9 Jun 2013

Beppe Grillo RIP: King Lear heads for deep space

By Richard Cottrell: Italy’s corrupt political classes may now sleep well in their beds at night. The meteor has passed and even now is heading into the fastness of deep space.
Beppe Grillo, the bright star who was going to change the world, has blown it. In the recent municipal elections his personal political stretch limo, the Five Star Movement, which only three months ago catapulted to Italy’s 3rd largest political movement, sank to a lowly 14%.
The mainstream media collapsed with laughing at the flop.  In Rome the burglars are back on the premises. The corrupt socialist party, associated with the scandals of the disgraced leader Bettino Craxi of the 1980’s, is back in full charge of the state with the aid of the malignant imp of the brass go-go dancer pole, the octogenarian Lothario, Silvio Berlusconi.
The grand coalition is back to its usual Italian tricks of dispensing favors to cronies, bilking the electorate, peddling false promise and, scratching their mutual backs, the same sickness which has cursed and blighted Italian politics since WWII.

NSA Whistleblower Reveals Himself

"I realised that I was part of something that was doing far more harm than good... The NSA routinely lies in response to Congressional inquiries about scope of surveillance in America. The NSA is intent on making every conversation and every form of behaviour in the world known to them.... What they're doing poses an existential threat to democracy."

Nasty Tories, Old Time Religion & Bonkers Feminism are back

The Slog: Following on from his huge success as a taxidermist in concert with London Mayor Boris Johnson, Tim Yeo has been caught with his hand-made Gieves & Hawkes round his ankles. I know it’s really a distraction from the big picture, but you have to laugh at this one….while at the same time sticking one up to the BoJo Sarkist tendency – who laid off Yeo’s Taxi emissions scam because they’re all for Bonkers to be proclaimed PM.
I wouldn’t mind betting that given half a chance, Tim Yeo lobbyist wouldn’t say no to bribing Tim Yeo the corrupt legislator; he is, after all, extremely thick. But that’s life today: when life imitates art, things seem normal. When life apes satire, there’s a problem. When life mirrors slapstick, there’s a serious problem. I’m sorry Owen Paterson (a generally good egg) got tarred in this mess thanks to Slog slapstick last week, but here we are a few days later – and the flow of toxic MPs is threatening to pollute the body politic from tip to toe.
All over Westminster and Whitehall, apparatchiks are hunting for any media distractions they can find.

West committed atrocities not Syria government: Chossudovsky

Press TV: An interview with Michel Chossudovsky, Center for Research on Globalization, Montreal, on the back of UN concern for the Syrian war spilling over into other countries. Source

Sandy Hook Boston Woolwich Hoaxes - Pete From AFP

Morris: At the Bilderberg protest I had a short discussion with Pete Papherakles a Reporter from the American Free Press Source

Predatory Monopoly Max Keiser with Mort Sahl

Max and Stacy discuss the American Dream that you have to be asleep to believe in, an America's Cup too expensive to compete in and a patent system ripe to troll about. In the second half, Max interviews legendary comedian, Mort Sahl, about the Military Industrial Complex and Bradley Manning.

Unprecedented Wealth, Debt Slavery and Conditioned Consciousness

Why do you think that we can’t change the world? How did you come to that conclusion? Who taught you to believe that?

By David DeGraw. Seventeen years ago, I read a book called The Evolving Self. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, it profoundly affected the direction of my life. Here’s the section of the book that became a splinter in my mind and resonated the most with me:
“In order to gain control of consciousness, we must learn how to moderate the biases built into the machinery of the brain. We allow a whole series of illusions to stand between ourselves and reality…. These distortions are comforting, yet they need to be seen through for the self to be truly liberated… to come ever closer to getting a glimpse of the universal order, and of our part in it.”
Since reading that, I have dedicated my life to coming ever closer to getting a glimpse of the universal order, and of our part in it.”

World War 3 Has Already Begun

StormCloudsGathering: World war 3 has already begun. In this video we are going to prove it. Source

Alex Jones Takes Over National BBC Broadcast "Shut up Balls!"

AJ: Alex Jones dominated a BBC One live show about Bilderberg! Source

THE PAEDOFILE: At every level, local or national, the official bollockspeak continues unchanged

camformalWhy Cameron has a chance to show he can influence Google rather than just attend its employees’ weddings

The Slog: A PRIMARY school teacher and a senior education official at Bournemouth Council have been charged with offences relating to indecent images of children.
Two child pornography cases – entirely separate - in one local authority were up before the Bournemouth beak last week. But we shouldn’t worry, because the Council is doing all the right things….and Downing Street Dave is getting tough. So just you jolly well watch out.
Within its Safeguarding and Social Inclusion Service, Bournemouth somehow manages to have an Exclusions Officer, providing ‘independent advice to parents/carers and schools’ about – well, you know – people with nasty interests that we wouldn’t want anywhere near our children. I’d imagine being the exclusion officer in a Council obsessed with social inclusion is a lonely and thankless task. And Bournemouth’s child/education literature tends to support that thought, because there isn’t a single mention of vetting anywhere in it. Absent too are the words ‘sexual safety’, ‘freedom from sexual abuse’, and ‘paedophiles’.

The Antigones send a message to the Femen-azis + Uncensored

Waking up

Wanted: 1 new dawn
The Slog: America’s growth continues to stutter, and China has accepted the need to consolidate. Together – especially the latter – they leave Australia with nowhere to go, and no way to grow. Faith in the eurozone is draining away, and ClubMed bond yields are spiking again. Draghi at the ECB takes less and less notice of German debt hysteria, and the Franco-German rapprochement upon which the EU was based is crumbling rapidly. If Greece defaults, French banks will fall over. If Spain does, Deutsche Bank will disintegrate. If any of those events occur, the carnage on madly over-leveraged Wall St will be bloody indeed.