28 May 2013

The underlying reasons for silver climbing still in effect?

Syria Goes Hot: Russia To Deliver Weapons, Deploys Air Defense; Israel Warns Russia; Obama Demands No Fly Zone

Tyler Durden's picture Those who were intently following the USDJPY pair formerly known as the stock market today missed the biggest news of the day: the proxy war in Syria just went hot, following a confluence of news, first that Russia insisted "it would deliver anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, as fears of spillover from the conflict grew" and in logical retaliation to yesterday's decision by Europe to lift an arms embargo to the Al Qaeda-supported, Qatari mercenaries operating in Syria, also known as "rebels.
This lead apartheid Israel's defense minister Moshe Yaalon to immediately signal that "its military is prepared to strike shipments of advanced Russian weapons to Syria."
Meanwhile back in the US "the baby bombing White House has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone inside Syria that would be enforced by the U.S. and other countries such as France and Great Britain, two administration officials told The Daily Beast."
And just to make it very clear that Russia is not bluffing, it announced overnight that its four regiments of S-300 air defense systems have been deployed at the Ashuluk firing range in southern Russia as part of another snap combat readiness check of the Russian armed forces "The missions will be carried out in conditions of heavy electronic warfare to test the capabilities of the air defense units to the highest limit."

Lampizator GM70 Special Edition amplifier and SILK + Lukasz Fikus visit to the UK

Angelo Agathangelou: In the wake of the Gibson Guitar FBI raids and debacle, in this SGW exclusive, I am sad to report yet another affront to world MOJO!

Our world first "Make Mozart Not Nukes!" review of the extraordinary GM70 SE amps has remained in the top favourites and you may be wondering where the update got to.. well, so goes our story... The US/UK/Israel war of terror did it. Figures!
Yesterday I caught up with Lukasz Fikus (aka Mr Lampizator) and Greg from G-Point Audio his man in the UK. Turns out if the couriers are not tossing our hero's high end hand made gear about, they are rolling it down the street. My own delivery guy said he couldn't throw the amps because they were too heavy! Guess they were rolled. 60% of a recent US shipment arrived at audiophiles addresses destroyed by the US war of terror! Reports were ranging and obvious. An inspection of equipment quickly revealed scenarios. US customs clearly unceremoniously opening (what I know to be) exceptionally well packed Lampizator products, obvious drops smashes during inspection then clearly unceremoniously shoved and stamped under foot so as to fit back in their boxes resplendent with boot prints. The same fascist boot stamping on the face of humanity for the rest of eternity? I'm smiling through my teeth.

Debt Crack Bankster Babies - Max Keiser with James Howard Kunstler

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss crack babies and debt crack bankster babies. In the second half, Max talks to James Howard Kunstler, author of the Long Emergency, about the US central banksters pushing debt crack on an unemployed and under-educated population and a lame stream media high on frack crack - a high which makes the user see the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia in America. Source

THE PAEDOFILE: Sheffield Judge in sex-abuse denial as Rochdale MP’s hypocrisy on paedophiles revealed.

goldsacropWhy, if you’re looking for help against a pervert, the last thing you should do is approach the judiciary or a legislator

The Slog: A Judge retires to consider his verdict. Judge Alan Goldsack QC (left) of Sheffield Crown Court spoke out last week, as he retired after 43 years in the legal profession. I have added suitably satirical bits in red to his statements in order to demonstrate, with as little didacticism as possible under the circumstances, why he is part of the problem in Britain of dealing with systemic child abuse. Sadly, the bits in black are what he actually did say.
“A frightening thing is the number of people I see who are the grandchildren of the people I have prosecuted and defended 40 years ago – because crime runs in families in the same way that being a doctor, teacher or lawyer does – and despite all of them having been rogered up hill and down dale for three generations by some of my closest colleagues, they continue to offend.

Apartheid Israel lobby: Money interests behind the Wailing Wall

Press TV: AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobby groups in Washington and is the most powerful genocidal anti-Palestine lobby group in the country, as evidenced by the array of high profile politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, who speak at its conference each year.

Why Blair, Cameron and Hunt are not necessarily your friends - POWER-POLITICIANS AT WORK

blairyBe it Palestine, Tax or Whistle-blowing, the citizens are on their own
The final nail in Palestine’s coffin has been hammered in by US Secretary of State John Kerry: he has brought in Tony Blair to (and I quote) “devise economic plans to revitalise the Palestinian economy”. No doubt the next new helper in Father Kerry’s Grotto will be John Birt, charged with revitalising Palestinian television and Parliamentary procedures. Or how about Gordon Brown to advise on gold sales, Tessa Jowells on how to introduce alcohol into the mix, and Jeremy Hunt as a consultant proctologist advising on how to take it up the arse from Israel? In for a penny, in for a Pound – that’s what I say.
You see, when push comes to shove, it’s all about knowing who your friends are. Tony Blurrgh marched into Iraq to liberate its people from internecine violence, the success of which can be judged by the death in just one day earlier this week of 54 bomb-victims in Baghdad. Then Moral Tone took a whopping fee for moving the peace process forward following a war in which he’d been an illegal combatant. Now – following his huge success with British economic paper output – Teflon’s got the job of turning the art of firing rifles at clouds into a viable export business. I suppose if you fire scuds into the neighbouring country, that’s a form of exporting: they just need Tony to help them build on that idea.

Mellow Out with This ‘Middle-Eastern Version’ of ‘Karma Police’

By Doug Barry: Vocalist Rotem Shefy and cellist/arranger Leat Sabbah describe this serene cover as our very own Middle-Eastern version of Radiohead’s 1997 Karma Police,” the song you probably mentioned to friends as being “chill” when you were young and extremely self-conscious about seeming like you were a music connoisseur.

OMFG!!! Welcome to Nazi England.. + **wretched Gideon aka George Osborne special** BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Kafka, meet Orwell: peek behind the scenes of the modern police surveillance state

boing boing: Journeyman Pictures' short documentary "Naked Citizens" is an absolutely terrifying and amazing must-see glimpse of the modern security state, and the ways in which it automatically ascribes guilt to people based on algorithmic inferences, and, having done so, conducts such far-reaching surveillance into its victims' lives that the lack of anything incriminating is treated of proof of being a criminal mastermind:

Why Stockholm is burning and why the world should care

By Richard Cottrell: For the best part of a week a bustling, largely immigrant dominated suburb in the Swedish capital Stockholm has been gripped by violence and anger formerly unknown to an international audience which thinks of the country as a sleepy Nordic backwater where nothing much happens.
That image is wrong: Sweden has a contemporary history of violence against its most senior leaders, the Prime Minister Oluf Palme – a near saint-like JFK figure – and more recently the foreign minister Anna Lindh, both struck down by assassins.
Under the neo-con government now in power, the Swedes have dropped their purely token neutrality and waded gung ho into the neurotic war on terror.  This in turn puts native-born Swedes in the front line given the swelling immigrant population drawn by the country’s alluring economic strength.
There has been simmering tension for years between the predominantly white Protestant Swedes and the country’s rising immigrant population, mostly as a consequence of wars, and especially the instability promoted by Western forays like Iraq, collapsing failed states and climate change. Mostly but not entirely Muslim immigrants account for 1.4 million permanent residents in a country of 8.5 million.

Worried About Global Warming, Then End The Fed... And Other Thought Experiments

Salon has an article on denial of science by mainstream society. The article asks why people deny the unpleasant truths that modern science has to offer--apparently preferring to chance of the impending hell of global warming and non-fluoridated drinking water.
The thing the authors don't understand is that the general public is not pushing back against the science per se. They like the science. Science gives them big, flat-screen TVs, Blu-Ray players, cars, airplanes, special effects, laptops with more computing power than ENIAC, the internet, and so forth. They love science.

They don't like authoritarians telling them what to do. So bugger off.

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Okay, I'm a little calmer now. There is another point in this entire discussion I would like to mention.