19 Apr 2013

4-12 PSYOPS - By Hugo Salinas Price

On the website wikipedia.org, under PSYOPS, the abbreviation used for "Psychological Operations" in government circles, we find:
"[....] Various techniques are used, by any set of groups, and aimed to influence a target audience's value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior."
This definition of PSYOPS − "psychological operations" − applies to the events of Friday, April 12 and Monday, April 15, 2013, which were preceded by years of preparation before the knock-out blows of those days. The prolonged and unceasing war on gold took the quoted price of gold down from $1895 in early September 2011, to $1380 as of this date, a fall of 27%. 
Following the wikipedia.org definition, the PSYOPS war on gold is intended to influence the target audience's value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning and behavior. I would add, especially this last, which is what directly affects the price of gold.
The latest stage of the war began many weeks ago, with regular takedowns of the price of gold in waterfall fashion, at set times of the day.
More recently, there appeared a series of planned announcements of oncoming doom from individuals prominent in finance and from bank analysts. The scenario painted for gold was one of a sky darkened by approaching thunderstorms.
The purpose of the 4-12 PSYOPS was to instill fear in the minds of the "target audience" – investors in gold. If you shoot a crow, and hang it up in your field, the crows – your "target audience" – will avoid the field. The same principle applies to investors in gold.

The Secret World Of Gold


Army Vet Disarmed/Arrested by Ignorant Cop

AJ: Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham, prominent military blogger and founder of A Soldier's Perspective, is currently embroiled in a battle to defend his second amendment rights.

ATHENS: The elegant capital of a civilised culture, brought to its knees by barbarians + Globalised madness as Cyprus and Slovenia seek new ways to stun Troika

???????????????????In the Red
The Slog: This picture was taken, unstaged, at 3.43 pm on Friday 19th April 2013 in Athens, a eurozone capital.
It shows a young Greek male, his arm outstretched to beg…but with a face hidden by the shame of being reduced to such a state. As I passed this hapless figure today – and I have encountered a great many similar sights since arriving here – what struck me was the tragic rigidity of rigor mortis in this quasi-crucifixion: a boy barely mature condemned to living like the Undead. He is a victim of eurocrat hubris and the selfish lies of feral neocon gargoyles – walking obscenities who recognise nothing beyond the business bottom line and the Sovereign banking balance sheet.
At one level, this is just a young kid who deserved better. At another, he represents both a horribly wasted resource for social capitalism….and more fuel for the furnace of extreme and destructive politics.
Throughout this weekend, The Slog will be entirely devoted to showing and explaining a side of Clubmed the Western European business and mainstream press titles seem largely unwilling to examine: the disgraceful tableau of business decimation and social destruction being wreaked by scorched-earth austerity.


while its several heads were being chopped off one by one?
Antal E. Fekete - New Austrian School of Economics

I have never appealed to the so called conspiracy theories in trying to explain the strange world of fluctuations in the price of monetary metals. But neither have I ever said that the fiat money Hydra will take it lying down when it comes to chopping off its several heads one by one.
Markets for the monetary metals under fiat money
Here are the relevant facts:
(1) The U.S. government defaulted on its obligation to pay its short-term dollar debt to foreign governments and central banks in gold at a fixed rate, as confirmed by several international treaties and by the solemn pledges of several sitting presidents, on August 15, 1971. Subsequently it has been bankrolling a chorus of servile academic cheer leaders and other sycophants to shout from the roof top that the gold standard was a ‘barbarous relic’ anyway, quite ripe to be gotten rid of in an effort to cover up the shame of fraudulent default (fraudulent because the U.S. did have the gold and could have lived up to its international obligations).

'FSA raped, killed young woman in Syria'

Press TV: Free Syrian Army members have raped and killed another young woman in Syria. "The International Federation of Human Rights interviewed a Syrian man who witnessed the kidnapping of a young girl by elements of the Free Syrian Army," Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zainab Hawa Bangura told the UN Security Council in a Thursday meeting. "The girl was raped, and then killed. Her body was thrown in front of her house," Bangura added, calling for an end to such war crimes in Syria.

