11 May 2013

Media Watchdogs Don't Bark About Bank Fraud

AJ: Like the dog that didn't bark in Sherlock Holmes' case, the media has remained strangely silent on the largest financial scam of all time — ICAP. It involves $379 Trillion worth of fraud, 100 times the size of the entire Federal government, yet mainstream media has given it virtually no coverage. Source

Cody Wilson Responds To Congress Shutting Down Website With 3D Printer Gun Designs

May 10, 2013 CNN

Virgin Bitcoin vs Old Hag Pound - Max Keiser with Frankie Boyle

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the currency of an independent Scotland. Max argues that bitcoin will force the banking system to reinvent itself or die, for what can be more of an invisible hand but a cryptologically guarded, invisible currency. In the second half, Max talks to Glaswegian comedian, Frankie Boyle, about Scottish independence, Boris Johnson, the mainstream media, being semi-banned from the BBC and about George Osborne's Help to Buy housing scheme being like eating toilet tissue while trapped in a loveless marriage caused by negative equity. Source

Obama the baby bomber at the 2013 White House Correspondents' Comedy Dinner - Complete

TheDailyConversation: President Barack Obama's full 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner comedy routine.

Just How Fascist Is the US? - Retired Professor of Sociology from UCSD

By Jack D. Douglas: My fascistograph index would rank the following as the vital, core factors and roots of fascism in a society, from the most important powers at the top down.  
1. A hardcore, totalitarian party masquerading as the people's party, but secretly working totally with the rich and powerful corporations, uniting them under the party. [Fascism, unlike communism and other forms of socialism and so on, is above all a corporatist form of totalitarianism.] 
2. Stroking mass vanity with big lies – "Germany over all," "America is the greatest nation in the world." And mass greed and lust for power with utopian promises of free money and endless prosperity and great conquests over nature and nations
3. Infiltration secretly by the party of all major institutions at the top by secret take-overs, threats, bribes, co-optation, etc. 
4. Secret media content control in many ways by the ruler[s]
5. Imperial powers, party powers, the ruler principle
6. Massive, powerful secret police under direct control of the ruler[s], spying, black ops, 
7. Secretly taking over the traditional laws and institutions, hollowing them out and refilling the empty forms with fascist ideology
8. Filling the government secretly with party hacks and puppets from top to bottom
9. Politically correct education and mass-mind training from early age [pre-school onward]

Ethically And Legally Exit The US System While You Still Can

Dear CIGAs,
By : It is clear why Chairman Bernanke has not expressed enthusiasm about being reappointed as Chairman. In this meltdown of all meltdowns, he has accomplished keeping depositors free from loss or confiscation and temporarily plugged the hole in the OTC derivative meltdown phenomena. Both of these apparently are no longer possible.
The fever of activity by monetary authorities internationally would indicate that some financial flood gate is straining.
There is one thing you need to know, and one thing only. Get out of the system or financially perish. The worst of your problems is solved by your ethical and legal exit from the system while you still can. This is why I am holding these meeting internationally, not because I like to give up my time or add onto the traveling that is demanded of me.

Mark Hoban DWP minister a pig at the trough

The artist taxi driver

Top Ten Benghazi False Flag Facts

InfoWars: Recent developments and revelations about Benghazi put in a format easily digested by mainstream media viewers — a Top Ten list. Plus a special Benghazi report from Jon Bowne.

The New European Exile

Cowed by large national debt and unfavorable demographics, some young Europeans have given up on change. They just want to leave.
By populyst: One of the main benefits of forecasts based on demographics is the fact that they can be more precise and therefore more reliable than others. For example, the number of people aged 40 in the United States twenty years from now is roughly the same number of people aged 20 today, minus premature deaths plus new immigrants. A prediction that enjoys a similar inevitability is that welfare programs as currently defined will certainly be unaffordable a few years from now, given the aging of the population and concomitant rising dependency ratio.
It is a fair bet that one way or another, the current generation of young people will be unwilling and/or unable to pay for Social Security and Medicare as they presently stand. Of course, Western Europe has the same problem and President Hollande of France recently got a whiff of what is coming from an open letter addressed to him by a 20-year old student* named Clara G. and published in the magazine Le Point.
In summary, Clara does not believe it fair that she and her generation should be saddled with the enormous debt accumulated by Mr. Hollande’s generation.

Student Puts Teacher in Her Place