5 May 2013

Bloodthirsty Israel regime to pay heavily for attack on Syria

Press TV: This is getting too much airplay..... Thinking this could be the spark or incident that gets it moving.... The Dow at 15,000 and now this... Watch the Economy people, great time to blame a collapse on the middle east! Source

Lies, Damned Lies, and Civil Service Misinformation!

By Rowan Bosworth-Davies: Following my blog on the issue of Russian Money Laundering in London and the new offshore paradigm, my friend, Timon Molloy, Editor of Money Laundering Bulletin invites me to read the Prime Minister's latest letter to the President of the European Council, (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/pm-letter-to-the-eu-on-tax-evasion ) especially paras 7 & 8, to see how the UK is positioned to give a lead in tackling offshore secrecy and tax evasion.

Timon appears to believe that the Prime Minister's letter contains optimistic positive hopes for a better regulated offshore sector in the future.

Unhappily, I cannot share his view. 
To quote Jeffrey Sachs in his seminal article in the Financial Times "...Austerity exposes the global threat from tax havens..;"

Israel Has Declared War On Humanity!?

TheRapeOfJustice: Christopher Jon Bjerknes with Daryl Bradford Smith, July 28, 2006.

The End of Britain - MoneyWeek - Escape is impossible

Declaration Of War: 'Israel's aggression opens door to all possibilities' - Syrian Information Minister + Israel Making The Biggest Middle East War Yet - Morris

RT: Syria's information minister says that those who infringe on Syria's sovereignty must "study their choices carefully." He said that Israel has "proved its link to terrorist groups." Israel has reportedly launched two airstrikes against Syria in two days.
Still from YouTube video/momo1984momo1Omran al-Zoabi added that it is Damascus' duty to "protect the state from any domestic or foreign attack through all available means."
The minister's comments came after an emergency cabinet meeting organized to respond to what a Western source called a new strike on Iranian missiles bound for Lebanon's Hezbollah, Reuters reported.
The Arab League has condemned the alleged strike on Syria and urged the UN Security Council (UNSC) to "act immediately to end Israeli attacks on Syria," calling the murderous bombings a "dangerous violation of an Arab state's sovereignty."

Former US Treasury Official - Gold, Silver, The Fed & Bank Runs

Why Jews Love Big Sis

Euro ist Dynamit - Prof. Hankel

MMnewsTV: Prof. Hankel on the further escalation of the euro crisis. The only way out: return to national currencies and Euros only accounting unit. - Does the policy remains firmly on the euro, civil war is not excluded. But then definitely it comes to the big bang.

Putting It All Together - Mohamed El-Erian

By Lance Roberts: From the 10th annual Strategic Investment Conference, presented by Altegis Investments and John Mauldin, Mohamed El-Erian ties together the views of the previous presenters.
Mohamed-El-ErianMohamed El-Erian: I want to try and build on what you have heard so far.   I want to focus, in particular, on two statements that have been made so far at this conference.

  1. The need to put the pieces together
  2. To make sure we give ourselves a chance to win.

So, how do we put the pieces together to give us the best chance to win? I will try and give you an answer.

If you knew nothing of the markets, and just showed up at this conference, you would be very confused. The world is awash in contradiction with stocks rising to new highs as interest rates reflect a slowing economy. It is an upside down world.

Individuals are both excited and anxious. They are excited by the rally in the markets as they see their portfolios increase in values but at the same timed overwhelmingly concerned about the economic future. It is a world with an enormous contrast between the markets and the real economy.

Apartheid Israeli Regime Bombs Damascus - 300 People, Mostly Men Killed Hundreds More Wounded + WTF!!! Syria welcome to the War Machine, Banks Oil Arms

RT: Strong blasts hit the outskirts of the Syrian capital early on Sunday, state TV reports, saying that Israeli rockets have targeted a military research center.

"This is not a recession it's a robbey" Sue Marsh + Hahahahahaha!!! the artist taxi driver calls the queen by mr superbafrango + **pay day loaned food special** while pigs at trough BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

This is What Being Cyprus’d Looks Like in Your Online Account…

Cyprus popular bankThe Doc: In the wake of the Cyprus depositor theft becoming official this week, a Cypriot SD reader has sent us a screen shot of his online banking terminal with Cyprus Popular Bank (Laiki) The screenshot below puts new clarity to If You Don’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It. Balance: 849,682.68 
Blocked Funds:…