15 Apr 2013

N Korea Is Not About Military Conflict - Christof Lehmann vs Lame Stream Media

Morris: The west wants reunification with foreign companies repatriating profits and multiculturalism!

Silver down 12% so no war and cheap oil?

The one reason why gold’s sell-off doesn’t matter…

Somewhere, Paul Krugman is smiling.
The Nobel Prize winning economist, whose brilliant ideas include:
  • spending your way out of recession
  • borrowing your way out of debt
  • conjuring unprecedented amounts of currency out of thin air without consequence
  • staging a false flag alien invasion of planet Earth
Goldis perhaps most famous in certain circles for calling gold a “barbarous relic“. He also recently suggested that Europe’s failing euro monetary union is the modern day equivalent of the gold standard. I’m told he was completely sober when he said this.
Of course, Krugman is smiling right now because he thinks that he’s been proven right. Gold’s massive sell-off over the last few days has shaved over $200 from the metal’s nominal price… a steep move any way you look at it.
And as Krugman has been saying, ‘gold is not a safe investment.’ But that’s because he fails to understand the fundamental premise of gold.
Gold is, in fact, a terrible investment. It’s an even worse speculation. But let’s look at what those actually mean–

Gold Drops Most In 30 Years "Historical Selling Climax"

Tyler Durden's picture Previously, levered hedge funds were forced to sell gold on stock margin calls. How long until today's gold plunge, the largest 2-day drop in the past 30 years, forces funds to start selling stocks to meet margin clerks vocal demands some time around 2pm today?
John Bougearel of Structural Logic chimes in:

Today is the largest one day decline from the previous day's close @ -9.6%. Volume is already north of 530,000 - another record with another 6 hours of electronic trade to go.   There have been three rounds of liquidations. The first round was the Asian liquidation that ended at 9 am. The second round was the European liquidation that ended at 5 am. They are spaced 8 hours apart. At this rate, the US liquidation phase won't be complete until the London closing at 1230 pm CST, at least this is what that behavioral model suggests. You are witnessing an historical selling climax folks.

Marc Faber "I love the Fact that Gold is Finally Breaking Down"; Gold vs. Apple; Patience, Gold, Japan

Marc Faber loves that gold is finally breaking down. The reason is not to gloat, or a prediction. Rather "gold will offer an excellent buying opportunity".
Link to video Faber: Gold Isn't Down as Much as Apple.

Marc Faber on Bloomberg TV on the Fall in Gold Prices
"I love the markets. I love the fact that gold is finally breaking down. That will offer an excellent buying opportunity. I would just like to make one comment. At the moment, a lot of people are knocking gold down. But if we look at the records, we are now down 21% from the September 2011 high. Apple is down 39% from last year's high. At the same time, the S&P is at about not even up 1% from the peak in October 2007. Over the same period of time, even after today's correction gold is up 100%. The S&P is up 2% over the March 2000 high. Gold is up 442%. So I am happy we have a sell-off that will lead to a major low. It could be at $1400, it could be today at $1300, but I think that the bull market in gold is not completed."
"$1300. Nobody knows for sure but I think the fundamentals for gold are still intact. I would like to make one additional comment. Today we have commodities breaking down including gold. At the same time we have bonds rallying very strongly. If you stand aside and you look at these two events, it would suggest that they are strongly deflationary pressures in the system. If that was the case, I wouldn't buy stocks or sovereign bonds because the stock market would be hit by disappointing profits if there was a deflationary environment."

"Apartheid Israel Worse Than South Africa" - Anti-Israel movement arrives in US from Europe

Marjan Asi: A number of Israeli companies continue to operate illegally in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Now, a movement to boycott the products made by these companies is expanding from Europe to the United States.

George Galloway continues to opine 'Margaret Thatcher Destroyed Britain'

George Galloway showing no 'respect' for war criminal 'Margaret Thatcher The Milk Snatcher', responsible for the collapse of UK industries and society. Goes on to expose the British Brainwashing Crapola's (aka BBC) superficiality.

Minimum wage? Maximum Wage!!! + Cameron, Clegg and Miliband's School Days

The artist taxi driver

Gold, Silver In Asian Liquidation Mode As China Growth Slows More

Tyler Durden's picture UPDATE: Spot Gold $1426 (from $1564 highs Friday) As Asia opens to the bloodbath that occurred in precious metals on Friday in the US, it would appear that more than a few traders got the 'tap on the shoulder'. Shanghai futures are limit-down and spot gold and silver prices are plunging once again as we suspect forced margin-calls and the raising of cash (to cover extreme variation margin - or capital reserves) needed in JGB positions, as we explained here. Liquidation is certainly the theme of the evening - investors are selling JGBs (6th day in a row of multiple-sigma moves in long-dated Japanese bonds 30Y +56bps off its post-BoJ lows at 1.60%!), selling Japanese stocks (Nikkei -128 pts, second biggest down day post-BoJ), selling US Treasuries (futures down), selling gold and silver (gold spot down over $100 from Friday's highs), and despite selling JPY early (retracing 30% of the weakness post-BoJ), JPY is practically unchanged (jerking lower only on the US futures open and Asian equity open) - it seems Mrs.Watanabe is struggling and unwinding some her excessively short JPY and long NKY positions.
Gold down over $100 from Friday's highs...

Aussies Call For Trial of Iraq War Criminals - US Axis of Evil Leaders, Australians and Soldiers

Australians remain remorseful over what they call the war crimes committed by the US-led forces, especially Australia in Iraq which have taken many lives and displaced a lot of people. Despite anger from the public, the Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard recently stated he had no regrets in invading Iraq in 2003. Despite Mr Howard's beliefs, the US-led invasion has caused instability in the region and continuous loss of civilian lives. He made the speech as his first major address on the Iraq invasion since leaving office, yet his justification outraged protesters who have been barracking for Howard to be trialled as a war criminal.

How Monsanto Gained Power Over All 3 Branches Of the US Government + Les Miserables tells us what's in a Findus Lasagne

LeeCamp2: Monsanto has successfully made themselves invincible in each different branch of government.

Arab Countries Are Unsafe Now - Damascus Phone Call

Morris: The syrian people want to live in peace, security and stability, they will not be allowed to do so by the dark forces. Source