18 Apr 2013

Euro-Nazi-Regime: New Government Confiscation & Gold Turbulence


Globalfaction: Uk-Apache Nka Abdulwahab, formerly a well known music artist, has rerecorded the Jungle anthem 'The Original Nuttah' in a Nasheed style. 'I Was A Nuttah' explains his past and present life changes and also deals with the widespread violence and growing gang problem. It sends out a positive message to all communities world wide.

When Suckers Finally Realize - How Does This End?

governmentinsolvMonty Pelerin's World: The fleecing of the American public continues.
The theft takes different forms, but it all serves one purpose — to transfer wealth from the average Joe to the crony corporatists and their political lackeys. Here are but a few examples of how this has been accomplished:

  • Bailouts for the wealthy and well-connected are paid for by the unconnected middle class.
  • Subsidies are provided for unworkable schemes submitted by political donors and favorites. These schemes inevitably fail and the tax-payer is left holding an empty bag.
  • Laws are routinely ignored when “friends” need help. In identical circumstances, would you receive the same treatment as Jon Corzine?
  • Despite the biggest theft in world history, no one was prosecuted. The Savings and Loan crisis in the 1980s was trivial in comparison to the recent financial crisis. More than a thousand S&L executives were prosecuted.
  • Ever-increasing sacrifices in the form of higher taxes from the productive sector are demanded to continue the plush living of the ruling class.

Fascism: Drug money, big banks and Anglo-American govt. secret services

Press TV: From the opium wars to today's Afghanistan serving as the world's number one heroin hub providing well over 90% of the World's heroin under the boots of tens of thousands of US-led NATO forces.

The Colonization of Cyprus and Gold Theft in America - Max and Stacy Keiser with Ed Harrison

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss innuendo and paper causing a virtual theft of paper gold in America and a stampede into physical gold in India. They also discuss the five wise guys of Angela Merkel who plan on 'bailing in' some property owners in Spain should Spain require a sovereign bailout. In the second half of the show, they talk to Ed Harrison of CreditWritedowns.com about confiscation and German opinion on Europe. Source

Max Keiser vs Daniel Knowles on price of gold

liarpoliticians: Ex-trader and market commentator Max Keiser (of Keiser Report fame) versus economist Daniel Knowles. Max is very pro gold (physical asset that holds wealth), where Daniel is pro bits of paper that can be obliterated by a match or as it is today - by finaincial crimes such as quantitative easing. Source

How Empires Fall

Charles Hugh Smith: The imperial tree falls not because the challenges are too great but because the core of the tree has been weakened by the gradual loss of surplus, purpose, institutional effectiveness, intellectual vigor and productive investment.
Comparing the American Empire with the Roman Empire in its terminal decline is a popular intellectual parlor game. The comparison is inexact on a number of fronts, starting with the nature of empire: Rome ruled a territorial empire, while the U.S. is a hegemony that doesn't need to hold territory (other than key overseas military bases); its dominance is based on the global projection of hard and soft power, diplomacy, finance and the monetary regime of the reserve currency.
Despite the apparent difference, the two empires share the key characteristic of all enduring empires: they extract the cost of maintaining the empire from client states and/or allies.
The mechanisms differ, but the results are the same: the empire's cost is distributed to those who benefit from its secure trade routes.
Two of the key characteristics of an empire in terminal decline are complacency and intellectual sclerosis, what I have termed a failure of imagination.

Boston Blowout!!! - Believers and those who think?

Snordster: Thus far, all evidence regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line on "Patriots Day," commemorating the battles of Lexington, points at a mysterious entity suddenly becoming "aware" and moving to destroy any potential threat to its existence.

