25 May 2013

Drowning In Central Banking Abyss - Max Keiser with Jim Rickards

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert in the second part of a two part currency war special focus on George Osborne hoping a rising stock market will convince voters his economic policies are working and the new front in the South Pacific as New Zealand launches defensive measures against global currency devaluations. In the second half, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, for the second half of their interview focusing on currency wars and hot wars. Source

THE PAEDOFILE: Why exactly was this particular fellow chosen to adjudicate in the McAlpine-Bercow case?

tugendhatMichael Tugendhat….judging Bercow
The Slog: Tediously, a very poor legal judgement earlier in this truly depressing week for justice forces me to make one thing clear at the outset of this post. After extensive enquiries, and genuinely to the very best of my knowledge, I do not think that Lord McAlpine has any history whatsoever of paedophile tendencies. So the fact that his name appears in the same headline as the jeu de mot ‘Paedofile’ should not be taken, by hearse-following legal vultures, to mean that any libel is involved here.
I do think that, in the familial sense, Lord Ally McAlpine has been shall we way somewhat discreet since he was falsely accused of infant-buggery; but that is an entirely separate issue. No – this piece is about the continuing inability of the British to come to terms with the sex-maniacs in their midst.
We are a hopelessly divided country, I’m afraid. The Daily Telegraph columnist Graeme Archer, for instance, writes about the Bercow judgement today. He seems like a jolly good egg -  but I’m quite certain that he is allowing the ‘form’ of Sally’s Silly Tweet to override the content of it. A no more than adequate defence team (and that lets Carter-Ruck off the hook, I’m led to understand) could have argued that she was commenting upon a trend, not opining upon – let alone suggesting – guilt.

The Fiat End Game: Preparing For A Way Forward

SoundMoneyCampaign: The Fiat End Game: Preparing For A Way Forward, is our latest micro-documentary focused on solutions to our current economic problems.

Monsanto promotes GMO abroad with US tax money!

RT: Amid accusations the Monsanto corporation enjoys protection from the authorities, a recent report showed the US government has been aggressively lobbying for GM foods all across the world. RT America correspondent Megan Lopez reports. Source

Our System is So Flawed That Fraud is Mathematically Guaranteed

ChrisMartensondotcom: Bill Black is a former bank regulator who played a central role in prosecuting the corruption responsible for the S&L crisis of the late 1980s. He is one of America's top experts on financial fraud. And he laments that the US has descended into a type of crony capitalism that makes continued fraud a virtual certainty - while increasingly neutering the safeguards intended to prevent and punish such abuse.

**cricket? It's prejudice special** BBC Sucks O Cocks News + where's daddy's pig

The artist taxi driver

The inevitable consequences of a global rush from reality

Why the globalist neocon wet dream is too ideal to survive harsh reality

The Slog: I could give you a hundred reasons why globalised mercantilism is fatally flawed, but it’s more detail than anyone needs. This essay isn’t an attempt to offer The Explanation of Everything, but rather a clearly evidenced summary of the fundamental “page one” reasons why globalism per se is:

* Based on a silly idea

* Executed using a discredited model

* Run by those with no thought for the consequences

* Far too big to control

* Incapable of evoking global responses

A silly idea

Ted Levitt was a highly intelligent man who posited the idea that Homo sapiens was about to grow beyond cultural influence and become One Species. He came to this conclusion because he spent far too much time flying around in the company of multinational executives with the same deluded idea as him. He also did so because he was a Harvard Professor teaching economics who knew nothing about cultural psychology or social anthropology.

George Galloway speaks about Woolwich murder

molucca Red: George Galloway Speaks with remarkable clarity on the Woolwich murder to Russia Today. Source

Japan + other markets drop, US QE might stop

liarpoliticians: The Japanese market drops 7% after a run on it, and the USA claim they will stop printing money to propo up the criminal bankers and spendaholic government (never gonna happen). Source

Jack Lew's Triple Whammy - IRS Ignorance, Corzine Corruption, And The 'War On The Poor'

While some, we are sure, will view this brief clip as partisan showmanship by Representative Steve Pearce, the questions he asks Treasury Secretary should surely be responded to in some manner that is anything but the typical perfunctory shrug these matters normally garner. From Lew's apparent disbelief that the IRS Audits debacle was in any way 'political' to Lew's "waiting for the investigation' on Jon Corzine's misappropriation of funds, and finally to the "War on the Poor" that Pearce describes the current administration's policies (for the benefit of Wall Street); these few minutes are well worth some time as we 'remember' this weekend. "For New Mexico, we recognize a war on the poor when we see it" (h/t Sense On Cents) Source 

Rand Paul introduces bill to extend Fourth Amendment protection to electronic communications

Madison Ruppert: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced legislation that seeks to extend Fourth Amendment protection to electronic communications, which if successful would be a major move to protect online privacy.
This comes after it was revealed that both the IRS and the FBI claimed they did not need a warrant to spy on the electronic communications of Americans.
However, some might be skeptical given Paul’s much-criticized apparent flip-flop on the drone issue.
Nonetheless, Paul has made some much needed statements about the lack of protection given to the private electronic communications of the American people.
“In today’s high-tech world, we must ensure that all forms of communication are protected,” Paul said in a press release. “Yet government has eroded protecting the Fourth Amendment over the past few decades, especially when applied to electronic communications and third party providers.”
The Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect the American people from unreasonable search and seizure, though that has been undermined quite a bit.

Free To Learn - Dr. Peter Gray Interviewed by Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux: In Free to Learn, developmental psychologist Peter Gray argues that our children, if free to pursue their own interests through play, will not only learn all they need to know, but will do so with energy and passion. Children come into this world burning to learn, equipped with the curiosity, playfulness, and sociability to direct their own education. Yet we have squelched such instincts in a school model originally developed to indoctrinate, not to promote intellectual growth. Source