27 Mar 2013

Thorsten Polleit on the gold standard that never was

GoldMoneyNews: Professor Thorsten Polleit, whom recently founded Polleit & Riechert, an investment management company, is an economist who specialises in the Austrian School of Economics

Laiki Bank: Some Depositors Are More Equal Than Others + Why the British Banking Industry has become identical with an Organised Criminal Enterprise. Part 3 + Egan-Jones Downgrades UK From AA- To A+

Raül Ilargi Meijer: Yeah, some things in life are inevitable. That's why it was no surprise, though still endlessly amusing, to find that while depositors of Laiki Bank (aka Cyprus Popular Bank) on the island itself have been unable to get to their money for 10 days now, Laiki's 4 branches in the UK have all that time simply remained open for business.
Which also means that richer clients in Cyprus will lose between 40% and 100% of their savings above €100,000, unless they were smart enough to fly to Britain in time and transfer it all to another bank.

'Banks only beneficiary of EU austerity plans'

Press TV: Belt-tightening policies coming out of Brussels and so-called European parliaments are meant to benefit the banks not the people. The comment comes as a bailout deal between Nicosia and the troika of lenders namely the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU) has drawn criticism from the speaker of the Cypriot parliament.
People in Cyprus also took to the streets to protest the bankster robbery. The protesters gathered outside the parliament in the capital Nicosia. Cypriot protesters denounced  the TROIKA banksters (EU, ECB), the International Money Fraudsters (IMF) and
their ineffective government.

When Is A Euro Not A Euro + CYPRUS: Now 1938 really is here again

Unbelievable: just as after Munich in 1938, the mobsters decide to take the whole lot.
Surely now the time has come to stop these maniacs

The Slog: If you’ve just been to Zero Hedge, you’ll know this already, but we are witnessing a full-on time warp in relation to the real nature of the Cypriot bank ‘deal’. On the verge of writing a piece called ‘This year’s solution is a cert for next year’s problem’, I was alerted to a new Tyler Durden piece at ZH.

This is the gist: you will recall I broke the news from banking sources last week about how enormous the leakage of big money had been from Cyprus banks in the two days before B-am-B’s Nazis railroaded the Cypriots into a room and said “Give us the money or your banking system gets it”. You will recall also that I said I was 100% certain that the Eunatics would stifle any news about the cash exodus until the deal was over. You will probably also remember that I reported on yet more money leaving by Cyprus bank branches abroad, because the  the EC is too dumbfuck uncommercial to grasp that this was going to happen.

Are Irish people to give up their jobs and pets under new personal insolvency guidelines?

By : An opposition Irish TD has asked the government whether dogs and other pets are to be considered one mouth too many to feed and undergo a Troika ‘Final Solution’ under new personal insolvency guidelines for Irish people who cannot afford their mortgage and other debt repayments. Their troubles have arisen from the local economy being decimated by austerity, aimed at bailing out the Sovereign which got into trouble trying to prop up the private banking system. This ‘dig’ at the the Taoiseach stemmed from confusion in government press statements as to whether people will be asked to give up their jobs if childcare costs are too high. Varadkar says childcare costs will be considered in some insolvency deals.

THE PAEDOFILE: Downing Street accused of ‘gagging’ victim support groups

All Quiet on the Rocks Lane team as more history of blatant cover-up emerges
The Slog: Recently, a paedophilia victims support group was raided by police, and evidence removed. This morning, Downing Street stands accused of restricting funds to help people sexually abused as children. The plan seems to be to starve the outers of the money they need to blow the whistle on a long-standing and appalling history of cover-up at the highest levels of government.

Just how long this history is becomes apparent when reading accounts like that of former Met cop, Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll. Way back in the nineties, Driscoll was given the task of finding out who the ­paedophiles were preying on kids in Lambeth Council childrens’ homes.
However, his superiors quickly decided they didn’t like the names he came up with. He was summarily removed from the case and put on disciplinary charges. His crime was revealing the names of ­politicians among the suspects. And at least one of those was rather too close to the police for comfort.

