2 Jun 2013

Mark Carney’s False Ideology - Ludwig von Mises Institute

Caleb McMillan: Neil Macdonald of the CBC recently did an investigative piece on central bankers and what they’re doing to the world’s economies. Mark Carney was featured heavily. He told Macdonald, “there is no secret cabal orchestrating things,” despite CBC’s own findings earlier in the program. Central bankers around the world meet in Basel, Switzerland for secretive meetings. Of course, central banks have – and have always had – enormous power that remained more-or-less hidden until 2008. A paradigm shift is occurring where a large number of people (particularly young people) are questioning their assumptions. Some of them are even beginning to read economists like Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. The “economics” of central bankers can now be revealed for what it truly is: statistical propaganda. Not only is the “Keynesian school” of economics unsound – the entire social science is bunk. Only the Austrian tradition can explain economic phenomena in such a way that makes common sense, scientific. Carney is asking us to trust him. This cannot be done. He is not speaking truth; he is speaking nonsense.

152 new allegations of sexual abuse leveled against BBC in Jimmy Savile scandal

Madison Ruppert: The scandal surrounding allegations of sexual abuse at the BBC continues to get more insane as a whopping 152 new allegations of sexual abuse and harassment have been leveled by 81 current and former BBC employees.
So far, not all that much has happened in response to the many allegations, aside from the resignation of BBC director General George Entwistle.
However, that was only indirectly related in that it was a response to the airing of a program that reportedly made false accusations of child abuse against a former Conservative official.
Thirty six of the new accusations involved individuals who were under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged sexual assaults,

Silver claws


DEPRAVITY DISPOSAL SCANDAL: Tory Environment Minister in new sleaze row shocker

owenptPublicsum…outright denial of bestial behaviour

Top Tory Owen orders ordures odours crackdown blitz

The Slog: UK Secretary of State for the Environment Owen Publicsum found himself embroiled in yet another row this morning, and had to “vehemently deny most vigorously” that Britain is at risk of massive pollution involved in the disposal of toxic political sleazebags.
Still sweating from the heat of a major badger backlash, Mr Publicsum promised a huge crackdown on the safety regulations surrounding dumping of sleazebags in the North Sea. “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards the accidental escape of corporeal decay agent HoC650,” he told a sub-committee of terrified legislators late last night. HoC650 is more commonly referred to as Dorian Gray Syndrome.

Turkey Divided On Syria

Press TV: More than 100,000 Turkish protesters have gathered at Istanbul's Taksim Square, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan.

Thousands of others also took to the streets in cities, including the capital Ankara, Izmir, Mugla and Antalya in support of the protesters in Istanbul.

Israelis call for withdrawal from occupied Palestine

Press TV: Israelis stage rally in Tel Aviv calling for a withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories. Source

UK Police State Internet Spying - Lord West vs David Davis

liarpoliticians: Police state nut Lord West versus sort of libertarian Conservative MP David Davis on the Conservative-Labour wet dream of extending the UK's police state to spying on all internet connections, 62,000,000 people spied on to monitor the MI5's self confessed list of 2,000 terrorist suspects. This is about the government going on a fishing expedition against those it sees as a threat - the entire 62m people of the UK.

Internet monitoring system to stalk social media users who question safety of vaccines

By Jonathan Benson: If you post articles to your Facebook wall that warn others about the dangers of vaccines, or Tweet links to the latest studies tying vaccines to autism through Twitter, the vaccine pushers of the world could soon know about it in real time. According to new reports, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed scientists in both the United States and Great Britain have jointly developed a computerized global monitoring system capable of tracking all social media activity around the world that defies mainstream vaccine dogma, and reporting it directly to authorities.

This brave new exercise in multinational, Big Brother spying is being hailed as a solution to the rapid spread of so-called "rumors" and "lies" about vaccines via the internet, which basically constitute any online free speech that questions the safety or effectiveness of vaccines.

Misandry vs MGTOW: Women manufactured their own "oppression". threats of nihilism to anyone that points it out + A message to 'good' women that 'get it' - bar bar "degrees of generalities and the manosphere"

This Govt the DWP and ATOS show No Mercy + It's not that power corrupts, more like the corrupt seek power - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

33 Reasons NOT to be a Feminist!

TheAmazingAtheist: This is my video rebutting a popular feminist blog post "33 Reasons to be a Feminist"

Marc Faber: "People With Financial Assets Are All Doomed"

B As Barron's notes in this recent interview, Marc Faber view the world with a skeptical eye, and never hesitates to speak his mind when things don't look quite right. In other words, he would be the first in a crowd to tell you the emperor has no clothes, and has done so early, often, and aptly in the case of numerous investment bubbles. With even the world's bankers now concerned at 'unsustainable bubbles', it is therefore unsurprising that in the discussion below, Faber explains, among other things, the fallacy of the Fed's help "the problem is the money doesn't flow into the system evenly, how with money-printing "the majority loses, and the minority wins," and how, thanks to the further misallocation of capital, "people with assets are all doomed, because prices are grossly inflated globally for stocks and bonds." Faber says he buys gold every month, adding that "I want to have some assets that aren't in the banking system. When the asset bubble bursts, financial assets will be particularly vulnerable."