21 Jun 2013

Revealed: British intelligence agency secretly accesses the world’s phone calls, internet traffic

They [GCHQ] are worse than the US.”
By Madison Ruppert: In yet another revelation of widespread spying, we have now learned that the British intelligence agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the massive network of cables carrying the world’s phone calls and internet traffic.
Furthermore, we now know that the agency has begun processing the immense amount of personal information provided by the streams, which it then shares with its partner, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).
The NSA itself has been under fire after the PRISM program – and the related Boundless Informant software – was revealed by leaker Edward Snowden, who also leaked the document revealing the GCHQ program to the Guardian.
The revelations have been so damaging that Obama was forced to attempt to defend the program in Germany despite strong opposition. We also have seen the Director of National Intelligence lie under oath while Attorney General Eric Holder claimed the leaks were “extremely damaging” to national security. All of the government’s language used when talking about the program has been deceptive at best.

Misandry: Argument by Agreement +

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?...Typhon Blue: Note that he says "not all oppression is rape and slavery" and then proceeds to detail how men raped and enslaved women in history.

THE PAEDOFILE: The worst case of deliberate distraction yet, and a criminal miscarriage of justice

brittcropChild porn addicts go free as love-lorn teacher gets five years: is there any limbo-level of iniquity our Establishment cannot breach?
The Slog: Jeremy Forrest, the maths teacher who fled with a pupil to France, has been jailed for five-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to five new charges of sexual activity with a child. He had also been charged with abduction of a child.
What follows may disturb some Sloggers, but I can’t apologise for that: this is what I think based on the evidence, and this is what I believe is going on. What the Establishment has been trying to do here – pretty much from the day the Elm House saga emerged – is to obfuscate meanings and blur lines between what I would call irresponsible sex with a minor and mainstream psychotic, sadistic abuse of innocent children sometimes involving organised international trafficking”.

Everything Is Being Sold - Market crash warning

By Chris Martenson: Global financial markets are now in a very perilous state, and there is a much higher than normal chance of a crash. Bernanke's recent statement revealed just how large a role speculation had played in the prices of nearly everything, and now there is a mad dash for cash taking place all over the world.
After years of cramming liquidity into the markets, creating massive imbalances such as stock markets hitting new highs even as economic fundamentals deteriorated (Germany) or were lackluster (U.S.), junk bonds hitting all-time-record highs, and sovereign bond yields steadily falling even as the macro economics of various countries worsened markedly (Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal), all of this was steadily building up pressures that were going to be relieved someday. Just over a month ago, Japan lit the fuse by destabilizing its domestic market, which sent ripples throughout the world.

Protester killed, dozens injured as Brazil's fascist shock troops attack a million in 100 cities

A demonstrator is shot by rubber bullets as anti riot police officers charge after clashes erupted during a protest against corruption and price hikes, on June 20, 2013, in Rio de Janeiro. (AFP Photo/Christophe Simon)
A demonstrator is shot by rubber bullets as fascist shock troops charge after clashes erupted during a protest against corruption and price hikes, on June 20, 2013, in Rio de Janeiro. (AFP Photo/Christophe Simon)

RT: An 18-year-old protester has been killed and dozens injured as massive protests continue in Brazil's cities. Over a million people have flooded the streets of the country on Thursday.

The Great British Bank Robbery + The Endgame + George Osborne is either an imbecile or a thief +

The Artist Taxi Driver

The Troika: How three bankster heads became worse than none

Economically wrong, greedy beyond belief, and disorganised beyond measure: The Three Stooges who’d leave out the little hand on a watch
The Slog: The one truly endearing thing about the Troika (as viewed through the prison, sorry, prism of the EU) is its unequalled capacity for making a sow’s ear out of a silk purse, fashioning a cockup from the straightforward, or sowing confusion upon the soil of clarity.
The example this week (and if you didn’t catch it don’t worry, there’ll be at least two more along next week) is the alleged EC budget gap, and the alleged Greek budget gap….the latter being the real reason, I’m told, why the Troika pulled out of Athens last week – well, that and the fact they couldn’t find anything to eat.
Yesterday, Gerry Rice of the IMF was on-message when saying there were no financing problems with Greece “as long as a review of its loan programme is concluded by the end of July. The priority remains for the Greek authorities to deliver on the programme quickly.”

Dealing with 'banksters' - Max Keiser

Max Keiser gives his views on what to do with the criminal banksters that helped collapse G20 economies. Unfortunately, it's the conclusion that nothing will happen, as the politicians are in bed with the banksters, they aided and abetted the biggest heist in the history of mankind.

Institutionalized UK Government Pedophilia - Part 1 and 2

Angelo Agathangelou: Don Jerrard discussed long term UK government and police complicity and cover up of institutionalized pedophilia from the 1950's till today, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Lord McAlpine, Christine Lagarde and more.

32 Facts That Show How Men Are Being Systematically Emasculated In America Today

By Michael Snyder: What is wrong with men in America?  Why isn't our country producing lots of strong, independent, hard working men of character like it once did?  Well, many believe that it starts at a very young age.  When compared with girls, boys in the United States get lower grades, they are much more likely to get into trouble at school and they are much more likely to be put on behavior-modifying drugs.  When it comes time to pursue a higher education, most of our young men are ill-prepared to do that.  Today, nearly 60 percent of the students enrolled at U.S. colleges are women.  And of course it has become much more difficult for men to find good jobs.  In fact, less than 65 percent of all men have a job right now.  Without a good job, a man is not considered to be "marriage material", but a large percentage of our young men don't want to get married anyway.  Society has told them that it is okay to be a "slacker".  Today, far too many of our young men are far more interested in their various addictions (beer, drugs, sex, video games, gambling, etc.) than they are in starting a family.  But the truth is that men are far more happy when they have a purpose.  When men are raising families, starting businesses or doing something to transform society they feel fulfilled.
Sadly, the message that our young men are getting from our television shows and our movies is that men are idiots.

Shush: the Afghan War is over. Did anybody tell you?

By Richard Cottrell: If the stooge Afghan president Hamid Karzai has not yet packed his bags, it may be a wise precaution given the sudden turn of events in that war-ravaged country. The United States and the Taliban are about to break bread in Doha, capital of the pocket desert state of Qatar, to wrap up the 12-year-long re-run of the Vietnam War.
We have not yet reached the Saigon Moment, helicopters flapping off the roof of the US embassy festooned with clinging refugees. But events into which the US drags itself have an uncanny way of repeating themselves.
What we know for certain is the following: US officials will take part in direct talks with the Taliban leadership, with the purpose of bringing hostilities to an end on both sides. Since the Western coalition has not actually defeated the Taliban, the situation comes uncomfortably close to the one generally called ‘unconditional surrender.’
In technical terms, the war games are over, since the dwindling band of NATO participants has officially handed responsibility for the country’s defense back to the lack-luster, ill trained rag tag Afghan army. A line from Shakespeare’s Henry V just before Agincourt seems appropriate: ‘Let those that hath no stomach for this fight, take their passports and depart!’

ALL ONE - Happy Solstice :)

The Silver Meltdown Continues - Alasdair Macleod

Alasdair Macleod discusses:
(1) His initial thoughts on gold + silver's latest meltdown
(2) How the Fed may buy $115-120 worth of bonds in the near future!

The Overnight Brazilian Revolution + Brazil is Dangerous And Children Get Killed - Brazilian Man

Morris: Brazil is the powerhouse of South America, if and when Brazil falls the rest of South America is likely to follow. The spirit of the youth is strong but there is no particular ideology guiding them, just disgust with the Government.