31 May 2013

Googlezebub: Google-owned Motorola reveals stomach acid-powered tablet that turns your body into a dog tag or barcode

(Image credit: screenshot from AllThingsD video)By Madison Ruppert: Regina Dugan, former director of the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) and current head of Google-owned Motorola’s research division, introduced a prototype vitamin authentication tablet which turns your entire body into a walking authentication token.
We got to do a lot of epic shit when I was at DARPA,” Dugan said. Indeed, DARPA has been involved in everything from weaponized hallucinations to tiny spy computers to military human enhancements to automated drone-borne targeting and tracking systems to linking rat brains over the internet and much more.
Forget traditional usernames and passwords, this technology unveiled at D11 uses a tiny stomach acid-powered tablet to produce an 18-bit signal which can be detected by outside devices and used for authentication.
Dugan also showed off wearable electronic tattoos produced by a company called MC10, in partnership with Motorola, which serve a similar function.
The rationale behind these technologies, according to Dugan, is the annoyances caused by traditional authentication.
“Authentication is irritating,” Dugan said. “After 40 years of advances in computation, we’re still authenticating basically the same way we did years ago.” (WD: With the use of our brains. This must be for sheeple who've lost the ability.)


TheAmazingAtheist: Everything is broken and unjust and no one cares.

In Aftermath Of Monsatan's 'Rogue' GM Wheat Discovery, South Korea Is Latest To Suspend US Wheat Imports + Satan's Favorite Corp Revealed + Private GMO Resistant Bees Killed by US Govt.

Tyler Durden's picture The global Monsanto genetically modified wheat scandal is getting worse.

As a reminder, recently news broke out that a rogue genetically modified strain of wheat developed by Monsanto, had been found in an Oregon field late last month. But while modified food has long been a US diet staple, this particular breed was the first discovery of an unapproved strain, and what made things worse is the lack of any information how the rogue grain had escape from a field trial a decade ago. As Reuters reports, "even after weeks of investigation, experts are baffled as to how the seed survived for years after Monsanto had ceased all field tests of the product. It was found in a field growing a different type of GM wheat than Monsanto's strain, far from areas used for field tests, according to an Oregon State University wheat researcher who tested the strain."

UK is not a Democracy - Interview with Caroline Lucas MP

The Artist Taxi Driver

Martin Armstrong on the Federal Reserve

Firefighters vs police in Spain austerity protest

Aoife Barry: FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE faced off during a demonstration in Spain on Wednesday, with these photos showing the scale of the unrest.
Spain Financial Crisis
In this photo, firefighters burn a mock coffin bearing the words “RIP Public Services”, during the protest against austerity measures.
The protestors had gathered in front of the Catalunya Parliament in Barcelona to mark their feelings about the pressures on public services in the country.

Brave Face Put On For G8 Leaders - County’s Makeover Plan Branded ‘A Big Lie’ As Reality Of Recession Is Hidden

Dan Keenan: Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on a Fermanagh facelift as the county prepares for the G8 summit in just under three weeks’ time, but locals complain the work paid for by the local council and the Stormont Executive is little more than skin deep.
More than 100 properties within range of the sumptuous Lough Erne resort which hosts the world’s wealthiest leaders, have been tidied up, painted or power-hosed.
However, locals say the makeover only serves to hide a deeper malaise which US president Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel, French president François Hollande and others will not get to see.
Two shops in Belcoo, right on the border with Blacklion, Co Cavan, have been painted over to appear as thriving businesses. The reality, as in other parts of the county, is rather more stark.

