the case that the great financial reset will begin with a small trigger in Europe. The Cypriot depositor haircut to bailout the Cypriot banking system is beginning to look like it could be just that trigger, as the situation has turned from bad to worse.
With the general public in an uproar, the ratification vote by the Cypriot Parliament on the depositor haircut/ daylight robbery has been delayed until 4pm local time Monday as the vote reportedly had lost sufficient support to pass!  Ahead of today’s scheduled vote, the plan was 9 votes short in a 56 seat legislature!
In response,
Cypriot Bankster Shill President Nicos Anastasiades threatened that if the depositor haircut is not passed, the entire Cypriot banking system will collapse, and former Central Bankster President Afxentis Afxentiou fear-mongered that if the bill is not passed, Cyprus opens the road to chaos, and that Cyprus will turn into Libya!

As Bloomberg reports, the Cypriot depositor haircut plan is at least 9 votes short in a 56 seat legislature!

Guinness Made In Dublin Brings You "Fluoride" To Help Sheeple Lower Their I.Q. And Fertility

I can confirm that the water supply used to make Guinness, as with most of south Dublin, is the public water supply coming from the Poulaphouca reservoir and we do not further filter this water. There is a regulation (EC) No 1925/2006 on the addition of vitamins and minerals to foods which, among other things, prohibits addition of vitamins and minerals (such as fluoride) to alcoholic beverages. The authorities are aware that most food producers in this country use the public water supply which is required by law to be fluoridated thus many food products will have fluoride from the water. This does not amount to the addition of the mineral to the food.” Said traitor shill Jen Gordon Diageo of Consumer Relations.  Adding of flouride to water supplies has been banned throughout most EU jurisdictions.The industrial grade chemical added to our water supply , known as Hydrofluorosilicic acid, contains not just the requisite fluoride ion, but also varying quantities of mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium and beryllium. The Irish public have never once been informed of the side effects of fluoride. The Department of Health have admitted that over-exposure to fluoride causes dental fluorosis; a sign that the body has become saturated with fluoride. If fluoride can do this to teeth, it raises serious concerns as to what it is doing to the rest of the body.

The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery by Financial Terrorists + EU Steals Nations Private Bank Accounts: Starts EU Wide Bank Runs

The artist taxi driver

Cyprus Parliament To Delay "Rescue" Vote Due To Lack Of Support, Despite ECB Pressure For Pre-Trade Open Decision

Tyler Durden's picture The painfully shortsighted Cyprus bail-out, pardon bail-in (also known as wealth tax to those who are actually doing the in-bailing), plan is going from bad to worse. Because in addition to all the previously discussed macro-implications, all of which are adverse and have the full potential of destabilizing the Eurozone once more and lead to bank runs across not only the periphery but the core as well, especially by offshore (read Russian) depositors, there is now a risk that the entire hurriedly-cobbled together "plan" may be on the verge of failure as it may not get a majority vote in domestic ratification.
Today, at 4pm local (2pm GMT) the Cypriot parliament was scheduled to meet to vote through and ratify the tax levy plan, presented as a fait accompli at least by the Eurozone FinMins. A few hours ago, this meeting was delayed until 4 pm local on Monday "after signs lawmakers could block the surprise move.... (aka shock theft) If [parliament fails to ratify the bail-in], President Nicos Anastasiades has warned, Cyprus's two largest banks will collapse." And so the late hour scramble to procure enough vote to pass the depositor impairment begins as the alternative is simply "or else."

DWP's G4S/secret courts shock tactics against 'problem familes' revealed - The Slog

duncsmithIn-the-know whistle-blower gives The Slog some grisly details

IDS….”there are two chances of this scheme working…”
Twelve days ago, the Department of Work & Pensions issued a release on its website explaining how the ‘Troubled Families’ initiative would work. It all sounded terribly positive and correct, and the intentions socially honourable. On the same day, The Slog posted this piece suggesting that the results to date of the initiative were spin and wind.
Now a whistle-blower within the DWP has given The Slog details of things the Department is not talking about in the media. Subsequent enquiries made by me among private supplier contacts and participants suggest that my DWP mole’s allegations are, in all the detail given here, accurate.
After what is claimed to be a high level of success in trials, the DWP under Iain Duncan-Smith is rolling out an initiative to work with 120,000 families whose lives are ‘blighted by joblessness, single parents, crime and truancy’ nationally. The DWP site alleges that ‘ahead of expectations, local authorities reported in January [2013] that they had successfully turned around the lives of 1,675 troubled families after just nine months of the three year programme, meaning that the children in those families are regularly in school and not committing crime or adults are in work.’
Note the use of the word ‘or’ at the end there – not ‘and’. A 50% improvement is clearly being used as the criterion for ‘success’. We are also given no details of what the work/school/crime ratio was before the scheme began. But think of that merely as my innate cynicism: what I will outline below will make such nit-picking pale into significance.

For Everyone Shocked By What Just Happened... And Why This Is Just The Beginning

Tyler Durden's picture Today, lots of people woke up in shock and horror to what happened in Cyprus: a forced capital reallocation mandated by political elites under the guise of an "equity investment" in insolvent banks, which is really code for a "coercive, mandatory wealth tax." If less concerned about political correctness, one could say that what just happened was daylight robbery from savers to banks and the status quo. These same people may be even more shocked to learn that today's Cypriot "resolution" is merely the first of many such coercive interventions into personal wealth, first in Europe, and then everywhere else.
For the benefit of those people, we wish to point them to our article from September 2011, "The "Muddle Through" Has Failed: BCG Says "There May Be Only Painful Ways Out Of The Crisis", which predicted and explained all of this and much more. What else did the September BCG study conclude? Simply that such mandatory, coercive wealth tax is merely the beginning for a world in which there was some $21 trillion in excess debt as of 2009, a number which has since ballooned to over $30 trillion. And with inflation woefully late in appearing and "inflating away" said debt overhang, Europe first is finally moving to Plan B, and is using Cypriots as its Guinea Pigs.

Saxo Bank CEO: "This Is Full-Blown Socialism And I Still Can't Believe It Happened"

Authored by Lars Seier Christensen, CEO Saxo Bank: It is difficult to describe the weekend bailout debt package to dumped on Cyprus in any other way. The confiscation theft of 6.75 percent of small depositors' money and 9.9 percent of big depositors' funds is without precedence that I can think of in a supposedly civilised and democratic society. But maybe the European Union (EU) is no longer a civilised democracy?
I heard rumours about this when I visited Limassol last week, but dismissed them as completely outlandish. And yet, here we are. The consequences are unpredictable, but we are clearly looking at a significant paradigm shift.
This is a breach of fundamental property rights, dictated to a small country by foreign powers and it must make every bank depositor in Europe shiver.

One Of The Most Important Events In History & Gold - Jim Sinclair

Now, there is one leader in the world that would be very dangerous to challenge and that is Putin of Russia....

What’s just happened is the IMF has backed up, lauded, supported, and publicized, as if it were a victory, the taking of 10% of what really turns out to be 80% of Russianblack money.’  Russianblack moneyis KGB money, now in business.  The leader of Russia (Putin) was a former KGB official.  Whose money do you think they have taken?  This is the biggest mistake the IMF could possibly have ever made.” Full story KWN

Hatay The Sea Port For a Zio Kurdistan, Erdogan's revenge +

Morris: Kurdistan is unfolding as having Zionist support. Kurdistan needs access to the Sea. Erdogan has allowed over 20 kilometres of Beach (to Syria) to be bought up. Says Metin In Antakya. Source