24 May 2013

Lines on the ability to be a top-four EU felon and a fuckwit at one and the same time

The Slog: For those of you who missed this morning’s jolly jape about Draghi, Lagarde, van Rompuy and Barroso, unless the Forces of Darkness have taken it down, it should still reside here.  What I really didn’t count on was that news during the day would illustrate beyond any reasonable doubt that, when it comes to eurocrats, the correlation between criminality and incompetence is as near as damnit 100%.
Thus – to add to the earlier four most wanted criminals – we now have their four biggest f**k-ups.
GREECE: Two bailout agreements, total aid of 240 billion euros, and one bondholder haircut later….Greek public debt remains very nearly as high as it was in 2010 – the year in which Greece sought ‘rescue’ by the Troika. The numbers are, 2010 Public debt – 31o.3 billion euro; 2013 Public debt – 309.4 billion euro.
This bears some thinking about. All the hardship, all the lost growth, all the closed tourism businesses, and all the socio-political agony the Greeks have been through. A quarter of a trillion euros expended on the exercise. All for a gain of just one tiny, weffer-thin 0.9 billion euros.

Dirty Laundry, Golden Money, Dollars and Sense Show

SchoonWorks: The US is obsessed with stopping "money laundering". It's also the biggest money launderer in existence. Source

Immortal Technique - Bin Laden ft. Eminem , Mos Def and Jadakiss (including Lyrics)

Why don't the mainstream media report on Bilderberg meetings? - Gerard Batten MEP

London mayor wants police state surveillance in UK

liarpoliticians: Commie Conservative London mayor Boris Johnson wants the UK's police state expanded so all internet and phone calles are monitored, and to crush free speech and democracy. Now is the time to vote this lefty out of any power. Source


Net closing on Troikanauts as Lagarde faces French Court
dragglumDraghi, M. aka Supermario. Italian gangster and former Goldman Sachs 5-Star witch running the ECB prong of the Troika. Wanted for questioning in relation to disappearance of:
* Eurozone capital-flight data
* Bondholders’ rights in relation to Greek bailout
* Depositors’ rights in relation to Cyprus bailin
* Industrial-scale countefeiting of euro currency
laghair  Lagarde, C. aka Frufru Sanscerveau. US Fed’s Moll and former French finance minister running the IMF Money-laundering ponzi or ‘US Foreign Policy Facilitator’ prong. Wanted for questioning in relation to:
* Her knowledge of Third Grade Mathematics
* The convenient removal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn
* $350m payment to Bernard Tapie (Court appearance 23.5.13)

Kanye West's 'New Slaves' Song About Private Prisons

TheYoungTurks: "After unveiling "New Slaves" on Friday night in "the most Kanye way possible," Kanye West took to the Saturday Night Live stage and did it again, this time live and in the flesh. The rapper's new album has been described as "dark"; on SNL, he yelled while dodging in and out of dark shadows ("Black Skinhead"), then delivered an equally intense rendition of "New Slaves" in front of a projection of his face in extreme close-up. "Dark" seems accurate so far."

Removing authority for 'The Global US War Of Terror' - Rep. Adam Schiff preparing legislation that could end AUMF,

Madison Ruppert: According to a report, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is preparing legislation that would end the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and in doing so would remove much of the authority for the US war of terror and all that comes with it.
The AUMF has been used to justify everything from indefinite detention of Americans to assassinations carried out by drones so legislation that would “sunset” the AUMF would bring about many changes.
“The current AUMF is outdated and straining at the edges to justify the use of force outside the war theater,” Schiff said to Wired’s Danger Room.
Schiff is still in the very early stages of drafting the bill and doesn’t even have a timeline for introducing it. Yet Schiff’s effort is quite noteworthy since there was only one previous effort to change the AUMF. Obviously that failed.

Privatisation of the NHS is terminal - Guardian job advert + **police attack on homeless** BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Jesus NEVER Said Get Rid of Your Guns

AJ: Alex speaks with former presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, co-author of Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission and To Keep Or Not To Keep and pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana Chuck Baldwin. Source

Political Earth - DaVoice O'Reason

Political Earth is a satirical mockumentary animation exploring the behavior of our world's "political animals" - from the federal leviathan to the fat cats of wall street - all presented in the grand, sweeping, epic style of a BBC nature documentary. This series is narrated by renowned political animal expert and abstract concept DaVoice O'Reason. Source

Bass On Japan's Turbo QE: "It Won't Be Enough"

Tyler Durden's picture If JGB investors 'believe' as Richard Koo earlier noted, in the BoJ's new actions and Abenomics (to double the monetary base and generate inflation), then, Kyle Bass explains, a rational investor is likely to sell a portion if not all of them. The BoJ only has JPY10 trillion cushion (after the JPY60 trillion deficit) to soak up this 'rational investor paradox' selling and this is dwarfed by the holdings of JGBs in the largest Japanese banks (who are now starting to rotate away from JGBs into foreign bonds). Simply out, Bass exclaims, they are going to have make the plan even bigger... if they are to successfully contain rates. With a quadrillion JPY of JGBs out there, if a mere 5% is sold (from 'Abe'lievers) then Japan's Turbo QE is not big enough which leads to the paradoxical increase in the QQE, moar inflationary 'belief', and moar selling pressure... The BoJ has been in the market every day but 2 since April 4th trying to hold rates down (and is failing)...