Quiet … EMPTY …Cyprus Today: A Personal Account

By Wolf Richter: Since it acceded to the EU in 2004 and the Eurozone in 2008, Cyprus has gone on a phenomenal binge with dizzying bubbles: a bank-deposit bubble goosed by foreign money and offshore “financial services,” a stock-market bubble, a massive property bubble.... Now the banks have collapsed, the offshore “financial services” have been eviscerated, the property bubble crashed, the construction sector is in ruins, as are many developments, and the stock market is down 98%!
A recently released Eurozone-wide study, conducted under the auspices of the ECB, determined that in 2010, at the cusp of the crisis, Cypriot households were the second richest in the Eurozone. Median household wealth of €266,900 was over five times higher than that of German households. Average household wealth reached a phenomenal €670,900 (that’s $872,000!), just shy of Luxembourg’s €710,100. For details and graphs on how the 17 countries stacked up, read.... Total Fiasco: Germans are the Poorest, Cypriots the Second Richest in The Eurozone
This extraordinary wealth is why everyone, including central banks and governments, loves bubbles, no matter what or how.
Until they blow up. Then the handwringing starts. Every bubble in Cyprus has blown up. And everything has changed. Just how much is in the numbers. In March, for example, new vehicle sales plunged 58.9% from last year. It parallels many other statistics. But what is Cyprus like, beyond the numbers?
So I received a long, sort-of post-apocalyptic email from one of my sources in Cyprus. He is an expat who has lived there for many years. He loves it there, and has no intention of leaving. His words said more than a thousand numbers. And I want to share the first part:

Quiet … EMPTY …

Fed and Bank of Japan caused gold crash

Commodity prices have been falling since September, culminating in a rout over the past two weeks. That is a classic warning for the global economy

German car sales fell 17pc in March. That should puncture the last illusions that Germany is about to pull Europe out of a self-inflicted slump.
As you can see from the chart below, the divergence between stock markets and the Deutsche Bank index of raw materials is astonishing to behold, so like the pattern in early 1929.
Steel has fallen 31pc this year. Brent crude is off 17pc since early February, and copper 15pc. 

You have to be careful reading too much into commodities, distorted by China. The time-honoured cycle is a surge of investment that comes on stream at once with a lag. America's shale drive has turned the gas market upside down, diverting liquefied natural gas to Europe and Asia. Copper output in Chile rose 7pc last year. The crash in the Baltic Dry Index for shipping rates is partly a tale of too many ships.
Yet excess supply does not explain the collapse in gold over the past week.

Why this place is becoming the new Switzerland

AustraliaBy Reporting from Sydney, Australia
Switzerland is the place that has traditionally stood above all the rest in its reputation for financial stability.
Why? Because the currency was well-managed, the banking system was sound, and the country had a long tradition of treating capital well.
Over the last few years, however, these advantages have collapsed.
Switzerland has voluntarily surrendered banking privacy, and the many Swiss banks are now hemorrhaging cash.
Even worse, the Swiss government destroyed its reputation for respecting capital when they pegged the Swiss franc to the euro in 2011 to arrest the franc’s rapid rise.
The country’s top central banker at the time, Philipp Hildebrand, claimed that he would buy foreign currencies in ‘unlimited quantities’ to defend the peg.
This is not something a responsible steward of currency should ever say. The currency peg was nothing more than a form of capital controls… and it effectively screwed anyone that had trusted the Swiss system with their savings.

FASCISM in full bloom - The Next Seizure Coming - U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Matrin Armstrong: All the information we are getting is this is very real. There is almost $20 trillion in pension funds. That would pay off the national debt at $17 trillion. These people are actually discussing a FORCED loan whereby they will take over all pension funds to “protect” us with bureaucrats who know nothing about managing money. We are headed down the road of CONFISCATION of all assets – FASCISM in full bloom. There is of course no constitutional authority for that but with no rule of law left, that will no longer stop anybody.
These people will NEVER go quietly into the light. They are going to go screaming, kicking, biting, and shooting everything and everyone in their way. This is the problem moving to electronic money. Where to you put anything any more? You cannot leave with pockets of gold. You cannot store it in a bank. The majority will remain stupid and think they really care. What kind of a world are we headed into? As I said. The day will come after 2015.75 when you will PRAY for HYPERINFLATION.