19 May 2013

New History of Humanity - Astounding Scientific Discoveries

Showdown bei Volle-Kanne - Dirk Müller Mr. Dax und der Euro

mirrORmirrOR: Oil & Gas in Greek , Cypriot ( Mediterranean ) waters.  Secret Service used agitators to cause trouble and to destabilize Greece. Why isn’t Poland being “attacked” … because they don”t have Oil. Good interview .. except he forgot to mention the Greek Gold mines .. that have already been “appropriated”.

Ferdinand Lips and "Gold Wars"

GoldMoneyNews: Lawrence Parks, of FAME, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about the upcoming new translations of Ferdinand Lips' book "Gold Wars" in which he advocated that the Swiss keep their gold backing for the Swiss Franc. They reminisce about "Ferdie" Lips (RIP), whom they both knew, and his fight to defend sound money against a coalition of central bankers, the IMF and Swiss exporters, how he warned of the dangers to Swiss banks which would result and have since come to pass.

'US drone police sheer lawlessness'

Press TV has conducted an interview with Sara Flounders, Co-Director of the international Action Center, New York, about the deadly US drone strikes in Yemen, which have tripled in the past year. Source

I Think I Know Who Satoshi Is

The creator of Bitcoin - who I think he is, and why.

Widely Visible Symbols Of Human Folly

Raül Ilargi Meijer: Why do we do it? Sure, we discount the future, and consensus is that's genetic, but it's not just our own future we discount. In fact it's not even the one we discount most: that would be our children's future. We don't just take what we need, we take all we can, and leave them with the consequences. After us the deluge.  

Jack Delano Union Station 
January 1943
The waiting room of 
Union Station in Chicago

YOU Are A Slave and Here's How + The Most Dangerous Discussion In The World?

LeeCamp2: You're a slave and you might not realize it. It's a harsh thing to do say, but blissful ignorance is no longer an option.

Argument for MEN's earlier retirement and lengthier paternity leave

Lindy West: A new Japanese study has found that women's immune systems age more slowly than men's (misandry!), which is why, statistically, women slightly outlive men. As we age and our immune systems decline, we become more susceptible to disease and infection. This happens to women too, of course, but the study suggests it happens slightly earlier in men. Sooooo...girl power? Or whatever?

Researchers took blood samples from 365 men and women between the ages of 20 and 90, and tested for white blood cells and cytokines (molecules that help regulate disease response).

In both sexes, the number of white blood cells per person declined with age as expected from previous studies.
However, closer examination revealed differences between men and women in two key components of the immune system - T-cells, which protect the body from infection, and B-cells, which secrete antibodies.

The rate of decline of most T-cell and B-cell lymphocytes was faster in men, while men also showed a more rapid age-related decline in two cytokines.

SWIVEL-EYED LOONS ROW: Why James Kirkup, Paul Goodman, James Forsyth and Nigel Farage have some serious questions to answer

nignogDid a Gang of Four set out 
to create Swivelgate?
Not a swivel-eyed loon, as such

The Tory Party Co-Chairman Andrew Feldman is vehemently denying that he was the person who made the “bunch of swivel-eyed loons” (BOSEL) crack about Conservative grassroots workers. He is, I’m told, considering legal action if anyone repeats the rumour. Analysis by The Slog suggests that four key players may well have been behind the alleged insult becoming infamous now…despite having been first uttered by Cameron himself some time ago.
The Slog: Somebody – or more accurately, body of men – have worked very hard to inflate the swivel-eyed loons row. For starters, there are those who think Boris Johnson’s younger brother Jo is far more of a cuckoo in the Camerlot nest than the Prime Minister realises. Boris has said on several occasions in private that he and his brother Johnson “are indivisible on policy”. Within days of being appointed, Johnson the younger urged Cameron to seriously reconsider building a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary. This is, of course, his Mayoral brother’s pet project. Previous pamphlets from Jo also suggest he is at odds with his new boss.

The Bermuda Triangle of economics

Steen JakobsenSteen Jakobsen: The mystique of the Bermuda Triangle has caught the imagination and interest of generations. In much the same way it has also caught my attention and I feel that now there is a Bermuda Triangle of economics - a space where everything tends to disappear without radar contact, a black hole in which rationality and science is replaced by hope, superstition and nonsense pundits like myself pretending to understand the real drivers of the economy.
The Bermuda Triangle in real life runs from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami. The economic one runs from high stock market valuations to high unemployment to low growth/productivity. Just like the real Bermuda Triangle, in the Bermuda Triangle of economics there is plenty of scientific evidence that can explain most, if not everything, of what is going on. But that does not suit Hollywood, sorry, the US Federal Reserve.
Neither does it suit mainstream banking analysis or the media in dealing with reality and facts: the mystique simply sells better! After all, there is a reason why people leave science education for PhDs in apps and virtual reality.

"Things Are Looking Up! The American Auto Industry Is Thriving! American Energy Is ...Booming!" Says Bomber Obama

Angelo: Now that's what I call funny! This is a joke right? Bad lipreading? He didn't really say that with a straight face? Did this actually happen? Obama the baby bomber with his peace prize. So old fashioned. So 1984. War is peace everyone and you need a license from MonSatan to reproduce. Lets all go to school so that we can be made so stupid that we need training to serve fries at McD's after we graduate!

Google Glass privacy concerns continue to be raised, this time by Congress

By Madison Ruppert: Members of the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus are the latest to join the many people raising concerns about Google Glass in a letter to Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page in which they request answers to eight pointed questions.
Since the technology was introduced, Google Glass has been incredibly controversial, even leading former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff to speak out against the technology.
Many venues have preemptively banned Glass including a Seattle bar, casinos and strip clubs in Las Vegas and the entire state of West Virginia is trying to ban wearing Glass while driving, according to the Independent.
“Respect our customers privacy as we’d expect them to respect yours,” stated Seattle’s Five Point Café, becoming the first to ban Glass, according to Reuters. Some movie theaters may also join the trend.