6 Jun 2013

Misandrist Feminazi Alert: REFUTING ANITA SARKEESIAN's "Damsel in Distress: Part 2"

TheAmazingAtheist: "Pull your head out of your vagina monologue!" A refutation of Anita Sarkeesian's latest feminism video "Damsel in Distress: Part 2." Her video can be found here: http://youtu.be/toa_vH6xGqs Source

Why Serial Asset Bubbles Are Now The New Normal

Charles Hugh Smith: The problem is central banks have created a vast pool of credit-money that is far larger than the pool of sound investment opportunities.
Why are asset bubbles constantly popping up around the globe? The answer is actually quite simple. Asset bubbles are now so ubiquitous that we've habituated to extraordinary excesses as the New Normal; the stock market of the world's third largest economy (Japan) can rise by 60% in a matter of months and this is met with enthusiasm rather than horror:

Stacey Herbert Talks Piers Morgan Scandal! + Victim of Piers Morgan Speaks Out + MEP Gerard Batten Calls For Investigation Of The Bilderberg Group.

AJ: Stacey Herbert talks more about being a victim of the Piers Morgan scandal.

U.S. dollar system disintegrates, 'gone with the wind.' - Max Keiser with Alasdair Macleod

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the longest word in the German language ceasing to exist while the most complex derivatives in the financial system continue to thrive, George Osborne's Help to Buy Scheme gets called another name and the U.S. dollar system disintegrates, 'gone with the wind.' In the second half, Max talks to Alasdair Macleod, head of research at Goldmoney.com, about the geopolitical implications of gold failing to clear. Source

Is Shadowstats for real? + The Trouble With Shadowstats

Aziz: Often, when I talk about inflation being low, people who disagree tend to cite John Williams’ Shadowstats as evidence that price inflation is not low at all.

'Racist US soldiers taught to dehumanize, massacre'

Press TV:  Interview with Edward Corrigan, human rights lawyer, Ontario, about a court case dealing with the 2012 massacre by around 20 US soldier that slaughtered at least 16 innocent Afghans while they were sleeping, just for fun, due to hatred. Source Edited by WD.

Banksters: The Roubini - Faber Debate


James Hall: Two of the most provocative and incendiary economic prophets are Nouriel Roubini and Marc Faber. As with most oracles, the denominational sect of doctrines often determines the forecasts. This especially applies to economic prognosticators. Roubini has evolved into an establishment darling working with central bank governors and finance ministers. Faber remains a contrarian investor earning his designation as the genuine "Doctor Doom". Who is right, depends on the immediate and final outcomes of the international financial troubles. Money markets volatility and fiscal debt obligations are integral components of commercial transactions and political economic policy.
The barometric gauge of financial health and stability has invariably been the price of gold. Often overlooked is that the price is reflected by the exchangeability into different currencies. Therefore, any valid assessment of the true value of gold must factor in the real purchasing power within the coinage of local tender.
The Business Insider provides a summary of Nouriel Roubini: Why Gold Will Plunge To $1,000.

The Terrible Future Of The Syrian War + McCain Meets Terrorists In Syria

Brandon Smith: The last war America fought openly through proxy was the Vietnam War. The idea was not necessarily “new”; General Smedley Butler’s exposé on his career as a conqueror-for-hire, titled War is a Racket, uncovered a long history of bloodshed by U.S. government and corporate interests in third world countries designed to destroy sovereign nations and plunder their resources. This was done through the use of mercenaries for hire, military men acting covertly or guerrilla forces with a pre-existing agenda supplied through back channels.
After our defeat in Vietnam, our government set forth on a program of private warfare.  The "School of the Americas" was formed, also known as the School of Assassins, in Fort Benning, Georgia.  The combat academy churned out some of the most unstable monsters in third world politics.  The U.S. trained and conditioned agents for violent social change and military overthrow, who were then implanted around the world (mostly in Central and South America).  These agents then initiated war fever in the name of cementing U.S. interests around the globe.  Their horrifying methods were seen as a means to an end.
The sad and disturbing reality is that most wars fought by our country over the course of the past century have not been fought on principle. Instead, they have been fought for profit and for the consolidation of power and oligarchy.

Beaten to death with a stick: a Mercy Killing + Adam Lotun On ATOS DWP and fighting back + Student loans to be privatised so pigs send in bailiffs - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Fascist USA: Verizon ordered to give NSA information on all U.S. phone calls in its system

By Madison Ruppert: A top secret court order issued in April but just now revealed shows that the National Security Agency (NSA) is currently collecting detailed telephone records of all of the millions of American customers of Verizon wireless on a daily basis.
The order, obtained by the Guardian, shows that the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court granted the U.S. government the unlimited authority to obtain the records of all telephone calls in their system within the United States and between the U.S. and other countries.
While it was already known that Verizon handed over private records with no questions asked, this newly released document reveals a much more massive level of surveillance done at the behest of the FBI for the NSA.

Are central banksters losing control?

By : The last couple of weeks have been very interesting. Remember that, certain regional differences aside, Japan has, for the past two-plus decades, been the global trendsetter in terms of macroeconomic deterioration and monetary policy. It was the first to have a major housing and banking bubble, the first to see that bubble burst, to respond with years of 1 percent interest rates, then zero rates, then various rounds of quantitative easing. The West has been following Japan each step on the way – usually with a lag of about ten years or so, although it seems to be catching up of late. Now Japan is the first developed nation to go ‘all-in’, to implement a no-holds-barred money-printing regime to (supposedly) ‘stimulate’ the economy. This is called Abenomics, after Japan’s new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, the new poster-boy of policy hyper-activism. I expect the West to follow soon. In fact, the UK is my prime candidate. Wait for Mr. Carney to start his new job and embrace ‘monetary activism’. Carnenomics anybody?
But here is what is so interesting about recent events in Japan.

THE PAEDOFILE: Gove gives green light for kiddy-porn teacher to continue, Ovenden gets suspended sentence, another octogenarian arrested by Yewtree - The Slog

Conspiracy theory? What conspiracy theory?
From the Needleblog this afternoon. Unbelievable
The Blind Eye: Proffered by Education Secretary Michael Gove: ‘Geoffrey Bettley, an RE teacher from a Catholic School in West Yorkshire, who had almost 200 indecent images of children on his computer is allowed to continue to teach, the Education Secretary has decided. Michael Gove said “I have considered this case and the need to be proportionate and also to act in the public interest … Although the findings in this case are serious ones, I support the recommendation of the panel that a prohibition order should not be applied in this case.”’

Mind Over Mechanics

UM News: How thoughts can control a flying robot or Obama's baby killer drones. It's a staple of science fiction: people who can control objects with their minds. At the University of Minnesota, a new technology is turning that fiction into reality.

An open question to NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen: why did you try to ban my book on Gladio?

By Richard Cottrell: The Secretary General of NATO is very concerned about the dangers of de-stabilization in Turkey, due to the current unrest spreading across that country.
The ‘Great Dane’ Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a former prime minister of the pocket Scandinavian state, has called upon the Turkish authorities to sheath the sword in their reactions to ‘peaceful’ demonstrations, which he declares are elemental to rights and freedoms in any democratic society.
Hoorah to he who helps us sleep by night, huddled safe from harm under our duvets, till dawn breaks and brings another horrible terrorist drama.
This is a subject on which the Great Dane has, shall we say, form. While yet prime minister he allowed a Kurdish propaganda channel to beam reports from Danish soil aimed at rousing Europe to support the anti-Turkish PKK Kurdish Liberation Front in its struggle for autonomy from Turkish oppression.
Like Queen Victoria, the Turks were not especially amused.