13 Jun 2013

Urgent Message From The Totalitarian State: Arrest Journalist Glenn Greenwald

SGTbull07: [satire mixed with some very cold, hard facts] This is an urgent message from the Totalitarian State. Today, we are calling for the immediate arrest of Journalist Glenn Greenwald. The recent actions of Mr. Greenwald, a reporter for the Guardian, cannot be allowed to stand in a Totalitarian state. Source

It's On: US "Finds" Chemical Weapon Use Against Syrian Rebels; Military Proposes Arming Rebels, No-Fly Zone

Tyler Durden's picture The "red-line" has been crossed. The New York Times is reporting that:


And along side that finding, as part of (or justification for?) the arming of the Syrian rebels, the WSJ reports that the US Military is calling for a limited no-fly zone inside Syria. The seriousness of this escalation must be put in the context of a desperately-needed distraction for the current administration - which makes the decisions being made even more concerning in their potential for extremes.

Via The New York Times,

American and European intelligence analysts now believe that President Bashar al-Assad’s troops have used chemical weapons

Dollar cost averaging abuse


Top 5 silver commentators

Jan Skoyles: For those of you new to silver investment, you are perhaps looking at the price and wondering if now is a good time to buy silver and what the future has in store for gold’s sister metal. A recent Best of the Web feature looked at silver investment demand and how it was undervalued compared to paper assets, the author concludes that silver demand is about to ‘explode’. So on that basis we thought it helpful to bring you a list of those commentators we look out for when we’ve got some questions about silver.
To make up this list we had a couple of our own we wanted to make sure made it and then I turned to Twitter and asked you all who your top five silver commentators were. We had lots of suggestions so we’ve had to narrow it down a bit.


patersblindOwen Paterson issues press release saying ‘impact only now being seen’
Paterson…reaffirms dangers of sensorally challenged Ministers
The Slog: Not that it matters overmuch, but some time back I posted a brief piece to the effect that the lousy weather must be having an effect on the European food chain…and I wondered why nobody in authority hahahaha, sorry about that, was discussing what we should do about it. As I’ve said before, I am no climate/weather expert, but I have this astonishing ability to feel cold, observe snow falling in May, notice rain and clouds – even read a thermometer. It’s a gift, and I just thank God for it, she’s a very clever girl.
In the Guardian this morning – for some reason under ‘environment’ – there is a piece saying, you’ll never guess, that Britain is now going to have to import tons of flour/wheat to make up the shortfall. The Guardianista’s dislike of any business producer group is so ingrained under Rusbridger the Mad March Trot, the headline couldn’t resist saying, ‘Farmers fail to feed UK after extreme weather hits wheat crop’. Silly Farmer Giles not having control over the weather and all, but I rather think fingers should be pointing elsewhere re this one.

Copyright Oligarchy's Brainwashed Fascist Troops RAID Mr Kim Dotcom

MrKimDotcom: The Megaupload Copyright Raid in New Zealand. Helicopters, Assault Rifles, Anti-Terrorism units, Attack Dogs & 72 cops terrorizing a zero-threat family.

Ooops, My Bad Economics - Max Keiser with Mark O'Byrne

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the economics of Ooops, My Bad. From owning the patent on the mutant, super pests your company 'accidentally' created, to driving poor people out of the city and into wigwams, to rising bonds and crashing markets, Max and Stacy find that Oops, the global financial system is a not quite accidental disaster. In the second half, Max talks to Mark O'Byrne of GoldCore.com about the latest in the gold, silver and bond markets and about the Troika meat grinder and the RTE induced coma. Source

OMFG!!!! JME and Laurie penny Interview

The Artist Taxi Driver

The Greek Revolution/General Strike Will Not Be Televized!

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The Greek national broadcaster ERT situation is nowhere near a resolution, and the nation's political stability remains in the balance with  Antonis Samaras’s coalition partners, Evangelos Venizelos of PASOK and Fotis Kouvelis of Democratic Left, appealing to him Wednesday for talks on the future of the TV and radio station, but the premier has so far stood by his decision to close and later reopen ERT, leaving the government’s future in doubt. What is certain to make matters worse is that today, Greek public transport and state services will be disrupted as thousands of workers join a 24-hour snap general strike called on Wednesday by the country’s two main labor unions, GSEE and ADEDY, in protest to ERT's shut down. The claim is that Samaras' unilateral decision was the equivalent of a coup, which of course is not true: one can't overthrow a country in which sovereignty has long since been ceded to the European Commission, and Germany in specific.
However, the market has no reason to worry about cracks forming in its ivory tower: since the journalists will also be on strike, and since the TV station is obviously shut down, there is no danger of a real-time video stream from Syntagma showing the all too well known Athens riots. As for Istanbul, that is another matter.

Why Things Will Get Worse — Much Worse

actondBy : It is easy to be upset about what is happening all around. The economy is being destroyed, deliberately, by insane economic policies. Incentives to work are being eliminated by punishing work. At the same time rewards are increasing for not working. Not surprisingly we get less of what we penalize (work) and more of what we subsidize (non-work).
As an economist I get sick over what I see happening to what was once a great engine of productivity, capital creation and improvements in standards of living.
After two centuries of progress that amazed the world, the conditions necessary for growth and productivity are steadily being removed. Their presence allowed the miracle of America. Their absence guarantees the decline. Carried to extreme, the US could become a second or third-world nation within a few decades. Virtually all changes in the last five to ten years point in this direction and these changes are accelerating.
As pained as the economic retrogression is, the loss of freedom is even more disturbing. It was free markets and free men that made America the dominant economic power and the beacon of freedom. Without freedom, no economic policy can succeed. Yet, just as economic policies seem designed to destroy rather than create, so too does the role of government as steadily destroys freedom with its expanded oppression and power. The absence of freedom is tyranny. The absence of freedom is also poverty.

UK Wages Dropping Faster Than Ever Recorded