Britain's wars fuel terror. Denying it only feeds Islamophobia

Those who send British troops to shed blood in the Muslim world must share the blame for atrocities like Woolwich 

Eight years on, nothing has been learned. In the week since a British soldier was horrifically stabbed to death by London jihadists on the streets of Woolwich, it's July 2005 all over again. David Cameron immediately rushed to set up a task force and vowed to ban "hate clerics". Now the home secretary wants to outlaw "nonviolent extremist" organisations, censor broadcasters and websites and revive plans to put the whole country's phone and web records under surveillance.
"Kneejerk" barely does it justice. As for the impact on Muslims, the backlash has if anything been worse than in 2005, when 52 Londoners were killed by suicide bombers. As the police and a BBC reporter described the alleged killers as of "Muslim appearance" (in other words, non-white), Islamophobic attacks spiked across the country. In the first five days 10 mosques were attacked, culminating in a triple petrol bombing in Grimsby.
As politicians and the media congratulated themselves that Britain was "calmly carrying on as usual", it won't have felt like that to the Muslim woman who had her veil ripped off and was knocked unconscious in Bolton.

Worldwide protests planned on eve of Bradley Manning trial

Supporters of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning protest during his scheduled motion hearing, outside the gates of Fort Meade. (Reuters / Jose Luis Magaua)Supporters of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning protest during his scheduled motion hearing, outside the gates of Fort Meade. (Reuters / Jose Luis Magaua)

RT: Rallies are planned this weekend in dozens of cities across the globe in support of Private first class Bradley Manning as the former Army intelligence analyst prepares to stand trial for the largest intelligence leak in United States history.
The military court-martial against the 25-year-old soldier begins Monday in Ft. Meade, Maryland and is expected to continue throughout the summer. Manning faces a life in prison if convicted of the most serious of the counts against him — aiding the enemy — but presiding judge Col. Denise Lind previously said she’d credit the alleged leaker with 112 days due to the egregious conditions he endured while held for roughly nine months in a US Marine brig.

TSA Fondled My Vagina! - FUCK!

AJ: Alex also talks with Ashley Jessica, an activist who led the Infowars Opt Out & Film the TSA campaign last Thanksgiving. Jessica recounts her experience at the hands of the TSA when an agent fondled her vagina.

Woolwich: the naked power grab by British secret services is out of control

By Richard Cottrell: With the family of the trooper butchered in South London wrapped in mourning and grief, who bursts upon the scene with complete indignity but Sheila Rimmington, the one and only female spook to head MI5.
Like some barmy headmistress she chooses this, of all moments, to lecture the British public on the joys of a Stasi-style East German street spy system while others promote more widespread snooping powers.
She ‘warned’ (have you ever noticed the frequency that special verb is invoked by the spooks when they make public pronouncements) ‘MI5 could not be expected to spot every danger’ and that ‘further attacks were likely’.
We are left with the very clear impression of manipulated terror, as practiced and perfected by the secret services who worked both sides of the Catholic-Protestant blanket during the long and dirty ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland.
The victim is an off-duty soldier, like the victims of the pub bombings in Guildford (1989) and Birmingham (1990). These attacks were allegedly part of the IRA’s ‘mainland campaign’ although the alleged perpetrators were later cleared after spending years in jail.
There is an unmistakably strong similarity between the ‘mainland campaign’ of the Irish republicans and the motive which is alleged now, retaliation for British attacks on the Muslim world.

How Cheap Credit Fuels Income/Wealth Inequality

Cheap credit is a great boon to the wealthy and a path to debt-serfdom for everyone else.
Charles Hugh Smith: The ever-widening chasm between the wealthy and the "rest of us" has generated any number of explanations for this deeply troubling phenomenon. We can start with capitalism, which is based on competition for innovations, processes, markets, labor and capital. The more successful participants will naturally garner more profit and premium, leaving less for those who don't control assets and skills that carry high premiums in the marketplace.

But this fundamental source of inequality doesn't explain why wealth and income inequality was considerably lower in previous eras of economic expansion.
Many observers rightly point to the capture of federal regulatory bodies by corporations and the transition from an industrial economy with plentiful low-skill, high-wage jobs to a post-industrial knowledge-based service economy as causes.