29 May 2013

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The Warns of Collapse are Coming from Inside Government Now

By Martin Armstrong: EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger is part of a growing undertone within the European government that is finally getting real. He has warned that Europe is a one giant case destined for restructuring and that some countries in Europe have simply become ungovernable anymore. He has warned that Brussels does not have a clue what’s going on and still behaves as there is no crisis. They are living in a state of denial and the longer this continues the worse it will get. France is not prepared for what is coming and is way too far down the Marxist path with public spending ratio of 57% of GDP. The amount of government workers in France are double that of the EU average. There is just no hope as politicians stand in the way of saving Western Civilization.

Genocidal Kissinger Confronted While Receiving The Freedom Award

wearechange: For the third time, Luke Rudkowski confronts Henry Kissinger about his crimes against humanity and the Bilderberg group. Luke also asked him about the comment he is on record saying "The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer." This took place at the Intrepid Freedom Gala where Henry Kissinger was receiving a reward for "freedom and democracy."

Larry King joins RT with brand new politics show!

RT: Award-winning interviewer Larry King will host a mold-breaking political talk show on RT from next month, speaking to both leading establishment figures, and those who are not afraid to go against the grain.
“I have always been passionate about government and issues that impact the public, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to talk politics with some of the most influential people in Washington and around the country,” says King.
King’s career has spanned 56 years and more than 50,000 interviews, but he says the show will break new ground. The veteran broadcaster will not shy away from causing controversy, or using his authority to give a chance to hear voices other media ignore.

Cyprus Bankster Deposits Plunge By Most Ever During Fascist Capital Controls Month

Tyler Durden's picture Following the improvised and very confused bail-in of the Cypriot bankster system in mid/late March, one of the key requirements was to contain the liquidity within territorial Cyprus, and prevent the outflows of critical bank funding liabilities - i.e., deposits - abroad thus causing a waterfall cascade of ever increasing capital needs and bigger and better bailouts. Thus capital controls, which two months after the bailout, are still in place. Judging by just released Cyprus Central Bank data they failed. Because even though the deposit outflow in March, when the fiasco happened, was a moderate €3.8 billion, which the European politicians promptly pointed to as confirmation of a job well done, it was the April outflow that was the jawdropping number.
In a month in which deposit flight should have been largely contained, Cyprus banks saw a record outflow of 6.4 billion, or 10% of its entire deposit base, in one month!
But the sad punchline is that while deposit flight by domestic residents was an unfortunate if explainable €3 billion, it was the €3.1 billion in deposit reduction by "Non-Euro Residents" - read Russians, who circumvented capital controls, and pulled a whopping 16% of their entire deposits held in the tiny and now completely insolvent island nation.

Government and Collapsed Bridges - Ludwig von Mises Institute

bridgeJames E. Miller: The recent collapse of a small commuter bridge in Washington has brought back memories of Minnesota. Back in August of 2007, the I-35W Mississippi bridge connecting the Downtown East and Marcy-Holmes neighborhoods plummeted to the river below like a Chinese-made sofa. Thirteen individuals lost their lives while 145 escaped with injury. The suddenness of the debacle was met with the blunt response system of the state. That is, politicians in Minnesota and elsewhere went before the public to decry the deteriorating condition of government infrastructure across the country. A flurry of taxpayer money dedicated to overhauling the nation’s bridges followed. Five years after millions in tax dollars were fleeced, allocated, and distributed to this new urgency, less than two dozen of the state’s 172 “structurally deficient” bridges have been made whole.
The total failure to provide safe infrastructure, especially in the aftermath of a tragedy, would be comical if it were not so representative of the ineptness of state action. If there is one thing government officials are good at, it’s going forth with failed plans while convincing themselves, and voters, that this time will be different.

Shadow Government: John Hinckley Jr. & the Trilateral Commission - Trading Your Liberty For Our Security

By Dean Henderson: In 1979, while people celebrated the Shah’s demise in Tehran, Zbigniew Brzezinski was on his way to Kuwait City for a meeting with Kuwaiti Emir Jaber al-Sabah, Saudi officials and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  It was agreed that Hussein’s Republican Guard would invade oil-rich Khuzistan and amputate it from the rest of Iran.  Oil prices had just begun to stabilize when Iraq launched its first salvo, sending spot futures through the roof.
Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission (TC) in 1973 with David Rockefeller.  The concept was hatched at the Rockefeller Pocantico Hills, NY estate in July 1972.  Rockefeller served as the group’s first chairman. One of its largest financial supporters is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.  All eight North American representatives present at the founding meeting were also members of the secretive Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). [1]  The stated purpose of TC was to form a triad of global influence consisting of North America, Western Europe and Japan.

Xbox One by default features camera that works in the dark and microphone you can’t turn off

By Madison Ruppert: By default, the upcoming Xbox One from Microsoft will feature an always-on microphone and camera that works in the dark, both of which are constantly connected to the internet and can’t be turned off.
The creepiness is only compounded when one realizes that Microsoft helps develop massive surveillance systems like the Domain Awareness System used in New York City. Microsoft has also been questioned about the privacy and security of Skype and criticized for censoring Windows Live Messenger chats.
Putting a product like this by Microsoft – a company that backed privacy-crushing legislation in the past – is only asking for trouble.
The new Kinect 2.0 will be bundled with every Xbox One and according to Extreme Tech, the Xbox One will not work if the Kinect isn’t plugged in.
That might sound quite nonsensical, but it was confirmed by Xbox’s UK marketing director.
“Xbox’s UK marketing director Harvey Eagle has said that the console will not function without Kinect connected,” Keza MacDonald wrote for IGN.
“Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes,” Harvey Eagle told IGN after a Microsoft-hosted event in London on May 21, 2013.
This was also confirmed by Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer when he told Joystiq, “Kinect has to be connected to Xbox One.”
It gets even creepier...

£1Billion of school title deeds transferred to Private company + **Who rules our world** BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Awash in Self-Delusional Cornucopianism

America the Vulnerable
History warns we're sleepwalking towards collapse
By James Howard Ku: For most people, the collapse of civilizations is a subject much more appetizingly viewed in the rearview mirror than straight ahead down whatever path or roadway we are on.
Jared Diamond wrote about the collapse of earlier civilizations to great acclaim and brisk sales, in a nimbus of unimpeachable respectability. The stories he told about bygone cultures gone to seed were, above all, dramatic. No reviewers or other intellectual auditors dissed him for suggesting that empires inevitably run aground on the shoals of resource depletion, population overshoot, changes in the weather, and the diminishing returns of complexity.
Yet these are exactly the same problems that industrial-technocratic societies face today, and those of us who venture to discuss them are consigned to a tin-foil-hat brigade, along with the UFO abductees and Bigfoot trackers. This is unfortunate, but completely predictable, since the sunk costs in all the stuff of daily life (freeways, malls, tract houses) are so grotesquely huge that letting go of them is strictly unthinkable. We’re stuck with a very elaborate setup that has no future, but we refuse to consider the consequences. So messengers are generally unwelcome.

I Rode My Horse To Work Rant!

Alex Jones

US Progress: You produce twice as much as your parents did, for one fifth of their wages

Jehu: I have already shown you this chart, which demonstrates that between 1964 and 2012, the nation’s labor force doubled.
Change in total nonfarm payroll between 1964 and 2012 (BLS)
During the same time as the labor force doubled, I showed, hours of labor doubled as well: