14 Apr 2013

Ex-Soros Advisor Sells "Almost All" Japan Holdings, Shorts Bonds; Sees Market Crash, Default And Hyperinflation

Japan’s finance is sinking into the ocean,” Fujimaki said. “There’s no escape from a market crash in the future when you have such enormous debt.”
And the punchline:
By expanding the monetary base to 270 trillion yen, the BOJ is making a huge bet which I think it will ultimately lose,” 
Previously, we have pointed out why Japan's attempt at reincarnating its economy, geared solely at generating a stock market-based "wealth effect", and far less focused on boosting the country's trade surplus or current account, is doomed to failure, namely due the drastically lower equity participation by the general population and financial institutions in the country's stock market. Sure, foreign investors will come and go renting each rally for a period of time, but unless the local population participates in the "reflation attempt" (which has already sent the price of luxury goods, energy and food through the rood), or in other words change the behavioral patterns of two generations of Japanese in under two years, the inflationary shock will simply leads to a loss of faith in the government and ultimately Abe's second untimely demise. Not surprisingly, 4 months after Japan set off on the most ludicrous economic experiment in history, and one week after the BOJ announced its plans to double its balance sheet, Abe's approval rating has already begun sliding with a poll by Asahi just reporting that popular support of Abe's cabinet is already down to 60%, down from 71% a month ago.
The reflationary reality has finally started to get official recognition with the very Goldman Sachs (who like in Europe and the US is behind this epic experiment in hidden taxation of consumers) asking how popular inflation would be in Japan, and answers:

"Exiting The Euro Is A Debate We Must Have" - Cypriots vs the NWO!!! + Cypriot passports for major account holders who suffered haircut

Tyler Durden's picture Last week we laid out the apparent 'blueprint' from the EU Commission for every other country with a banking system in which non-performing loans are soaring. With Mario Draghi's patsy in place at the Cypriot Central Bank, happy to hand over the nation's gold at the beck-and-call of the EU leaders - despite the Cypriot President's disgust at the 'coercion' of the new deal chiding the central bank for "catching the government by surprise," it now seems, as this Cyprus Mail op-ed explains, that the people of this nation are ready for change - real change, , otherwise, "we may wake up one morning and find the country has completely shut down, crushed under the weight of its mounting, unserviceable debts with no banks, businesses or services able to operate."

Via The Cyprus Mail,

Every day seems to bring another piece of bad news regarding the state of economy, which has been in free-fall and has yet to hit the bottom. Since the first Eurogroup meeting of March 15, the situation has become worse by the day and there seems to be no end in sight. We may wake up one morning and find the country has completely shut down, crushed under the weight of its mounting, unserviceable debts with no banks, businesses or services able to operate.

Orwellian "Snoopers’ Charter” to allow monitoring of ALL emails, phone and internet use by many 'Jobsworth' entities in UK

By Madison Ruppert: While it was previously thought that only intelligence, police and tax agencies in the United Kingdom would be able to peer into the private lives of citizens under the so-called “Snoopers’ Charter,” it is now being reported that dozens of public entities could have the same access.
This situation seems quite a bit like the proposed legislation in the United States known as CISPA where a massive number of entities have access to highly personal information. Similarly, as End the Lie recently reported, under the Next Generation Identification program many entities (including non-governmental ones) would have access to private biometric information.
Even giving such wide ranging access to personal information to “the taxman,” as the Telegraph put it, under the Communication Data Act seems absurd. It seems a great deal like how the American IRS claims the authority to read emails and other electronic communications without a warrant.
The proposed legislation ran into a lot of opposition last year with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg saying a “fundamental rethink” was needed but with the support of powerful individuals it has made a return.
Under the Communications Data Act, all internet service providers would be forced to keep all records of the online activities of their customers for 12 months.
These records would include every single email, every posting on any social networking site or other forum and even all video or telephone calls made over the internet.

Funeral in Britain: A nation bound by dissension and gagged by conformity.

The debate following Baroness Thatcher’s death has been a monochromatic movie shot in Lookbackroscope
thatchmonopaintThe Slog: Britain stands today a nation united in celebratory mourning. Slowly – yet with superficially profound dignity – it is coming to terms with the death of its greatest She-Devil Fairy Monster Blessed Saviour: displaying here lachrymose canonisation, and there synchronised grave-dancing, we have today the entire rainbow of multicultural suspension on view. So affectionately vitriolic has newspaper blog debate been, all comment threads have now been locked away under the thirty ninety year rule, thus entering an exclusion zone: for as they say in Argentina, Thatcher is from Falklands, and Kirschner from Malvenas.
A gentle abolitionist of opposition, Margaret Hilda Lolita Dragon Thatcher was varietally honest – charming or toppling military dictators, one minute vilifying unfortunate Russians with birthmarks, the next fluttering her fire-siren eyes at Hollywood hasbeens. The unbending Iron despot and really rather coquettish ankle-flasher was as much at home chopping the legs off Yorkshire Stalinists with silly haircuts and Peter Sellers syntax as she was getting up the Monarch’s nose or Murdoch’s backside. Even-handed to the end, Maggie Hatchet Bouffant Charmgrind followed the blind path of every visionary: all for one son called Mark, and one for all of us paying a Poll tax. She leaves behind her a Nation purged of Union fascists and prone to banking sociopaths. Britain was changed forever and yet, by travelling on a long and expensive journey right round the Circle Line, able to arrive back exactly where it had started. This is, surely, what made her the archetypal, all-time great British leader.
And it is also perhaps why we have been subjected – all fucking week – to a non-stop cacophony of backwards-looking hate: for this too is what binds us asunder as a nation in 2013:

Misandrist Does Donglegate: Why the Tech Community Hates Feminists with Tiny Issues - by Clueless Feminazi Rated PhD

By Alice Marwick: It was the tweet that launched a thousand trolls. When Adria Richards tweeted out a picture of two men she overheard making sexual jokes behind her during open-source conference PyCon, the internet erupted.
Much has already been discussed about the “Donglegate” incident, from how everyone lost (both were fired) and what Richards should have done instead, to the very dangers of asking what could have been done differently at all. The resulting brouhaha is the kind of zeitgeisty moment that only happens when inflammatory topics combine: sexism in tech, social shaming, and the potential of social media to generate intense and unwanted publicity.
Rather than attempting to discern whether Richards was in the right or the wrong, I’ve been thinking about why the issue blew up and what it reveals. Because it’s far from the first time this kind of thing has happened. The Richards incident and resulting backlash not only reveals the lack of diversity and presence of misogyny in tech culture, but the myth of meritocracy and the growing belief in “misandry” online.

War Criminal Margaret Thatcher's Legacy - Bankster Paradise Britain

George Galloway and Angela Smith attack Margaret Thatchers legacy of turning the UK into a bankster paradise basket case that can only survive on zero interest rates and copious amounts of 'fiat' money printing. George Galloway in particular carries on his tyrade against war criminal Thatcher.

Record stampede by the dumbest money in gold: GLD holdings plunge

Adam Hamilton: Gold has faced stiff headwinds lately as investors abandon alternative investments to chase record-high stock markets.  Probably the most significant has been the major selling hammering the flagship GLD gold ETF.  It has suffered such intense differential selling pressure that its custodians have been forced to dump enormous quantities of physical gold.  What are the implications of this flood of new supply?

The amount of gold bullion GLD has hemorrhaged recently is amazing.  To put it into perspective, earlier this week the rumor that embattled Cyprus may be forced to sell its official gold reserves made news.  The Cypriot government owns 13.9 metric tons of gold.  But on a single trading day alone in February’s gold capitulation, GLD had to sell 20.8 tonnes!  The supply recently added by GLD dwarfs everything else.

Mike Maloney: Today's Low Gold & Silver Prices Are Not Realistic

ChrisMartenson: During this very tumuluous week for precious metals prices, Chris sat down with Mike Maloney, founder and owner of GoldSilver.com, one of the world's largest bullion dealers.

Mike is a true scholar of monetary history. His reasons for getting into the bullion business have their roots in a very predictable cycle that has happened time and again over the centuries (more accurately: millennia): 1. A new monetary system is introduced, based on sound money (most commonly, using gold and/or silver)

The Power to Create Money - Sound Money Campaign

10% of US Silver Supply Slides into the World's Largest Hole

By : Interesting to observe just as US Silver Eagle sales hit record levels and 10% of US silver supply goes offline for the foreseeable future the COMEX market sells the silver price down by 6%. Because we all know that when you have record demand and a significant unexpected loss of supply of a commodity that the price of that commodity in the future markets will decline....WTF?

From kennecott.com

Link to press release
South Jordan, Utah (April 11, 2013) - Kennecott Utah Copper’s Bingham Canyon Mine experienced a slide along a geotechnical fault-line of its northeastern wall at 9:30 p.m. MDT April 10, 2013. Monitoring systems identified the event as a single slide that failed progressively.
All employees are safe and accounted for. Rio Tinto’s Kennecott Utah Copper wants to publicly thank them for their efforts and cooperation.

The magnitude of the impact from the slide is unknown at this point. Experts are assessing the site remotely. Once it has been established that it is safe to send people into the mine for closer assessment next response steps will be determined.

Six Reasons Why Chinese People Will Drive the Next Bull Market in Bitcoin

Bitcoin-illoGwynn Guilford: Whatever the case against Bitcoin as an alternative currency, there's one country where people probably won't need much persuading to join the craze. Here's why China could drive a further bit-boom:

1. They 've already done the whole virtual currency thing — with Q Coin.

Or at least 100 million of them did. Back in the mid-2000s, internet company Tencent launched Q Coins, virtual currency with which users could buy items for their avatars. Tencent accepted points won by online gamers in exchange for Q Coins, making it a virtual central banker of sorts since it was issuing Q Coins without hard-currency backing. And users started exchanging Q Coins among themselves, and since they were untraceable by the Chinese government, Q Coins began being used for black market transactions. Eventually Q Coin trading volume hit several billions of yuan per year, rising at 15-20% annually. China 's central bank worried that Q Coins could be used to launder money and to inflate asset bubbles. The government eventually cracked down, banning, among other things, the exchange of "virtual currency" between user accounts.

2. As a medium of exchange, bitcoin could help Chinese people evade currency controls.

'US CIA carries out false flag attacks in Syria' + 'Syrians ready to defend Assad Govt'

The So Called Free Syrian Army is actually a subsidiary of the CIA and they want to destroy Syria and it is obvious they do not care for the Syrians.

This is while the United States has updated its military options for a direct intervention in Syria to aid the militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.