2 May 2013

Ron Paul + Jim Rogers on the government: “They’ll use force and they’ll use intimidation…”

“They won’t take our bank accounts…they will take our retirement accounts.” - Jim Rogers
sovereignman: As I’ve mentioned time and time again, nations are going bust. And the worse things get, the more desperate their tactics become.
This isn’t the first time that the world has been in this position. This time is not different.
History shows that there are serious, serious consequences to running unsustainably high debts and deficits. And those consequences have almost invariably involved pillaging people’s wealth, savings, livelihoods and liberties… either directly or indirectly.
What’s happening right now is playing out in textbook fashion. More taxes, more debt, more printing, more confiscation, less freedom.

Paper Jihad - Max Keiser talks to John 'J.S.' Kim

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss paper addiction and the toothless, pimply faced paper pushers hooked on an ever-increasing fix of debt. There is no paper these guys won't push, no debt they won't inject into the veins of the economy and these addicts refuse to sober up despite the overwhelming evidence found in gold demand that they've reached a bottom at which no new hit can get them high. In the second half of the show Max talks to John 'J.S.' Kim of SmartknowledgeU.com about the precious metals market, traffic jams outside bullion shops in Asia and central bankers buying paper. Source 

THE PAEDOFILE: The Establishment decides to fight Secret Family Courts with Secret celeb prosecutions.

Why was it necessary to try 
Stuart Hall in camera?
The Slog: The more one gets into the area of child sex-abuse, the murkier it gets. Eight years and eleven separate promises of action later, the Secret Family Courts are still secret. Now it looks as if we’re going to have a new judicial Division, the Secret Celebrity Courts.
Until last night I had a very straightforward view about Stuart Hall: he was, for me, always associated with television programmes aimed at those with an IQ lower than their limb count – and therefore a bit of a prat. Now – piecing together source snippets and staccato media reportage, I have added a likely second opinion: he was an opportunistic paedophile working alone. It looks very doubtful indeed that he was a systemic, networked paedophile. Certainly, what he doesn’t have is any power: he’s old, ordinary and washed-up: that’s why he’s been caught and found guilty. Had he been dead, his crimes would’ve come to light before now.
But the thing is, I have not been allowed, as a free British citizen, to attend Court and make my own mind up about it.

Bank Runs & Bullion Bank Runs to Climax Soon in the US!

By Jim Willie, The Golden Jackass: The Western nations really truly sincerely need a wake-up call on reality, and it is coming as a paradigm shift with shock waves.
When the coming dust clears, the evidence is plain that the change to be seen will be dead banks in dissolution with private bank accounts vacated. In other words, razed leveled banks with no functioning operating offices, and bank accounts showing zero balances. The consequence is ugly and powerful, lost client trust in the banking institutions.

Faith is a key ingredient to stable systems. The US account holders will be treated with stock shares in conversion for the dead banks, whose value will converge quickly to zero. Same effect, lost accounts. Expect soon the result to be a climax with bank runs.The bank runs will coincide with bullion bank runs, the fast removal of gold held in inventory vaults at the bullion banks.

The Fascist Business Model came into vogue in 2001. The merger of state with the largest of corporations, primarily the big banks, the big defense contractors, the big news media networks, and the big pharmaceuticals, has created a choke-hold around the neck of the nation, without 5% recognizing the function of the model during the strangulation in progress.

Troikanauts: The Lawyer, The Poet, The Spook and The Idiot Foist An Astonishing Degree Of Bad Forecasting On Greece

Let us forgive those shoving Hellenic heads down the toilet, for they know not what they’re doing

The Slog: The Troika and other Centres of Incompetence within Brussels-am-Berlin have been making predictions in one form or another about Greece since early 2010. The inaccuracy of these prévisions make the British Met Office seem a model of 99.9% accuracy by comparison.
Yesterday having been May Day, Athens was replete  with protests organised by public and private sector unions and opposition parties. As a result (and to make life difficult for the sake of it) the Samaras shambles government closed four metro stations in central Athens from 9 am. Obviously, the Athenian population was protesting about a pointless austerity that has ripped the heart from the City’s economy without anaesthetic. But in truth, they should be demonstrating about this being brought upon their heads by people who clearly have no idea WTF they’re about.
lagshot One can begin illustrating the Troikanaut level of braindeath using the medium of their forecasts since 2010.

