17 Jun 2013

Erdogan Continues Police Aggression - Turkish Girl

Morris: Some more videos of Police aggression:

GREECE & THE ERT SHUTDOWN: Explosive new evidence of EU dirty tricks.

Despite vehement denials from both the Troika ad the EU in Brussels about any involvement in the loopy Samaras decision to close down Greek State broadcaster ERT, evidence is coming to light that calls such claims into question.
The Slog: According to the website publicserviceeurope.com, officials from the European Commission threatened to take “action” against the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation – or ERT – for failing to broadcast pro-European news just days before it was taken off the air by a dubious emergency Greek decree.
The  ‘Troika’ claimed last week that it had “not sought the closure of ERT” – despite Greece being under constant pressure to lay off government employees. But the EC is now admitting to a dispute with ERT over the pro-EU Pravdaesque Euronews, which ERT management forced off air in December 2012.

Government Of World's Reserve Currency Targets Iranian Rial

Jon Matonis: Effective July 1st, the United States has authorized new sanctions directly targeting the already-devalued Iranian rial with penalties for transacting or holding the currency outside of Iran. This represents the first time that the U.S. has focused specifically on the Iranian monetary unit itself and the ninth set of sanctions President Barack Obama has imposed against Iran.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “This new action targets Iran’s currency, the rial, by authorizing the imposition of sanctions on foreign financial institutions that knowingly conduct or facilitate significant transactions for the purchase or sale of the Iranian rial,
or that maintain significant accounts outside Iran denominated in the Iranian rial.”
The tough sanctions are intended to increase the financial pressure on the Islamic republic to abandon its nuclear program. However, Iran maintains that its nuclear energy program is for peaceful purposes only and has refused to back down arguing that it has this right.

Take The Red Pill + The Elixir

Stefan Molyneux: What is true? What is good? What is law? What is government? At Freedomain Radio we answer these questions and many more. Subscribe now. Take the red pill.

The 'Man of Steel' is just more propaganda from a protected racket + The Report - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats)

By Max Keiser: There’s a video making the rounds in the ‘Liberty,’ ‘Libertarian,’ and ‘Freedom’ circles that asks ‘what if’ Superman was a member of a union? Would the ‘Man of Steel’ ever be able to save people if he were tied down by the socialist conspiracy of unions?
The message of the video is, ‘No.’
The 'Man of Steel' poster photo ‘Man of Steel’ is a good place to start unpacking some of the faulty assumptions of this video.
The steel industry in America and virtually the entire American industrial heartland has been ripped apart by racketeers and 'banksters' who got powerful, in part, by vilifying unions, organized labor, and the idea of decent wages (and with it, the idea of decent families;

BANKING SCANDALS: Cooking up the hook-ups that turned into fuck-ups…and Britain’s first bailin. + Thinking Backwards About Money - Alan Watts

Boiling up…. a massive Labour debt at the CoOp, fraud at RBS, Libor fiddles at the Bank of England…and how a sorry trail of incompetent political interference led to a haircut for innocent CoOp investors.
The Slog: There are few British bloggers with the nous and attention span of Anna Raccoon when it comes to the history of ramifications. So she was pretty fast out of the blocks yesterday when it came to spotting the reasons behind the Co-Op bank’s woes at the moment. She beat the Mail on Sunday by several hours in getting the story out. So while I was putting out smoke signals about why Hester got the chop from RBS, and speculating on Paul Tucker’s sudden resignation at the Bank of England, Ms Raccoon was pointing out why the Co-Ops demise is political dynamite.
As Anna explained, a rather large political Party called Labour (new improved not-New Labour) has a whopping £3.6m debt with the Co-Op. If somebody somewhere decides to foreclose on that, the political fallout will be that of an unstable isotope: accusations will explode in all directions.
But probably of much bigger international significance is that we are about to experience Britain’s first bailin.

QE, Gold, Silver & The Coming Financial Collapse

UK Police State: Spied on Russian President Medvedev at 2009 G20 summit

RT: As Britain readies to host the G8 summit, the documents uncovered by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that back in 2009 US spies intercepted top-secret communications of then Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, during his visit to London.
The Guardian, which has seen the documents, also revealed that UK intelligence agency GCHQ monitored foreign politicians and intercepted their emails during the 2009 G20 summit held in the British capital, which was attended by Medvedev. Some delegates were tricked into using internet cafes which had been set up by UK intelligence agencies to read their email traffic.

G8; some facts about the spectacle of the pigs + the abusers; the G8 Foie Grassers paddy power Saatchi Stuart Hall - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

British MP George Galloway on the Anti-G8 Summit & Bilderberg

wearechange: Luke Rudkowski interviews British politician George Galloway at an Anti-G8 event about why he is against the G8's policies and his thoughts on the recent Bilderberg meeting. Source

Hollywood Icon Calls Out Fascist Baby Bomber Obama + His Orwellian Panopticon Surveillance Grid

AJ: Ed Asner makes a surprise call into the Alex Jones show. Ed gives his take on the Obama-nation scandals and how the latest situation in Syria could lead to world war 3.

The High Cost of “Free” - Ludwig von Mises Institute

By and : Why does a large portion of the population choose not to work when there are many jobs available? The answer is simple. If you can receive 2-3 times as much money from unemployment, disability, and/or welfare benefits (subsidized housing, food stamps, free cellphones, etc.) as you can from a temporary or part-time job, and live a life of leisure, why work? In 2011, the U.S. government spent over $800 billion[1] on this “welfare,” exceeding expenditures on Social Security or Medicare.
In the Denver arena where Mr. Obama gave his DNC 2008 acceptance speech, a woman in the audience became overwhelmed by the speech and said that she no longer needed to worry if she could make her car or mortgage payments because he would take care of it for her. In Cleveland, a woman claimed that she was going to vote for President Obama again because he gave her a free cellphone (along with a litany of other entitlement giveaways). Before you growl, you should know that the free cellphone program was instated by President Bush in 2008 through the FCC’s Universal Service Fund. Fees for these “free” cellphones are paid by all telecommunications service providers out of the revenue received from their paying customers. Despite the political rhetoric over the past half century, entitlements were actually highest during Republican administrations. The political allure of free is bi-partisan.