15 May 2013

What if the public is tapped out

SilverFuturist: Most people are broke or deep in debt while the stock market is soaring. Exactly how many retail investors are left to buy? Source

PAPER GOLD PRICE: Another Caning, Only 1,394 Theories As To Why.

The Slog: In case you haven’t been following it, gold fell off a cliff when the FTSE opened this morning, from $1427 to $1409. It then flatlined at that price, until the NYSE opened….at which point it dropped another $17. Not that I’m suggesting any conspiracy here – but then the time zones are implicated. And The Slog did say last week that Friday falls in the past had been followed by further attacks the following week.
Who knows what this means, presages or secretes. However, earlier today I did post a Smoke Signals on the subject of oil-price manipulation. And I did end that piece as follows: ‘So then, that’s the stock markets, the gold price, the Libor rate, and the price of oil being fixed against us….as The Slog suggested quite some time ago.
gold15513A gold fall in nine hours of $35 isn’t just counter-intuitive in the current global context, it is the equivalent of Manchester United shares halving in price as a result of winning a record 20th Premiership League title.

US Government Begins BitCoin Crackdown

Tyler Durden's picture As we first noted here (regulation) and here (supervision), the US government has been gradually encroaching on the independence and freedom of the virtual currency. This week, as The Washington Post reports, the government escalated. The feds took action against Mt. Gox, the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange. Many people use Dwolla, a PayPal-like payment network, to send dollars to their Mt. Gox accounts. They then use those dollars to buy Bitcoins. On Tuesday, Dwolla announced that it had frozen Mt. Gox’s account at the request of federal investigators.
It’s the first federal action against the currency. CNet has confirmed that the asset seizure was initiated by Homeland Security Investigations (which among other things is responsible for enforcing the laws associated with money laundering and drug smuggling).

As this crackdown begins, many argue that "you can’t put the genie back into the bottle," as far as shutting down the 'network' of open source transactions; but as one Bitcoin enthusiast added (sadly), "I hate to say it, but the Bitcoin community needs to start lobbying, it needs to start educating policymakers, lobbyists and influencers about the pros of Bitcoin and the impossibility or the difficulty in getting rid of all the bad uses."

Occupy Economics 2013: BREAK UP THE BANKS - Thursday 16 May - 1 pm - Canary Wharf

An argument is brewing about 
what to do with the banksters.  
It’s about time.
It's been five years since the banking crash. Months since LIBOR and a pile-up of scandal which has left us all cynical: mis-sold PPI and interest rate swaps, money-laundering and tax dodging.
On May 16 we'll gather in Canary Wharf. To our freeloading, Too Big To Fail megabanks, we'll say: This town ain't big enough for the both of us.
An ongoing threat. They're Too Big To Bail.
A few megabanks are holding society hostage, reaping huge unearned profits on the back of the state. By threatening us with bankruptcy, the big banks extract support worth tens of billions of pounds each year - the future wages of fire-fighters, anaesthetists and lollipop ladies.
Megabanks have the taxpayer over a barrel. They're drinking the bar dry and putting it on our tab.
Break up the Banks. End Bank Welfare.

The Nakba day of Palestine

Press TV: Palestinians are rallying to mark Nakba day. Thousands of Palestinian citizens were expelled from their homeland in 19-48 to establish the Israel regime. Zionist gangs were responsible for crimes and massacres of Palestinians to force them to leave their lands.

Americans recognise UK paedo-problem, even if Plod doesn’t.

smokesigsThe Slog: Word reaches me that the US state department is asking very searching questions about the UK’s role in multinational child-buggery. As with the FBI’s generally accurate information on London as a money-laundering hub, the bureau’s latest people trafficking report categorically fingers Britain as ‘an endpoint country for the international trafficking rings which exist in Europe.’ If this has been on the US radar for a while – and the American authorities have made the situation known to the current government, which they have BTW – then we’re left pondering why Camerlot-on-Cleggie flatly denies it. I mean, what possible motive could they have?

Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism Part 1 Neil Sanders

Morris: Neither the left nor the right

Boom Boom: Marc Faber (Billionaire) On Sex and Nightlife in Thailand

Taxi Driver Interview With Paul Flynn MP + UK NHS so called "collapse" is a controlled demolition

The artist taxi driver

A Brief History of Cycles and Time, Part 2 - "Because it's time."

By Eric A.: Let me ask you something: Do you really think your ancestors didn’t see the Depression coming in 1921 or in 1929? Of course they did. The Balloon Option-ARM mortgage had just been invented, creating a housing boom larger and even more groundless as our own, immortalized by the Marx Brothers in The Cocoanuts. They warned the world then just as we do now, and no one listened then, just as they don’t now. Why? It wasn’t time.

Likewise, do you think Hoover and Roosevelt didn’t do everything they could, whether legal or illegal to stop the endless economic decline after 1929? Of course they did. Roosevelt confiscated the entire money supply, packed the Supreme Court, and took control of the entire US economy to no avail. Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary, admitted,

"We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work... We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. And an enormous debt to boot."

Snakepliskinist vs Those Pesky Dames + Snake and the redheaded dame

girlwriteswhat: Those pesky dames (feminists) took issue with a buddy's unflattering use of footage they'd made publicly available and had agreed, according to YT's terms of service, to allow any YT'er to use for education or critique and flagged his videos for violation of privacy.

The Time & What Must Be Done 17 + 18

FCNN: Part 17 of the series, "The Time and What Must Be Done" by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.