Personal insolvency guidelines that amount to penal servitude and intrusion

By Eileen Dublin - Art WB7: I am quite a simple person. My personal gauge for measuring my success in life is to analyse how much my kindness has increased and how effectively and wisely I have brought that kindness/care to my community and the wider world. Simply this brings me happiness.
Throughout this financial war in my own country and abroad I see how, through perpetuating lies, a few greedy, one dimensional and misguided banksters, with the help of  their political cronies, have put a gun to our faces and tried to destroy, through fear and anxiety about our financial security, ordinary people’s natural sense of kindness and care for each other. To the point here in Ireland where there is a fostering and inflammation of tension, intolerance and hatred, (that to some extent was always there), between all kinds of groups. Divide and rule at it’s bleakest nastiest.

Gold: Random Thoughts

"When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe." … Frederic Bastiat 

Reports coming in from nearly all corners of the planet, but especially from Asia, continue to reveal massive buying of physical gold. Last evening, what was obviously a huge bear raid that occurred during the early Asian session, was repulsed by very large buying above the recent low.
That is very interesting and has my attention. In a sense, we seemed to have gotten our second test of the low, a test in which that low held once again. With the wild price swings being made in this market, it is hard to be too dogmatic, but the way this market is acting, based on the news of strong physical offtake down near the $1350 level, I am greatly tempted to say that a low is in.
Here is what I am currently seeing here.

British Political Barbed Wire - 69% of the land is owned by 0.6% of the population

By George Monbiot: Why are 97% of our rivers shut to the public? A millionaire minister’s amazing conflicts of interest give you a clue.

Nowhere in Britain is power more concentrated than in the countryside. Some people claim we have the second lowest distribution of land in the world, after Brazil.
Because (thanks to the resistance of the landlords) there is no comprehensive record of who owns what, we can’t be completely sure. But in 2002 Kevin Cahill’s book Who Owns Britain and Ireland estimated that 69% of the land is owned by 0.6% of the population. It has intensified since then: government figures show that between 2005 and 2011 the number of landholdings in England has fallen by 10%, while the average size of holding has risen by 12%.
Possession translates into power. Little can be done in the countryside without the blessing of the tiny minority who own most of the land. They tend to be more resistant to progressive change than the rest of the population, and have successfully delayed or prevented measures that many other people favour. Their power is the reason why it took so long to secure a right to roam in England and Wales, why wildlife is so poorly protected, why we have been slower than any other country in Europe to rewild unproductive land and reintroduce missing species, and why atrocious practices like snaring and the continued use of lead shot (rather than non-toxic substitutes) continue.
You’d think that landowners, with their hegemonic grip on the countryside and their tremendous lobbying power – exercised through bodies like the Countryside Alliance, the National Farmers’ Union, the Country Land and Business Association and the House of Lords – were powerful enough already.

Series of suspicious incidents raises doubt over Boston bombings - US Govt. Implicated + AJ DUBSTEP Mega Rant

A double explosion in Boston; A suspicious letter sent to a US Senator, followed by another suspicious letter to the White House. A man stopped and questioned by Capitol Hill police over his backpack. This series of suspicious events took place within 48 hours, and the US is only halfway through the week.

10 Signs The Takedown Of Paper Gold Has Unleashed An Unprecedented Global Run On Physical Gold And Silver

By Michael: The crash of the price of paper gold on Monday has unleashed an unprecedented global frenzy to buy physical gold and silver All over the planet, people are recognizing that this is a unique opportunity to be able to acquire large amounts of gold and silver at a bargain price.  So precious metals dealers now find themselves being overwhelmed with orders in the United States, in Canada, in Europe and over in Asia.  Will this massive run on physical gold and silver soon lead to widespread shortages of those metals?  Instead of frightening people away from gold and silver, the takedown of paper gold seems to have had just the opposite effect.  People just can't seem to get enough physical gold and silver right now.  Those that wish that they had gotten into gold when it was less than $1400 an ounce are able to do so now, and it is absolutely insane that silver is sitting at about $23 an ounce.  If the big banks continue to play games with the price of gold, we are going to see existing supplies of physical gold and silver dry up very quickly.  And once reports of physical shortages of gold and silver become widespread, it is going to absolutely rock the financial world.  But this is what happens when you manipulate free markets - it often has unintended consequences far beyond anything that you ever imagined.
The following are 10 signs that the takedown of paper gold has unleashed an unprecedented global run on physical gold and silver...
#1 According to Zero Hedge, the U.S. Mint set a new all-time record for the number of gold ounces sold on Wednesday...

Wall Street Banksters

Bill Still: This is Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University speaking at the "Fixing the Banking System for Good" conference on April 17, 2013. This audio is absolutely EXPLOSIVE! Source