18 May 2013

Piers: 'Tyranny'

Lame Stream Whimsical Price Tyranny - Max Keiser with Dr. Michael Hudson

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine stories about those who, using spoof trades, bogus securities and fictitious capital, steal real wealth and income. They discuss how it is that every benchmark index is rigged and introduce the concept of the 'bonus benchmark.'

Auditing The IRS: "Is There Any Limit To The Scope Where You Folks Can Go?" + The Police State Emerging In The US

New History of Humanity - part 3 "Nothing lasts forever"

The Truth about School +

**tiny special** BBC Round and back to front News + Interview #5 Celestine Akpobari from Ogoniland Niger Delta

The Artist Taxi Driver

The 2013 Terrorism & Political Violence Map + 2013 Financial Terrorism and Political Sex Map (+MOAR)

Tyler Durden's picture The following map (via AON) measures the risk of political violence to international business in 200 countries and territories, based on three icons indicating the forms of political violence which are likely to be encountered: Terrorism and sabotage; Strikes, riots, civil commotion and malicious damage; and Political insurrection, revolution, rebellion, mutiny, coup d'etat, war and civil war.

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What else are they manipulating?

Too much food costing too much money is killing people
The Slog: Sector by sector, the truth is at last trickling out: ICAP, Libor, Gold, Currency values, oil…..none of them are natural markets, all of them are being ‘directionalised’….as in, manipulated for the good of the few – and never for us. But the most important commodity we have probably represents the most criminal scam of the lot.
The ‘price’ of gold plunged another $33 net yesterday. As usual, the drop made no sense. As usual, it took place on a Friday. As usual, the two steep declines happened when the London and New York markets opened. Those who have spent half a decade or more presenting clear signs pointing to manipulation of everything from fiat currencies to interbank rates have in the last year gone from fringe conspiracy theorists to vindicated commentators.
If it can be manipulated to the advantage of those in charge, then it will be. One thing big business can’t manipulate is the weather. And the weather is behaving strangely at the moment.

Banksters Risking It All Episode 2 BBC documentary

Way late, well after the fact retrospective by the British Brainwashing Corporation. Banksters Fixing The System story about bankster industry in 2012 BBC documentary. With gripping first-hand accounts from bankster insiders, regulators and politicians this film tells the story of two recent multi-billion pound trading disasters that rocked the City. It shows that some banksters are still taking reckless risks, five years after the crash that brought the world's economy to its knees.

Helpless Homolka: How Justice was Battered by Feminist Censorship

PaulMcKeeverPaulMcKeever: Watch, and see how radical leftist, feminist ideology was used to characterize Karla Homolka's criminal activities as the act of a helpless victim of battered wife's syndrome. Learn how a publication ban helped cover-up radical feminist attorney general Marion Boyd's so-called "deal with the devil" until after the election of 1995.

Economic Collapse Is HERE IN AMERICA NOW

Gregory Mannarino: "The main stream media and the financial channels as well need to keep you brain washed!"