Guccifer emails link Tony Blair to top-secret Bohemian Grove gathering

Former British prime minister Tony Blair (AFP Photo / Carl Court)
RT: Attending the elusive Bohemian Grove retreat should be a priority for former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, News Corp executive Andrew Knight allegedly writes in an email to US Gen. Colin Powell obtained by RT.
The mysterious computer hacker known only as Guccifer has once again supplied RT with a trove of presumed personal emails in which the private correspondence between some of the world’s most influential men is put under the looking glass. The hacker’s target is once again former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and this time the discourse dives into a topic rarely discussed: the annual summer retreat at California’s Bohemian Grove.
Guccifer has previously taken credit for hacking Gen. Powell’s Facebook, compromising what are believed to be sensitive emails sent to former-President George W. Bush and even uncovering emails about last year’s Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack allegedly sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the latest leaked emails sent to RT, Guccifer showcases a number of emails reportedly sent to Colin Powell’s AOL account during the last few years.

Cyprus Wealth Grab: The BIG TELL!

By AGXIIK: I call this THE BIG TELL If you play Texas Hold’em, you know what big stack, small stack, tells, reading the cards and going ‘all in’ means. We, the people, are in the BIG GAME.  This is the one where you get to play for the entire stack, or nothing, depending on your skills. It’s a winner-takes-all game.
The evil Troika banks, their ghouls, Bernanke, LeGard, Draghi and Merkel the Merciless are dead set on making an example of Cyprus. This is not about the debts owed or the bankrupt banks. It’s about control, controlling the table,  going ‘all in’ with a policy of scorched earth and making an example of Cyprus so the PIIGS get the message that they are next.  This ‘all in’ message was a warning shot across the bows of the middle stacked plays like Spain and Italy.  You are next!  We plan to take your stack, your deposits, your pensions, even your livelihoods and lives, and send you to the rail.  Get ready.

This Is How A Country Ends: Not With A Bang, But A Bailout

Tyler Durden's picture Curious how in the New Normal a nation is brought to its untimely end without a single shot being fired? Dimos Dimosthenous, who has worked at the Bank of Cyprus for over 30 years, explains:
"That will be the end. Our jobs, our rights, our welfare funds will be lost and Cyprus will be destroyed."
In short: not with a bang, but a bailout. 
... But at least it still has the symbol for all that is wrong with the broke(n) status quo: the
First, however, much more pain, because as Cyprus' FinMin Sarris said a short while ago, uninsured depositors in the second largest bank Laiki which is now pending lqiuidation, may lose 80% (read 100%... or more), and wait up to seven years for a payout. Of course, with the majority of the "evil, tax-evading Russians" long gone having used the chaos and assorted loopholes in the past week to get out of Dodge, the only people punished are assorted local hard workers, and domestic businesses, now set to liquidate as soon as they can afford the bankruptcy filing fee.

Ted Nugent Unleashed: We're in A Culture War

AJ: "Piers Morgan is a brain dead soulless punk!" Says legendary guitarist and devoted NRA supporter Ted Nugent. "Charlton Heston is El Cid, dead, strapped to a horse and terrifying the enemy!" Says Alex in discussing firearm phobe Jim Carrey's anti-Second Amendment music video

WWIII Coming to a Place Near You Soon

Morris: We have been in WWIII for two decades already. When will it stop. Most people do not realize that as soon as the Cold (World) War stopped, The Hot (World) War began.

Big Oil Runs the World, Hateful Tweeter vs. Anti-War Leader, Truth about Bohemian Grove

breakingtheset: Abby Martin talks to investigative journalist, Greg Palast, about US interests in a post-Chavez Venezuela, and how 'Big Oil' could shape future policy. Abby then calls out Todd Kincannon for his hateful tweets about an Iraq war veteran as well as his history of racist, sexist and bigoted rhetoric stemming back to his directorship of the South Carolina GOP, Abby then highlights the victim of the hateful twitter tirade, Michael Prysner, Iraq war veteran and anti-war activist, for his steadfast courage to expose the truth about US imperialism and war.