11 Jun 2013

#PRISM, #SOPA, #PIPA, #ACTA, Copyright Prostitutes - Max Keiser with The Artist Taxi Driver

"Frikin cool Adam Smith and Obama wiping his ass with the constitution." Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask, "What is Boundless Informant, PRISM, Trans-Pacific Partnership, SOPA, PIPA and ACTA if not copyright prostitutes colluding and beating up the competition? Max also informs President Barack Obama that a food stamp is NOT a job. In the second half, Max talks to artist, Mark McGowan (aka The Artist Taxi Driver), about his pushing the pig to Downing Street as an artistic response to the privatisation of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. They also discuss McGowan's crowd-funded film currently in production, "This is Not a Recession, It's a Robbery!" Plenty of money for War, no money for YOU. Source

False Flag Caught on Live Tv! + Auntie is a Whore

AJ: As people wake up to the rampant lawlessness and corruption in Washington, expect that our government will use the favorite public opinion shaping tool of governments everywhere — false flags. Here's one caught on live TV.

Snowden Spy vs. Spy, NSA Whistleblower

'Don't listen to Alex Jones' The NWO Musical

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, sits in, as Alex returns to the U.S. following a victorious and invigorating trip to Sunny England where he was at the forefront of confronting and exposing the quasi-secretive Bilderberg group. Mike will be breaking down the latest info regarding the tidal wave of scandals overtaking the White House as the baby bombing Obama Administration scurries into damage control PR mode, all the while joking about disappearing whistleblowers. Source

Assange: US rule of law suffering 'calamitous collapse'

AFP: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Friday that the US justice system was suffering from a "calamitous collapse in the rule of law", as Washington reeled from the sensational exposure of vast spy agency surveillance programmes.
Speaking in an interview with AFP at Ecuador's London embassy, where he has been holed up for almost a year, the founder of the whistleblowing website accused the US government of trying to "launder" its activities with regard to the far-reaching electronic spying effort revealed on Thursday.
"The US administration has the phone records of everyone in the United States and is receiving them daily from carriers to the National Security Agency under secret agreements. That's what's come out," said the 41-year-old Australian.
Two damning newspaper exposes have laid bare the extent to which President Barack Obama's intelligence apparatus is scooping up enormous amounts of personal data -- on telephone calls, emails, website visits -- on millions of Americans and foreigners.

Australian Dollar Plunges as Home Loans Dive; Australia Insolvencies Hit Record; Worst is Yet to Come

Mish: Curve Watchers Anonymous has its eye on the Australian dollar. As expected, it has taken a big dive in conjunction with a housing bust and a slowdown in China that impacts the demand for commodities. 

The only thing surprising to me about this plunge is how long it took, but here we are.
Aussie Falls to Lowest in More Than Two Years
Bloomberg reports Aussie Falls to Lowest in More Than Two Years as Home Loans Slow

Australia’s dollar fell to the lowest in more than two years versus the greenback after home-loan approvals grew at the slowest pace in three months, boosting the case for further cuts to borrowing costs.

CRASH2: The When of Yen and the Zen of Ben

Why is everything the Wrong Way Round?
“We’re playing all the right notes Sunshine…”
The Slog: Yesterday, ThomsonReuters noted that, of the 116 second-quarter earnings pre-announcements given by S&P 500 companies, 93 of them have been negative, while only 14 have been positive. For those of you like George Osborne and Geli Merkel who find real numbers just too boring dahling, that’s a 6.6 negative to positive ratio – the worst in nearly twelve years.
But the stock markets are up, up and away….burn baby, burn! The Bank of Japan has revised its economic outlook up, up and away….second stage boosters, we are go for orbit! The US was on tilt, but now S&P says it’s stable……we have a moonlaunch window Houston! And in Britain, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors says the housing price index increased to 5 from 1 in April….moonboosters fired, we’re off to the Moon – waydergo!
As you’ve almost certainly noticed by now, things are no longer tits up in the world of econo-financial eternal growth, they’re more just the wrong way up.

Bankster Bait And Switch: Osborne’s new, shameless bankster gimmick to fob off Britons

By Max Keiser: Simple maths will tell you that getting 5% on a saving account at your bank for 5 years is a better deal than getting a £1,650 worth of lottery tickets in disgraced UK banks RBS and Lloyds.
Savers and pensioners in Britain have been subjected to what in economics is called ‘financial repression’ by forcing interest rates below inflation using Quantitative Easing (a bond manipulation scheme) to bail out these corrupt banks to begin with (after they got caught cooking their books and misselling securities).  According to the Bank of England, citizens in the UK have been tricked out of £140 bn. in interest income to save crooked 'banksters'. The amount saved by mortgage holders - benefiting from lower rates - is estimated to be about £70 bn. So Britons have been robbed of £70 bn. even taking the savings on mortgage interest payments.
If you subtract the value of the proposed bribe by Osborne to the public (in the form of a bank shares giveaway) of £34 from the £70 bn. Osborne stole (and the Bank of England: these two work together - they are NOT independent) via QE you come up with a net amount of £36 bn. stolen by the government from Brits. This works out to £3,888 for each family in the UK. In other words, the government has been stealing £3,888 every year from every family in the UK to make 'banksters' rich and in return they are offering families a chance at £1,650 in bank shares that may or may not be worth anything.

Wheat, Viruses, Bacteria Making America Crazy

thetruthergirls: Viruses, bacteria, wheat and other dietary factors are causing psychosis and these can be prevented, treated, and even reversed with biomedical interventions including herbs, medicines, and dietary changes. These are not the only causes of mental illness, but they are likely far more common than we think. If word gets out about this, psychiatrists will be losing a lot of business!

Children 4 Justice and Fathers Day in Parliament with George Galloway

For the first time in our decade long struggle, Fathers4Justice have been invited to speak in the Palace of Westminster by George Galloway MP 
for Fathers Day 2013.
Shared Parenting for Children
Fathers4Justice Fathers Day Parliament
A meeting in support of shared parenting for children ahead of Fathers Day. Hosted by George Galloway MP.

William Hague "the law is for the poor" + R Branson flying pig J Hunt carpetbagger special - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Stand With Me! + Ending Violence. Forever + Selling Yourself Into Slavery