Lawyer, no economics degree

Outlining his detailed policy platform

This is what it means to be Free in America

By : Bangkok, Thailand. 
I really hate to be negative… but this is positively revolting. Disgusting. Indescribably offensive.
In the Land of the Free recently, a California couple had their child kidnapped by the state. At gunpoint.
It all started in mid-April when Anna and Alex Nikolayev took their 5-month old son Sammy to the hospital in Sacramento to be treated for flu symptoms.
The parents didn’t particularly care for the treatment that their son was receiving. Doctors were pumping him full of antibiotics and soon began talking about performing surgery.
Anna and Alex argued with the doctors and said that they were going to get a second opinion; they took the baby and went to another hospital where another physician deemed it perfectly safe for the child to return home with his parents without the need for surgery.
The next day, with the family resting comfortably at home, the police showed up with Child Protective Services.
Police take away baby This is what it means to be Free in AmericaAlex, the father, went outside to talk to them where he was thrown to the ground by police. Officers then relieved him of his house keys and proceeded to let themselves into the house with hands on their pistols.
Then, still with their hands on their pistols, they told the mother I’m going to grab your baby, and don’t resist and don’t fight me…”

The Watchers + **UKUNCUT HMRC Goldman Sachs George 'Gideon' Osborne Special** BBC Sucks O Cock News

The Artist Taxi Driver

The Flux Of Syria, Iraq And Kurds - Syrian Girl And Danni Makki

Morris: Syrian Girl visited London and with Danni Makki of Syrian Youths they answered questions about the region.

Exploit can turn Google Glass into secret surveillance device

Madison Ruppert: A hacker has proven that Google Glass can be turned into a secret surveillance device by anyone with physical access to the device, according to a report. Oddly enough, even former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff has come out against the technology.
It’s quite odd to see the likes of Michael Chertoff – the man who made tons of money off of the TSA’s naked body scanners – coming out against the technology as he did in a recent opinion piece, especially based on privacy concerns.
The already quite noteworthy privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass were increased exponentially today with an Ars Technica report stating, A smartphone hacker has provided conclusive proof that the futuristic computing headset known as Google Glass can be surreptitiously modified to give anyone with physical access almost complete control over the device.”

New ‘DroneShield’ project seeks to crowdfund a cheap way to detect surveillance drones

By Madison Ruppert: The latest bit of anti-drone technology comes in the form of a crowdfunded project attempting to build a cheap device that will detect surveillance drones and alert users via text message or email.
This seems to be part of a much larger backlash against increasingly widespread domestic drone use. Cities including Charlottesville, Virginia and a tiny town in Minnesota have passed anti-drone ordinances and other municipalities are considering similar moves.
Similarly, the mayor of Seattle, Washington forced the police department to drop their drone program and around 30 state legislatures  are in the process of either passing or considering legislation restricting domestic drones.
At the federal level, there are indications that anti-drone action is possible which is more important than ever given “the massive rise of drone use in the United States by countless entities both public (ranging from US Marshals to local law enforcement to the National Guard to the Department of Homeland Security to the military and more) and private (from potential use by media outlets to colleges and universities to commercial operators of all kinds),” as I pointed out in the past.

Payments Using Chinese Yuan Continue to Surge as Currency Tops Russian Rouble in Popularity

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.: press release from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) shows that the value of payments using Chinese Yuan currency grew by 171 percent between January 2012 and January 2013.
In January 2013 alone, payments in the Chinese currency grew in value by 24 percent from December, pushing the Yuan past the Russian Rouble to the thirteenth slot for world currency payments.
This 24% spike is nearly double the 13% increase recorded across all currencies.
The SWIFT "RMB Tracker" (RMB is short for Renminbi or Yuan) was launched in September 2011 and provides monthly reporting on the progress made by the Yuan towards becoming an international currency.
The latest RMB Tracker report, released on April 25, shows that global Yuan payments gained 32.7 percent in value for the month of March, reaching an all-time high market share of 0.74%.
This increase compares with an average monthly increase of just 5.1% across all currencies.
According to the press release, the Yuan "continues to ascend the ranks as a major international payments currency."