6 Apr 2013

Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie - Morris

Morris: Themes are: We are told lies in order to control us. Breaking up genetic connections. Romanticising Heritage while we destroy it. The Real Reasons for Attacking Islam - Russia responds to the Korean crisis by sending navy ships from the Pacific to the Med. Source

Blockbuster Lawsuit: Whistleblower "Reuters Releases Data Early to HFT Clients!"

Michael Krieger: Very interesting, but unsurprising, allegations have surfaced in a lawsuit brought forth by former Thomson-Reuters employee Mark Rosenblum that alleges the company released sensitive economic data early to HFT (high frequency trading) clients.  Now this should come as no shock to anyone, considering it has become crystal clear that the entire economy is essentially simply one giant oligarch-run fraud that is designed to take the wealth and labor of 99.9% and funnel it all up to them.  This realization is a large drive behind the recent success of Bitcoin, as people are simply desperate to get free of the parasitic banking system at all costs.  From Reuters:
In the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in Manhattan federal court, Mark Rosenblum said he was terminated after telling U.S. authorities that the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers was released at different times to different subscribers.

The BBC, A 'Financial Narcissism' Shill - Max Keiser with Simon Rose

Financial Apartheid: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss concern trolling the gold market and George Osborne threatening the working class with a cut in the minimum wage. They wonder aloud whether or not it was too much debt or too much working class income that caused the UK and global economies to collapse. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Simon Rose of SaveOurSavers.co.uk about the 'Nicosian beheading' of UK savings that has been confiscated through quantitative easing by the Bank of England. Source

Surviving 'Collateral Murder': Soldier relives infamous WikiLeaks video + "What America Was And Turned Into!" - Angry American Lady (Voice Over)

Morris: Wrong, wrong wrong. Its all wrong; what the heck happened to the American dream???
I remember when we would actually like to go to the airport to take a trip. The experience was fun and inviting. Does anyone remember the dressing up? Oh and the service we received!!! That was long ago when we were important. Yes "we" were considered valuable cogs in the huge machine called America.

Portugal court strikes down TROIKA’s austerity measures as unconstitutional

By Bloomberg News: Portugal’s highest court on Friday blocked some of the government’s planned cuts in payments to state workers and pensioners for a second time, delivering a setback to Lisbon’s austerity strategy under a $101 billion international bailout

The Constitutional Court last year stopped the government from withholding the equivalent of two monthly salary payments to state workers this year and in 2014. In response, the government withheld only one of the two payments it planned to cut this year, and in October it announced other measures, including $4.8 billion in tax increases, to meet the 2013 deficit target.

The plan to withhold the payments included a violation of the principle of equality and the principle of fair distribution of the public burden,”

Gulag USA: Rancho Mirage, California considering the strictest anti-drone ordinance in the US

By Madison Ruppert: The Rancho Mirage City Council could pass an ordinance that would be by far most restrictive of any in the United States, even banning the use of recreational drones in residential areas.
If passed, Rancho Mirage, California would join Charlottesville, Virginia and Seattle, Washington in restricting drone use along with the some 30 states considering anti-drone legislation.
There has even been talk of anti-drone action at the federal level, all in an attempt to push back against the massive rise of drone use in the United States by countless entities both public (ranging from US Marshals to law enforcement to the National Guard to the Department of Homeland Security to the military and more) and private (from potential use by media outlets to colleges and universities to commercial operators of all kinds).
While the vote on the proposal was delayed, according to My Desert, it is still quite noteworthy due to its highly unusual focus on the use of drones over residential neighborhoods.

The twelve dominoes of Crashmas - Why the eurozone’s capital incontinence is the beginning of the end

The eurozone ‘is haemorrhaging investment– Brussels source
Capital outflow from eurozone especially pernicious – UBS analysts

The Slog: In trying to calm nerves, the ECB’s denial of Cyprus Template Syndrome is acting as a confirmation of what unofficial but well-informed sources already know: the investment seeds the eurozone so desperately needs for recovery have been blown far, far away by the hurricane of mistrust following the EC’s Cyprus energy grab. Not only is this going to get worse, it has ensured that the first domino of disaster is about to hit the second. The timescale remains, as ever, uncertain: but its duration just got decimated. The Slog analyses the ‘unforeseen consequences’ of depositor theft.
Mario ‘No Shadow’ Draghi arose from his coffin last Thursday afternoon for a grudging attempt at eurozone damage limitation.
“Cyprus is no template, Cyprus is no turning point in euro area policy,” said Mr Draghi. “I am absolutely sure that the chairman of the Eurogroup has been misunderstood.” He was of course referring to Dutch stream of consonants Jeroen Djisselbloem’s blasé agreement with the concept of stealing our money going forward. It had all been a terrible mistake, allegedly: there would be No More Nicosias, watch my lips.

The new renaissance: how Bitcoin millionaires will change the world

By Adam B. Levine: Despite the stratospheric increase in price and lacking a major disruptive event, Bitcoin is not in a bubble.  Let me explain.
Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself writing about topics relating to Bitcoin quite frequently.  You’ve probably noticed this phenomenon in the news yourself. 
As the value goes up, heads start to swivel and skeptics begin to soften.  Starting a new currency is easy, anyone can do it. The trick is getting people to accept it, because it is their use that gives the “money” value.
Listen to Adam read this article below:

Every person and business that is willing to trade some good or service in exchange for “money” increases the usefulness of every other unit of that currency in peoples’ pockets.  But why would someone want to use Bitcoins over dollars?

More divisible
You can send someone .000000001 of a bitcoin if you wanted to, try that with a dollar.
Very low fees
…which actually go to finance infrastructure.

Bitcoin Boom: Is This the New Safe Haven? + How vulnerable is Bitcoin payment processor BitPay?

Bloomberg: Convergex Group Chief market Strategist Nick Colas discusses the future for Bitcoin.

HOW STUPID ARE HUMANS 'Maximus Shitus Densorium' - FKN Newz

'Gulliballis Rapacious Inslavementosis'
Deek Jackson

Pig tusks as money - SilverFuturist - Piggy Bank

A lesson in what becomes money: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--Ogr1...

USA Now Taking Children of Veterans and Pot Smokers!

AJ: The state wants your children: They always have. Source